Household Pet Standings 2005-2006: 201-465

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 30 May 2006

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Int'l Regn Name Rgn Score
201T19Ursula SC1496
201T15Yudachi Storm MP1496
20325Ian Charles NE1490
20416Poooter MP1477
20526Misty NE1468
20626Gitanas Lucky Friday NW1461
20727Mynx The Lynx NW1457
20828Romeo NW1456
20919Spooky SW1424
21029Sergio Gato of Supurrstition NW1395
21125Dustins Hopper GL1389
21226Brutus Ritley GL1387
21327Mojo GL1384
21420Chocolate Truffles SW1377
2157Blue Sky Souler AA1360
21620Sevilla SC1340
21721Princess Sylvester of Nasdoii SW1335
21826Princess Ariel of Sharjenn MA1325
21921Tazbuster Brown SC1323
22016Tigergirl of Sunrisedolls EN1302
22130Princess Purrscilla NW1289
22217Orphee Reine Des Coeurs EN1275
22322Happykamper of Silverheels SC1256
22428Bessies Sweet Home Alabama SE1247
22522Harrison SW1243
22617Hobbes of Tbear MP1242
2278Gyumaou AA1239
22828Tazmanners GL1231
22929Simon Simpkins GL1225
2309Torochan AA1222
23130Kiaa GL1220
23210Sabachan AA1211
23329Rock And Roll SE1207
23411Meawoods Glenn AA1186
23527Lucky MA1179
23623Gisele SW1156
23723Stumpalina SC1147
23818Garfield EN1131
23919St Laszloi Sissy Princess EN1103
24024Indulgence SC1101
24125Bruno Sanchez SC1095
24226Black Tie Affair of Lagallerie SC1093
24312Tau AA1092
24431Pawlie D Actyl GL1077
24531Aqua Eyes Billy Bob Thornton NW1059
24630Cassius Deo SE1057
2475Thomas GP1054
248T27Spritzy NE1033
248T1Vuitton ES1033
25024Zig Zag Aka Ziegfried SW1021
25132Fitzgibbons NW1005
25231SC Red Alert SE984
25333Squeek NW980
25428Belle of Sharjenn MA976
25532Raz Bear E PL of Bayoukrew SE967
25634Missy NW966
25729Miracleux of Sharjenn MA965
25835Abou NW959
25913Mikelan AA955
26025Percy Willow of Gatoamarosa SW950
26136Sunmoon NW937
26228Stcroixs Crownofkasha NE934
26333Sassy SE927
26430Squeakers of Sharjenn MA918
26518Along Came Bob of Cat's Cradle MP902
26614Bethany AA900
26726Chachaphong Kang of Sarsenstone SW884
26831Loo Ee MA883
26919Ultimately Chaotic MP873
270T20Tequila Sunrise EN861
270T32Julian Subatoi Bashir MA861
27232T Rex GL856
27333Ziyal MA845
27421Monty von Coon Thal EN834
27529Frinzy NE832
27627China Dolly SW824
27737Kai Jazzpurr NW823
27830Pinto Pony Mike NE815
27938Ms Frizzy NW813
28034Lavender And Lace of Luvpurrs SE805
28127Tamara of Strayinc SC804
28228Miss D Mina SC801
28334Marshmallow S Mores MA794
28439Nathan Detroit NW786
28540Jacques Lapin NW783
28629Sir S W A T SC779
28731Jellico Cat NE774
2886Muffin GP770
289T15TMeal AA768
289T15TKikumaru AA768
29135Noel MA762
292T41Sir Azure NW743
292T36Brunhilda MA743
29437Bits And Pieces MA742
29538Perfect Purr Profiler MA724
296T42Milo NW716
296T35Schweetheart Tabitha of Bayoukrew SE716
2981Ojos Verdes SA715
29930Pima La Femme Barbee SC713
30036Snowhite Little Cherub SE711
30143Pumpkin NW697
30231Taken For Granite SC691
30344Franklin NW681
30432Clyde of Unicorner SC667
30522Tiger EN665
30632Cookie Puss of Feelineclaws NE660
30733Penny NE657
308T45Sapphire Tangerine Mysire NW650
308T34Lady Aoife O Mordha NE650
31033Pequod GL642
311T35Ruben NE640
311T39Roberta MA640
31333Audrey Ann SC638
314T46Snubbles NW637
314T23Flori EN637
31620Domino MP635
31734Phenix Monkey of Okittyhoma SC612
31840Smokey Blue Country MA607
319T24TLisa EN604
319T24TFuezsi EN604
32126Kassie EN598
32237Spanky SE595
323T35Cho Cho San SC593
323T36Gomez Mini Cat NE593
325T34Skylars The Limit GL592
325T47Spunky NW592
32737Sir Duncan Munchkin NE591
32838Reesey Onetanpaw NE565
32938Muta Isis SE564
33021Lucky Chuck MP544
33139Mira of Creole SE541
