Kitten Standings 2002-2003: 1-200

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 7 June 2003

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Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
111Azima's Manet of Duman MATA8404
221Oldestage Doc Holiday of Mainette MAMC8323
311Gizana Diamonds R Agirls BestfriendNEES8049
412LAPD Hoochie Mama SWMC8048
521Sunstone Abracadabra SWOC7807
631Budmar's Bijan of Kabobkats MAPS7644
712Whose Camellia of Woodlyn SCPS7530
811Minusdetails Texanna of Vitus ENCY7519
943Willowplace Jesse James of Dorwill MAMC7515
1021Elamante Ammon SCAB7512
1111Mc Inkats Dream A Little Dream MPOS7487
1234LAPD Pistol Pete SWMC7426
1332Minusdetails Northern Exposure SCCY7382
1421Tassam Samantha of St Valentine MPBA7341
1511Kirriemuir John Derrynger GPSF7290
1611Crown E Sandalwood NWAS7281
1715Celticpride Faelan of Mainesqueeze SEMC7275
1821Myrlyn Fancybluwrapper of Samphire NWSI7240
1941Forevermore's Zaza of Kazzakatz SWBI7158
2013Newark Trademark ESPS7154
2151HMS Montgomery of Chaucer SWBS7138
2221Karissimakat Isabella of Caligula SEHI7137
2356Sarajen Scoresby MAMC7106
2431Cooncreole Oleg SESB7081
2542HMS Pinafore SCBS7004
2662Beauchador Sinful As Chocolate MAAS6997
2732Felidesvivre Purratrooper of TassamMPOS6991
2841Heartbeeps Jose Cuervo SERB6936
2932Marvonack's Charismatic NWES6913
3027Smokeycoons Thunderbird ENMC6910
3133Vitus Brigitte B ENES6905
3213HMS Gamma Rose GLBS6838
3371Minusdetails Natalie Attired MAMX6832
3462Finerpoints Mystic Moon SWHI6827
3522Desentrechats Tiyi ESAB6823
3631Catzanova Tiziano ESSO6791
3723JCV Jimmy Dean GLHI6772
3841Belfry Robin Skinud ESSX6718
3921WHF Oscar Again GPSL6683
4071Exoticrose Divine Lady SWBG6606
4182Sunstone Serengeti Heat SWOC6600
4231Owhl's Puss Ewhippt GLSS6598
4394Hooligan's Monahan SWPS6583
44102Mosaicsx Jordan SWSX6580
4555Kernel's Pierre Sallyger SCPS6574
4638LAPD Fionntan of Smith Avenue GPMC6572
4756Whozz Justa Klassic SEPS6523
48113Minusdetails Call Me Special SWCY6522
4963Alexy's Ragtime Cowboy Joe SEAB6496
5044Hillstblues Kao of Faroahsilvergem NWAB6461
5142Stonehenge Wurththawate of SnoprideMPBG6440
5251Purfur Jamaicame Coco Nuts MPHB6401
5352Balimoor Jezebel NWBA6397
5487Gempaw Morocco of Velvetkist MAPS6391
5563Ankhamun Cartouche of Vysataria NWSX6382
5673Animatrax Renaissance NWBG6344
5759Moulincrecy Temujin ESMC6340
5881Ragalong Rain Forest Prince NWRD6329
5924Rustling's Positively Harris Plaid NEBS6297
6034Bridlewood Knight In White Satin NEBG6280
6192Silmarilions Manwe Benvolio MARD6233
6275Tazkatz Blues In The Dark SEAB6220
6345Rustling's Positively Sand Castles NEBS6188
64103Beauchador Knight In Shining Armor MAAS6186
65410Celticpride Cu Chulainn GLMC6167
6681Love Sumalee Blu Lady SEKT6160
6762Klazeekats Southernspirit of SarokoSCSI6149
6874Branbarrel's Lil Jack Slade SCCY6147
69125Exoticrose Poreclain Doll SWBG6123
7094Miribu's Silver Meteor of Ginfree SEAS6103
7198Cedarvalley Evening Shade NWPS6101
7259JCV Here Comes More Trouble GLPS6087
73111Foxykats Touched By Grace MACX6073
7463Pawsdlite Pajarro MPOS6071
7541Fjords Bettina Vakker of Norlights GPNF6046
76102Cooncreole Michail SESB6027
7713Lofoten Star SASI6025
7856Truebrit Positivelyspot of RustlingNEBS5983
7952Kirriemuir Legenderry GPSF5875
80122Epona's Harleigh MANF5835
81611Codycats Merlin of Cherryhill NEMC5830
82111Sazikatz Real Thing of Blueyonder SETO5826
83131Shiverden Minx of Hunterdonhall MASG5810
84134Pkay's Celebrity SWHI5802
8574Classicalcats Salimah of MythmakersNESX5801
86110Zukadream To The Victory AAPS5778
87123Dixiewillow Its A Wonderful Life SERD5724
88134Radiance Beyond Belief SEOS5710
8985Classicalcats Persephone NESX5689
9092Purafection Ketzeleh NESG5686
91141Specialagent Legend SWPB5682
92146Hillstblues Persnickety of MagikabyMAAB5640
93106Ankhamun Vin Diesel of Utopia NWSX5626
941512Coonpulsive Texas T of MtKittery MAMC5609
9573Chaparral's Skeeter of Tahoe MPSG5601
9662Purrdocz Zakity Yakity GLBI5589
97112Expresivepixie Cher NWPB5574
9866Artdeco Tumulte ESBG5565
