Household Pet Kitten Standings 2002-2003: 1-200

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 7 June 2003

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Int'l Regn Name Rgn Score
11Twist of Fate SC6590
21Priscilla GL6444
31Cricketz Chocolat Kiss of CareycatsSE6348
41Chantal MP6223
52DC Kat Ringo Starr SE6190
62Flash Gordon MP6186
71Jasmine of WHF GP6177
82Lola GL6121
92Peachy SC6113
103Stardust SE6094
113The Cisco Kid MP6092
121P J MA6075
134Rude MP6022
143Tora Toooo GL6004
155Kinsey Milhone of Cat's Cradle MP5960
164Spot Dot Com GL5959
176Roxanne MP5953
181Esmerelda of Alleykatz NW5916
193Ziggy SC5883
204Joie de Vivie Aka Jodie SE5812
212The Grand Illusion of Desertmoon MA5746
225Malcom GL5679
235DC Kat Diamond Rio SE5614
24T7TBrannigan MP5594
24T7TTabitha Twitchit MP5594
261Queen O Airanddarkness of BlueblazzNE5593
279Renee MP5575
284Lobo of Lagallerie SC5486
293Brunhilda MA5445
302Snickers Prettipaws NE5434
316Heavens To Betsy SE5416
324Taxi MA5294
332Up In Smoke of Alleykatz NW5279
346Kirby GL5276
3510Poppi Pavarotti MP5270
367Cinnamon And Brown Sugar SE5254
3711Major Sarah Mackenzie MP5223
3812Digger MP5167
391Simba SW5157
408Cassidie of Chateaumere SE5131
419Stevie Raes Pride And Joy SE5129
425Zaboo of Kakatz SC5119
436Knight Rider SC5097
445Sherman MA5075
453Pollyanna of Alleykatz NW5061
4613Matt Houston of Priceless MP5027
476T Pea MA4988
487Sweet Suzy SC4961
497Valentino of Sharjenn MA4960
5014Cookiesncream MP4953
512Yoda SW4933
523Dulce de Leche NE4894
538Billy Bob SC4884
548Mabel MA4881
559Luna of Lagallerie SC4872
5615Mocas Magic of Cat's Cradle MP4821
577Charlie GL4787
583Isabella SW4710
594Rainie of Evergreen NW4681
604Mikey SW4676
619Gussie MA4644
6216v W of Cat's Cradle MP4599
6310DR Ed SC4520
645Tootsieroll SW4512
655Jumoke of Alleykatz NW4502
6611Gustopher Soprano of Vivalafeline SC4499
674Tabitha NE4475
68T17Morgana of Tbear MP4470
68T12Just Bob of Gulfcats SC4470
706Sweetums of Pawsabilitys SW4395
7110Good Golly Its Miss Memphis Molly SE4392
7211Amarillo Brillo SE4366
7318WC MP4347
7412Willow SE4345
756Bakari of Alleykatz NW4327
7613Chisum of Chateaumere SE4320
777Tweety NW4310
785Sinnabon NE4299
7914Mickey Mantle Up To Bat SE4293
8010Dora Flora MA4247
817Al of Perisan SW4241
8211Teddy MA4221
838Ruby SW4220
8415Louie of Strayinc SE4165
8519Klondike Annie of Tbear MP4161
8612Trooper Tommy of Shardon MA4113
87T8TCharlie Chaplin of Ragettyjoy NW4081
87T8TTwinkle Twinkle Little Star NW4081
8910Lady Elizabeth NW4077
908Leo of Starsnstripes GL4012
919Cinnamon of Gatoamarosa SW4010
9220Blizzard MP3973
9313Sideswiped of Kaos SC3947
946Denzell NE3932
9521Fluffy The 3 Headed Monster MP3929
9614Olivia of Ringletranch SC3925
9722Paddington MP3902
989Miro of Kingsransom GL3850
9911Majestik Merlin NW3832
10015Butterfly of Ringletranch SC3804
101T23Double Stuff Oreo of Tbear MP3799
101T16Marilyn Some Like It Hot SE3799
10310No Ahh GL3781
10416Salem of Ringletranch SC3727
10517Whoopie SC3664
1067Willow Spalding NE3649
10717Huey of Strayinc SE3524
10812L T NW3496
10924Wally MP3457
11013Phantom Stranger of Vindouro MA3450
111T11Danny GL3430
111T14Angel MA3430
11310Semi of Perisan SW3312
11415Smokey MA3298
11511Tucker Junior SW3295
1168Liam NE3255
11725Spencer For Hire of Cat's Cradle MP3249
11818Sir Lancelot SC3161
11918Sammi SE3155
12012Dusty Miller SW3142
12112Fuzzy Firetail GL3113
12219Andres Galarraga of Tanasi SE3104
12313Kendras Echo GL3082
12419Little Bit SC3079
12520Lady Liberty SE3054
12626Boston Blackie of Cat's Cradle MP3027
12720Reddi SC3021
12816Tough Guy Toby MA3020
12913Blazeon of Whispernwoods NW2940
1309Annie Oakley NE2741
13117Adidas MA2736
13221Sea Era of Tazkatz SE2670
13314Anthrax GL2664
13410Princess Lady Slipper NE2622
1351Naughty Apollo AA2611
13622Bama The Bessemer Boy SE2516
13727Simon Templar of Cat's Cradle MP2506
138T14Creamsicle NW2482
138T1Sara N Dippity EN2482
14011Meghan NE2480
14112Strider of Kapekatz NE2469
14213Violet NE2446
14328Beau MP2398
14421Oliver SC2326
14515Zeus NW2303
14618American Beauty MA2293
14722Miss Bobbins Tails SC2287
14823Flash SC2271
14914Blossom NE2214
15015Simon NE2209
15123Jack SE2204
15216Busta Whynes NE2194
15315Excalipurr GL2166
15429Jazzmine MP2149
15516Baby Sylvester NW2125
15619Durango MA2101
15713Miss Daisy Mae SW2096
15830Alexandra of Cat's Cradle MP2094
15920Lawrence MA2089
16016Skylar GL2072
16117Porkey NW2048
16231BJ Thomas MP2003
16321Amanda MA1977
16422Princess Neila Diamond MA1957
16532Nefertitti of Tbear MP1944
16624Katydidit of CGemz SC1927
16723Brittany MA1924
16824Chester SE1918
16925Bonus Jack of Tabbytown SC1901
17033Shelace of Trelawney&co MP1897
17126Anya SC1856
17225Gypsy SE1842
17317Chips Ahoy of Furthatpurrs GL1828
17434Alex James MP1816
17535Isis MP1805
17614Mystic Fire of Royalpaws SW1798
17718Sabrina NW1793
17824Chubby MA1788
17919Troublemaker of Alleykatz NW1787
18026Midnight Smores of Barenaked SE1784
18117Leo NE1781
18227Zydeco of Radiance SC1768
18327Trizmo SE1753
18428Thunder SE1743
18536Snugglebunny MP1721
18628Branylin of Adopt A Cat SC1715
18729Scout SC1713
18837Peepster MP1708
18930Gibosn of Adopt A Cat SC1704
19020Twist of Fate NW1701
19125Satin MA1700
19218Nelson GL1682
19326Lil Nikki MA1670
19429Burlys Big On Bleau SE1667
19527Dozer MA1654
19619Hannah Banana GL1647
19730Monkey SE1646
19831The Grey Fox SC1628
19921Jackpot Jane NW1626
20020Fire Escape of Angelicaliens GL1594

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