Championship Cat Standings 2003-2004: 1-200

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 24 June 2004

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Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
111HMS Montgomery of Chaucer SWBS13583
211Elamante Ammon SCAB12819
311Lunarcoons Copernicus MPMC12776
411Zukadream To The Victory of AttsumiAAPS12772
512Sarajen Scoresby MAMC12727
611Laceys Monet of Kingsransom GLSX12642
721Minusdetails Northern Exposure SCCY12620
821Talisker Laurent GLRB12571
912Alnakeed Opium of Newtajmahal ENSX12555
1023Shonancats Crystal Black AAMC12313
1122Rhamjoge Go Vangough of Mistyridge SWPS12202
1213Budmar Joe Cool of Whozz SEPS12167
1321Cooncreole Michail SESB12085
1421Tassam Kouger MPOS12072
1511Aristo Limaz Chief Nacona NENF11995
1631Sazikatz Dream Catcher of Luvpurrs SETO11982
1714Cedarvalley Evening Shade NWPS11955
1814Moulincrecy Totem ESMC11912
1911Lofoten Muriel SASI11880
2025Purrsession Snowbelle NEPS11807
2132Sazikatz Cha Cha SCTO11700
2222Cattycats Michelle Kwan ESOS11634
2332Desentrechats Totaly Spice ESAB11628
2426Kenkat Jellybean of Wallycats NWPS11624
2541Catzanova Tiziano ESSO11465
2633Ankhamun Cartouche of Medabu NWSX11324
2741Kokopellirex Lucky Monkey NWCR11310
2831Finerpoints Mystic Moon SWHI11302
2922Glor-ee Cecilia MASI11269
3041Exoticrose Divine Lady SWBG11078
3134Kitty Hawk Aquamarine AASX10904
3235Mainlysilver Revere NEMC10887
3337Pizzacata April Shower of KabobkatsMAPS10881
3452Animatrax Renaissance NWBG10857
3558Artemis Black Orchid ESPS10839
3643Suwannee Fudge Ripple SEBG10814
3739Whose Sophia Loren of JCV GLPS10787
3851Purrkats Marcus of Ritz-O-Cats SWES10777
3942Starchild Diamond Labyrinth AARB10764
40610Purrkeys Fats Domino SWPS10646
4152Chomalyn Captain Butler AAHI10638
4242Silverheart Arnfinn of QuinsigamondNENF10564
4343Shonstar Sexy Sadie of Sindarin MAOS10358
4451Cherryhill Oj NERD10357
45611Tussiemussie Leonardo AAPS10346
46T66Cloistercoon Saint Nicholas NEMC10343
46T54Bengaland's Priceless Yukon Jack MABG10343
4843Vicketales Butterfinger of Woodlyn SCHI10333
4975Wildwood Amonasro of Classicalcats NESX10324
5071Taiyo's Masako SWJB10302
5174Co Bridge Sweet Lucy AAHI10231
5286Mosaicsx Jordan SWSX10187
53912Ahura's Ups A Daisy SWPS10179
5483Santamary Its Show Time AANF10137
5563Purrsia Paper Roses NWSI10125
5661Folderol Cappuccino ESSF9918
5777Pinecoon's Eddie Bauer NWMC9888
5883Hillstblues Leroy Brown of FoxbluffNEAB9874
5998Sarajen Guinness of Oldestage NEMC9837
6059Ranchcats Silver Bullet of KattopiaSCMC9801
61105Dreamland Goliath SWBG9782
6284Divas Suit Yourself of Lightdancer NWAB9771
6341Mistysprings Lump Sum of Kabelkim GLMX9724
64117Laceys Gunner SWSX9718
6593Vert Chocolate AARB9675
6671Summersky Spice The Cats Love ESBU9608
67102Farandoll Tsukasa of Laladoll AARD9576
681010Tabbeyrd Roll Over Beethoven NEMC9556
6952Jabiba's Vinny D of Dreamquete GLES9544
7031Purfur's Jamaicame Purr Softly MPHB9484
7162Lee's Victoria Hanover GLHB9411
7216Suite Something To Talk About GPBG9317
73117Bridlewood Knight In White Satin NEBG9151
7422Minusdetails Texanna of Vitus ENCY9066
7591Balimoor Tatum NWBA9031
7688Artdeco Tumulte ESBG9011
7765Hillstblues Circes Isle of MagikabyMAAB8975
78711Rumford's Good Golly Miss Molly GLMC8970
7982Ambersnow Moxie of Owhl GLSF8834
80512Velvetjewels Harry Winston SEMC8788
81129Exoticrose Porcelain Doll SWBG8725
8293Emberhearth Mystra of Selia ESRD8723
831213Shaynacats Ben Caesar NEPS8624
8471Kitti Kat's Lambchop MASR8618
8584Ragmagic's Rock Anda Hardplace MARD8582
86103Marvonack The Legend Lives On NWES8551
8793Minusdetails Hardtobehumble MACY8535
88111Shwetsun Asian Pride AABI8517
8942Bewitched Nikolai MPSB8485
901010Witsend Alchemist of Anateag MABG8479
911211Zephyros Arch AABG8408
9295JCV Rocky Balboa II GLHI8407
9364Alexy Alysse SESI8398
94106Khafre Anubis Sonofisis GLAB8224
951312Jumanji Tito of Medusa AABG8217
9662Inkblotz Twinkle Toes SCBS8150
97141Lesplushes Tsugumi AACX8147
9875Lilla B Sweet As Honey of Pengar SESI7999
99132ZZpaws Zap SWBI7974
1001113Coonbitzky Dillon The Bandit GLMC7881
