Championship Cat Standings 2005-2006: 1-199

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 30 May 2006

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Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
111Classicalcats Valentino NESX12946
211Purrsession Oliver of Woodlyn SCPS12829
321Plaidplus Admiral Nelson of HMS SCBS12603
422Whozz Tonka Toi of Shaynacats NEPS12506
511Starberian Kodiak of Bewitched MPSB12396
632Laziblues Earl Grey NEBS12395
711Faerietail Dougal of Happyendings NWMX12290
821Balimoor Snow In Summer NWOL12254
911Glor-ee Genghis Khan MASI12242
1011Catzanova Versace/Lo ESSO12239
1143Purrsession Frosty The Snowman NEPS12075
1231Expresivepixie Tim McGraw NWPB12045
1321Susitna Double Delight of Purfur MPHB12037
1413Chaucer Ophelia SWBS12020
1521Bengaland Arctic Hooter MABG12018
1611Grazcats Sarastro/Fi ENES12008
1711LAPD D A Dash of Galadriel AAMC11973
18T21Cattycats Qian Tang ESOS11925
18T41Rkgems Magnum P Iolite of Mistory NWSF11925
2031Sehnsational Samson of Balcatta MPBA11803
2122Medusa Foss AABG11667
2232Grandfuji Bokuchan of Sappyclasse AAMC11535
2312Wizardgate Ms Thang SESX11445
2424Kissables Katika of Albedo ENPS11333
2531Aradia Flyin High Defying Gravity MAAB11220
2652Purrsia Cest Si Bon NWOS11142
2722Lilla B Quincy Jones of Pengar SESI11054
2831Branbarrel One Mint Julep SCCY11002
2961Kokopellirex Charmed NWCR10973
3075Wallycats Blue Crush NWPS10959
3142Almaz Gandalf Galadriel AASB10869
3253Shonancats Michelangelo of Ducale AAMC10861
3361Hikoma I Shido AABU10825
3421Truecolours Tater Tot SWSG10815
3531Attitudeacres Murony of Monstercat SEBH10749
3633Newtajmahal Kantaoui ENSX10624
3744Sarajen Bommerlunder of Juniatas ENMC10519
3871Vert Premiere Neige AARB10436
3912Marvonack The Legend Lives On SAES10419
4082Balimoor Ding Dong Belle NWOL10356
4143Klazeekats Lonestar SCOS10306
4283Noblu Xii Leonard AASI10301
4351Sazikatz Texas Beau SCTO10164
4494Cumaras Final Edition NWBS9975
4521Sir Percival A Camelot Treasure DK SARD9957
4692Tenpoint Flaming Beauty AARB9886
4741Karissimakat Bear Bryant of HigroveSEHI9871
4842Kylador Travelin Salesman MARD9828
4955Tabbeyrd I Am The Walrus NEMC9804
5012Blue Mist Over The Nile of Khafre GLAB9756
5146Holdermaines Maxwell Silver Deluxe MPMC9713
52106Hanamitzuki Teddy Jr AAPS9686
5331Vicomte Dei Tramontines/Wc ESBI9644
5423Rags2riches Tobias of Chesapeake GLRD9609
55114Laladoll Giselle of Farandoll AARD9579
5632Foxbluff Beau Renard of HillstbluesSWSO9503
57123Cooncreole Diaghilev of Almaz AASB9445
5861Kallbokattens Magnus NENF9401
59133Hanako Sakuya of Loupblanc AAAB9317
6057Tropikoons Tamino of Djeserdjeseru ENMC9269
61107Cedarvalley Baby Buggy NWPS9251
6243Koppiekatz Hero SWBG9193
6334Snopride Wurthgold of Spotsnglitz GLBG9090
6464Cooncreole Demitri Terebova SCSB8799
6568Mainlysilver Grand View Hudson ENMC8770
66115Ragalong Majestic Quest NWRD8768
6754McInkats Gabriella MPOS8766
6842Kabelkim Dali Madison GLCY8663
6959Lyonesse Puss N Boots of Coonquest SWMC8557
7053Heida Wildfyre of Berryhille MAES8545
7161Dixiemunchkins Picalow SWML8518
7275Kalanikats Nativethrill of RedearthSCBG8514
7362Chaparral From The Twilight Zone MPSG8483
7453Synergy Adhara GLOL8421
75T8T6Harlequindolls Rocket of Katydolls SCRD8288
75T8T3Minusdetails Assume SCCY8288
77610Blazinarrow Patriot MAMC8194
78142Jasmintea Smile Hattrick AASF8172
79152Cresentview Mugi of Snufkin AANF8158
8064Kingsransom Ambrose GLSX8090
811211Coondalay Macallan of Pinecoon NWMC8086
82134Marvonack Smarty Brown NWES7960
83148Kenkat Splendid Affair of WallycatsNWPS7952
84165Marirose Miracle Jr AASX7939
8572Radzacatz Fenway of Hisstoricats NEHI7918
8673Fagervoll Figlia Linette of AriettaMASG7849
87171Jasmintea Smile Kabuki AASS7845
8879Phantomangels Mugsy of Furrdreams SWPS7590
89810Ahura Hot Spot SWPS7525
9095Soft Paws Roulette SWES7499
9184Aradia Take A Chance On Me MAAB7432
92T912Sarajen Shiner Bock MAMC7426
92T181Shingen Mogu AAAS7426
9445Ladifference Vel Satis ESAB7399
95713Javacats Dyna Glide of Mymains MPMC7254
96194Swancamelot Artemis AASI7071
9776Sinisalo Ashquindi of Batifoleurs ENBG7022
98157Ragalong Majestic Prince NWRD6951
9985Twofold Maksimillian of JasperridgeNESB6945