99163Tassam Harry Hogwarts MABA5534
10022Starchild Diamond Labyrinth AARB5527
101127Bejuledbengals Fortunate Son NWBG5493
102104Cherryhill Shelby NERD5472
10388Snopride Hot Flash MPBG5470
10475Karissimakat's Play It Again Sam GLHI5469
105211Dearistogatos Scar SAPS5468
10635Fiddler's Kuwabonne AARD5444
107116Bellapalazzo Ethanial NERD5421
108123Meadowmere's Ears Are Optional NESF5416
10986JCV Rocky Balboa II GLHI5407
110413The Catwalk Zivagho ENMC5405
111414Shonancats Crystal Black AAMC5390
112712Newark Tally Surprise ESPS5386
11383Tikhi ESBI5376
114134Angeleyes Zephyr of Katzpur NWBI5315
115147Ragalong Rainforest Regent NWRD5313
11657Tabascozd Brunnhilde AAAB5306
117151Elquairo's Temple Jewels Diamond NWEM5268
118151Amon-Ra Back In Black SWCR5245
119915Wistariantale May Queen ESMC5223
120168Coyotecat's Checotah SWAB5208
121172Duman's Adept Rhianna Snowflame MATA5205
12281Kim-Con Black Magic SCSR5203
1231413Nawlinsdawlins Beignets SEPS5197
124185Glor-ee Once In A Blue Moon MAOS5192
1251614Starlore's Gemma NWPS5173
126175Minusdetails Little Texas SWCY5155
127616Lachance Dango AAMC5150
1281817Degoonacoon Cotuit Bay SWMC5130
12994Ohanaskye's Prince Kuhio GLSI5104
130109Exoticrose Curry of Spice ESBG5083
13173Cresentview Giulio of Herbalmeow AANF5065
13298Furreal Gringo MPRD5064
133153Cooncreole Deema Sibiriskiy SESB5042
134172Kokopellirex Tribute To Faye NWCR5010
13535Lofoten Hellen SASI4985
1361815Cedarvalley Triple B NWPS4965
1371916Whozz Christabelle of Seafarer MAPS4952
138197Laceys Klean Kut Kelsey SWSX4947
1391318Shubacoons Lovely Rita of Tabbeyrd NEMC4924
140162Kitti Kat's Just Adorable SESR4894
141910Lagallerie Rama SCBG4879
142104Royalflush Palacia Betz SCES4851
1432011Bengaland's Divinci Crown Royal MABG4849
144216Hojpoj Selena of Glor-ee MAOS4834
14583Vert Bleu Ciel AARB4832
1461012Wildlove Great Balls A Fire GLBG4803
147197Cumaras Braveheart NWBS4784
148174Chayat's Annushka SERB4753
1491019Windwalker Ameliaearhart MPMC4752
150T59Marsmellow Taruka ENAB4741
150T111Sarcenet Orion SCAL4741
152910Megurogawa Apolon AAAB4736
153225Beauchador Bearoness MAAS4734
1542320Terracoon Appaloosa MAMC4657
155112Owhl's Rosebud GLSS4634
1562411Clarion's Let It Roll of Kinglee MAAB4609
157126Saroko Southern Karma SCSI4587
1581017Tussiemussie Leonardo AAPS4577
1591218Furxxtc's Allure of Lee GLPS4521
160111Tamagocchi ESBU4509
161121Felissa Del Tao Del Miao of Goblin ESDR4504
1621321Moulincrecy Totem ESMC4474
163132Laki's Candida of Ringapurr GLBU4457
164208Cumaras Encore NWBS4420
165117Kittystone's Kirsch Torte AAHI4418
166144Silverheart Arnfinn of QuinsigamondNENF4402
1671213Zephyros Juno AABG4338
168135Timesworlds Jolly Silvie AANF4314
1691414Wildlove Rising Starlet of Tezpurr GLBG4252
170T1819Whozz Bedazzled SEPS4217
170T1512Leotie's Samiel GLAB4217
172137Felitan Layla of Ranchcats SCOS4185
173420Blazestar Silver Starlight SAPS4182
1741415Spice Garlic ESBG4140
175145Snoeeslipr's Zapata of Birmnsrus SCBI4112
1761622Coonwyck O Malley GLMC4096
177194Holyfold's Its Me Madeline SESF4095
178152Odesseycatz Jeri Ryan SCTO4082
1791121Glenneyre's Ransomeofredchief MPPS4021
180255Owhl's Fiona of Shannaye MASF3992
181211Balimoor Dancing Queen NWOL3975
1821523Howlyn's Amelie NEMC3959
1831624Megacoon Miss Lilly of Ranchcats SCMC3953
1841716Kingsransom Madison GLBG3930
1852025LAPD Meter Maid SWMC3896
186186Kabelkim Patrick McGoldwell GLCY3892
1871413Sasazuka Boy Rising Sun AAAB3881
188622Vitus J F K ENPS3878
189172Minusdetails Litabita Class SCMX3852
1901623Shaynacats Ben Caesar NEPS3846
191524Firstclass Barbie G SAPS3837
1921926Sarajen Ziggy Natango GLMC3820
1932617Bengaland's Priceless Yukon Jack MABG3810
1942714Hillstblues Circes Isle of MagikabyMAAB3804
1952225Catillak Danny Boy of Catfantazia NWPS3769
196281Whitetailrun Pixel MAPL3761
19779Ragmagic's Be Still My Heart ENRD3760
198233Expresivepixie Waylon J NWPB3758
1992118Elitebengals Tapout SWBG3727
20088Pzazz Faramir of Dreamhunter ENOS3711

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