10152Tassam Samantha of St Valentine MPBA7802
10274Klazeekats Wild Man of Ranchcats SCOS7694
103113Mikasu Zokah of Chittagong NWBI7681
1041514Ohedo Top Dandy Yoritomo AAMC7670
105122Kokopellirex Casey NWCR7663
106143Chisholmtrail Fey Kitty SWCR7601
107164Nordlys L Oiseau Bleu AANF7579
10881Sarcenet Silver Dime SCAL7569
1091214Dreamquete Maggie Mae of DreambabysGLPS7514
110915Whatacat Flash SCMC7489
111135Angelspunrags Celestial Skye Blue GLRD7305
112136Donnasdollys Alexander I NERD7275
113133Balimoor Jezebel NWBA7166
114157Earthangels Thank My Lucky Stars SWRD7164
115145Summit Mews White Heather NWOS7158
116815Sammycats Belle SEPS7151
1171016Ohedo Snow Dragon of Wistariantale ESMC7079
118173Almaz Masamune AASB7064
119913Bridlewood A License To Thrill SEBG7027
1201617LAPD Pistol Pete SWMC7021
121103Sazikatz Pepperjack SCTO6955
12234Kaybrook Sentinel of Tyuda ENRB6909
123156Casani Madison NWOS6869
124146JCV Doodle Bug GLHI6852
125185Tenpoint Christian Dior AARB6851
126216Demorlanes Igor SAPS6787
127177Katabears Grafitti of Finerpoints SWHI6752
128164Judge's Choice Nuckn Darling NWCR6723
12934Kalfumalen Geronimo SAES6710
130417Vitus Daisy ENPS6681
1311114Medoz Razors Edge MABG6665
13221WHF Silver Curl GPSL6591
1331815Calcatta's Custom Made SWBG6559
134142Vanderpawz So Long Oo Long NEJB6533
135191Specialagent Sniper SWPB6479
1361518Sugarspun Why Do Fools Fall In LoveNEPS6469
137618Lunarcoons Sky of Whatatrill MPMC6336
138516Ajanta's Chalid Chandra ENBG6325
13965Vitus Bruno ENES6312
1401617Provinmountain Daktari NEBG6310
141173Cumaras Megabuck NWBS6196
1421118Lagallerie Rama SCBG6194
143187Shonstar Mon Ami of Purrsia NWOS6135
1441019Mainesqueeze Phoenix SEMC6067
145111Ultima Tom Taille de La Fontaine ESBO6025
1462020Degoonacoons Cochichuate Bay SWMC6000
147115Kokopellirex Cheatin Heart SECR5995
1481221Mysticoon Born To Be Bad SEMC5980
1491322Pirateslair New Years Celebration SEMC5972
150121Pyramid Princess Amneris Yafi OpuraMAEM5940
151719Bangles Edmund Hillary MPBG5929
152197Ammycrystal Sum AAAB5879
153T191Daisen Slim Shady NWAS5747
153T144Cooncreole Camilla Moroz Mur SESB5747
15531Pikespeak Don Francisco GPOC5745
156218Pkay's Paparazzi of Pawsitive SWHI5530
157121Vivalafeline Lexx Luthorr SCBB5488
158154Kabelkim Milton E Way GLCY5457
15984Tassam Ceilidh of Bangles MPBA5428
160423LAPD Fionntan of Smith Avenue GPMC5366
1611324Celticpride Brenainn MAMC5350
1622220Elitebengals Don Juan of BishopbengSWBG5340
163139Cedarcliff Tis The Season SCHI5338
164168Harlequindolls Frgy of IrishcottageGLRD5268
16546Viana Memphis de Abaete SAES5262
166208Conte Buono Benigni AAOS5253
167142Beauchador Sinful As Chocolate MAAS5213
168219Fiddler's Kuwabonne AARD5142
1692025Rowanridge Spiritbear of PurryderocNWMC5106
1701710Bluegrasrags Liberty of Usadolls GLRD5047
17151Folderol Frappe Le Fey GPSS5025
172156Royal Rex Blue Velvet SECR4987
1732111Ragalong Rain Forest Prince NWRD4975
174147Prestega Flame Kiss SCES4971
175232Catalons Uno SWBB4953
1761521Nodngait Light My Fire MABG4920
177128Belfry Robin Skinud ESSX4887
178162Nilemauser Tumarcus Alexin SEEM4811
1792426Degoonacoon Delorean SWMC4763
180224Yuko Shiny Blue Sky AABS4742
18163Kirriemuir John Derrynger GPSF4726
1821827Calicoon Eddie George of CoonbitzkyGLMC4722
1831728Codycats Madeline of Mainetales NEMC4681
1842522Wildvision Shasta Mae SWBG4626
1852329Firstderica Doctor AAMC4579
186245Almaz Gandalf Galadriel AASB4519
1871712Riterags Victory SERD4509
1881823Pharaohsgold Hannibal NEBG4498
18994Odessycatz Sheegwa of Priceless MPTO4483
1901924Goldspurr Ashbourne of BaileysprideGLBG4453
1912230Antarcin Talise of Talismaine NWMC4424
192161Bellesandbeaux Lacey Taylor MASN4404
193172Vindouro's Spookshow Baby MABU4370
194T2531Mainelyhill Hyde of Larcenciel AAMC4361
194T236Purrzz Kindofblue NWSI4361
1962425Cheetahsden's Chainlink NWBG4356
197195Natruskat Dulsea NENF4324
198257Synergy Stratfurrd of Balimoor NWSI4323
199185Toytown's Hersheykiss of BlueyonderSETO4316
200713Bluegrasrags Duke of HogwarthsprideENRD4306

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