100811Magdynasty Fire And Ice ENPS6932
10178Usadolls Liberty Belle GLRD6772
102106Abyroad Zufan of Mirrikat SCAB6724
1032014Williamina Silver Bullet AAMC6718
104115Saroko Nite Rider SCOS6714
105124Minusdetails Sparkle Plenty SCCY6649
106101Arietta Abadiya Dakila MAEM6627
10757Bridlewood Some Kind of Wonderful SEBG6483
10852Appy Cat Des Petits Bambous ESBI6477
109105Adobepaws Diva Wownona SWSI6449
110218Medusa Kamui AABG6345
11199Ragmagic You Ought 2b In Pictures ENRD6271
112116Alu Absolutely Beautiful MAES6254
1131615Chemicoons Catalyst of Woodpile NWMC6157
1142216Gakincho Smokey Dandy of AesopYY AAMC6156
11582Starsnstripes Rocme GLPB6153
116236Almaz Maneki Neko Mike AASB6101
1171110Bragdolls Harley of Echoglen SWRD6090
1182412Zukadream Begin With A Miracle AAPS6062
11997Jasperridge It Aint Me Babe NESB6061
1201017Timaracoon Debby Rose/Id ENMC6020
12193Emjoys Chip Off The Old Block GLRB5969
122818Broadsway Wellington of Windwalker MPMC5961
1231213Whozz Buttercup of Snugglebug SWPS5811
124619Mysticoon Durango SEMC5788
125133Finerpoints All That Jazz SWHI5784
126257Avance Kuuringer AAAB5780
12768Abu Ghurab Atze/Fi ESAB5721
12873Uzalto Barouk Khazhad/Lo ESNF5682
1291220Mainette George Cloney MAMC5644
130139Jater Home Run of Kosikatz SCBG5629
131141Taiyo's Masako SWJB5617
132721Koontucky Eric Clapton of Megacoon SEMC5614
133106Wannabenaked Dar Be No Fur GLSX5610
1341111Bluegrasrags Southern Comfort GLRD5560
13511Sunstone Sierra Leone of Pikespeak GPOC5541
136148Solacefarm Ruzo Goshaovich SCSB5478
1371710Wildlove Sudden Impact of JunglejemNWBG5419
1382612Plentylove Dreams Come True AARD5418
139117Divinus DC Hameleon ENSX5377
1401811Jater Houdini NWBG5376
141912Snopride Mattinee Idol MPBG5352
14288Newtajmahal Aline ESSX5330
143155HMS Prescott of Chaucer SWBS5327
14486Lilla B Runaway Heart SESI5309
14536Elaren Thunder Fire of Deabaete SAOS5297
1462713Bridlewood Dancer In The Dark AABG5294
147914Whozz Kaleidoscope SEPS5293
1481914Cheetahsden Tsoba NWBG5255
149167Fairydust Krogan of Sarsenstone SWSI5249
1501015Bridlewood 007 of Speakeasy NEBG5209
151121CF Apache Geronimo of Pointocurl ENAL5169
152171Taiyo's Sobakasu SWJL5144
1531013Riterags Jumbolette SERD5120
154121Bebop Tail Yeti of Nudawnz GLBB5111
1551816Exoticrose Arianna SWBG5107
156284Vert Merry Go Around AARB5100
157117Tailsoluv Bi Eminent Domain NEOS5099
158112Creole Ariel SECR5098
1591917Faroutbengel Princess Zoey SWBG5083
160294Marsparadise Oh Yamapy AANF5082
161129Tigerflower Magicat of PentaclecatsNEAB5056
1621318Kcsjunglebabes Tucumcari GLBG5048
163T3015TDreambabys Parfait of Himedaruma AAPS5043
163T1415TWhose Natalie Wood of JCV GLPS5043
165138Klazeekats Casper of Rugosarose NEOS5032
166922Lunarcoons Armaghedon ESMC4942
1672019Bridlewood Mikado of Kalanikats SWBG4923
1681423Cloistercoon Saint Nicholas NEMC4922
1691320Bengaland Jace Divinci MABG4855
170154Karissimakat Somewhere In Time GLHI4824
171212Taiyo Pachinko SWJB4817
1721421Medoz Lace And Fineness MABG4807
173153Majorus Caoimhe NESO4796
17444Catzanova Vegas of Pampa SASO4795
175162Vindouro Pachelbell of Ringapurr GLBU4753
1761622Bridlewood Southern Comfort NEBG4738
1772223Camelottaspots King George SWBG4734
178T204TChaparral Sagebrush of Woodpile NWSG4724
178T174TAmenophis Atomic Betty of Bemisu NESG4724
180315Catsai's Boffo Bolide King AANF4717
181151Vindouro Flavor Flav MABO4699
1822317Furrdreams Vandoll SWPS4693
183123Deer Valley Cold Winter Frost SEBI4682
1841024Windwalker Wonder MPMC4658
185214Mikasu Brave Heart NWBI4657
18626HMS Kismet of Smith Avenue GPBS4651
187223Expresivepixie Butch Cassidy NWPB4639
1881324Suwannee Fudge Ripple SEBG4637
1891825Jungletales Dazzle NEBG4597
1901026Bridlewood Sesame of Spice ESBG4595
191162Vindouro Purrcee MABO4579
1921325Djeserdjeseru My Sensation ENMC4574
1931714Bluegrasrags Southern Pleasure GLRD4547
194149Pashka Irbis Assolada ENSB4517
195T185Karissimakat Sunset Strip GLHI4514
195T239Purrsia La Vie Et Lamour NWOS4514
197T199Bemisu Tahonie NESX4513
197T3226Grandfuji Hinachan AAMC4513
199T19T6Whose High Hopes of Karissimakat GLHI4501
199T19T27Calicoon Agt Bristow of Coonbitzky GLMC4501

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