33248Enchanters Illogical Levity NW536
33341Thomas O Malley MA534
33440Miss Moo Moo SE518
33536DWS Boogity Boy SC511
33635Kallee GL510
33737Bodoque Fugaz SC489
33842Madison MA486
33949Oppy NW481
34036Echo GL480
34138Cocoa Pebbles of Siddhis SC459
34243Wilbur MA458
34350Cleopatra NW455
34444Marshmallow MA454
345T37Charley GL448
345T51Mr Whispers NW448
347T38Baby Kee Kee GL445
347T39Blue Obsidian Skye NE445
349T41Junior Twoz Apollo of Bayoukrew SE442
349T40Brian Abernathy Ellsworth NE442
35142Trixy Meow Whiskers SE427
35245One Eyed Callie of Marbleglen MA424
35339Picasso GL422
35440Rhapsody of Gumdropmt GL416
35546Maggie Bumps MA409
35652Neelix NW392
35741The Princess Beauty GL382
35839Spunky Monkey SC378
35947Smokey Torte of Marbleglen MA376
36041Oscar The Grouch of Claws NE374
36140Bella Mordiente SC368
36241Toodles SC362
36342Lady Annie NE361
36428Suki SW356
36548Sweet Chin Music MA352
36642Regina Sanchez SC350
36729Bonny Blue Belle SW349
36830Hotshot Thats Me SW344
36943Ozzy of Ittybittypaws SC340
37022Bruno MP339
37131Tuscany SW336
37249Rummy MA335
37344Kiry Barrientos SC333
37432General Grant SW330
37550Princess Cali MA327
37643Mis Chief Misha of Foxlair NE326
37743Redheaded Tazmanian Devil SE323
37845Kirino Morales SC321
37946Tapestri SC314
38042Hobbitt B Hopper GL311
381T44Tweedle Dee NE309
381T51Ginger of Alescris MA309
38353Donovan NW301
38433Inspector Gadget SW298
38552Jack Jack MA297
3867Corbin James GP295
38744Izzy SE287
38845Cafe Latte NE286
38943Samson GL285
39046Aidan NE283
39144Purrmeister's Rhapsody In Bleu GL273
39247Melodie NE271
39354Sadie NW267
39427Prince EN262
39547Mona Freckels SC259
39617Kurobar AA251
39748Harriet of Strayinc SC237
39849Expresso of Ringletranch SC234
39950Draco SC222
40053Duke MA217
40151TC of Strayinc SC215
40255Tahnee of Alleykatz NW213
40345Beaux Jon of Bayoukrew SE209
40452Kikki Fluffer McKitty SC203
40556Snitzel NW200
40653Piper SC191
40748Na Diva of Feelineclaws NE187
40857Myttens NW184
40918Vanilia AA181
410T49Leedle Leedle Lou NE179
410T45Mystik Twilight GL179
41254Friday Freddy of Jdare SC178
413T34Peanut of Kokopellie SW176
413T50Feisty NE176
41558Angel NW175
416T55Moe SC172
416T35Singh Tai SW172
416T59Pixies Miloh NW172
41946Kleopatra GL171
42046Here Comes Quad of Careycats SE170
421T47TN Mr Big Stuff SE169
421T54Rusty Dufty MA169
421T47Chief Joe Lakota GL169
42456Furby SC165
42551I Wear My Heart On My Aztek NE160
42652Orpheus of Feelineclaws NE155
42760Persia Doll of Smokeycoons NW154
42853Red Hot Wassabee NE148
42955Torta Tori of Marbleglen MA147
43048Jen Jen GL141
431T48Go Big Ballou of Careycats SE137
431T57Just A Wee Bit Tipsy of Txnkats SC137
43356A Little Night Magic MA136
43449Jamaica GL134
43549Casper SE133
43657Heidi MA129
43758Sammy MA128
43859Casey MA122
43961Phoebe The Charmed One NW117
44058Lucy Barrientos SC100
44160Dizzy MA73
442T36TMr Mouse of Snowangels SW71
442T36TKitty SW71
44462Egore NW13
44538Beau Coo SW10
446T23TRufous MP9
446T63C Diego NW9
446T23TM J MP9
446T50Junior of Careycats SE9
450T64Swizzel NW8
450T59Squeakers SC8
450T50Willoe GL8
45351Lady Spotsalot SE7
45451Tanner GL5
455T65Brother NW4
455T60N T SC4
455T8Bert GP4
455T52TGoldenboy GL4
455T52TCreme de La Creme GL4
460T54Princess NE2
460T54TBlack Velvet GL2
460T39Daniel Pink Sand MTN SW2
460T61Laouija of Lagallerie SC2
460T54TPea Phree GL2
465T66TBeohmer of Petzhavnopawktz NW1
465T66THammerstein NW1
465T25Alex MP1
465T61Double Trouble Tara MA1
465T55Blue Boo NE1
465T62TPaytahn of Takohs SC1
465T62TRum Tum Timmy SC1

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