Championship Cat Standings 2002-2003: 1-200

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 7 June 2003

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Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
111Whozz The Gambler of Soft Paws MPPS13197
212Whozz Monkey Business of A'tien SEPS12772
321Cattycats Klai Kangwon of Mc InkatsMPOS12761
431Chaparral Footloose And Fancy Flea MPSG12728
511Oldestage Doc Holiday of Mainette MAMC12506
611Gizana Diamonds R Agirls BestfreindNEES12431
712Vitus France ENES12427
823Budmar's Bijan of Kabobkats MAPS12368
924Purrsession Danny Boy NEPS12367
1031Columbleau's Ragin Cajin MACX12326
1112LAPD Hoochie Mama SWMC12011
1241Azima's Manet of Duman MATA11996
1321Chaucer Kadienne SWBS11972
1411Exoticrose Poppy Seed of Spice ESBG11912
1521Karissimakat Isabella of Caligula SEHI11782
1633Celticpride Faelan of Mainesqueeze SEMC11771
1724Acadiapark's Sherman ESMC11721
1832Cattycats Ko Man Wichai ESOS11716
1913Bryn Mawr Boxer of Catfantazia NWES11604
2045Moulincrecy Temujin ESMC11540
2111Minusdetails Kiss N Tell SCCY11517
2232Exoticrose Deniro SWBG11478
2341Furreal Gringo MPRD11433
2453Glor-ee Once In A Blue Moon MAOS11377
2521Abykatzen Alegria of Marsmellow ENAB11372
2643Mainstreet Main Attraction SWBG11346
2712Plentylove Malik Al Faris AARD11330
2812JCV Jimmy Dean GLHI11288
2951Catzanova Samoa ESSO11282
3051Sunstone Abracadabra SWOC11240
3111Lofoten Gandalph SASI11214
3225Dreambabys Dreamy Illusion GLPS11149
3322Cumaras Megabuck NWBS11121
3421Starchild Jessica AARB11089
3534Animatrax Rebel NWBG11063
3641Balimoor Southern Belle NWBA11030
3741Sazikatz Faith Enough of BlueyonderSETO10867
3866Wishstar Legacy of Pawsitive SWPS10788
3965Goldspurr Magnum Force of PSBengalsMABG10752
4021Lapurrfect Billy The Kid SCSL10726
4166Cattycats Lijang Rose ESMC10632
4257Tanstaafl's Beauregard SEMC10604
4338Mainlysilver Sgt Pepper of TabbeyrdNEMC10549
4472Desentrechats Tiyi ESAB10535
4523Magienoire Ana Sweet SAHI10510
4633Ragato Beau Bentley SCRD10502
4787Satya Saqqarahs ESPS10462
4854Pawsdlite Pajarro MPOS10301
4962Tassam Samantha of St Valentine MPBA10300
5058Kenkat Flashdance of Cedarvalley NWPS10238
5163Balimoor Jezebel NWBA10065
5243Rustling's Positively Harris Plaid NEBS10048
5371Headcat's Dash of Susitna NWHB10036
5471Forevermore's Zaza of Kazzakatz SWBI10025
5584Kittystone's Hollywood Rebel NWHI10018
5632Lachance Hina AASG9878
5732Moonlight Night's Satin Ribbons SASI9820
5891Judge's Choice Patcho Trouble NWCR9673
5959Quinsigamond's Samoset NEMC9634
6032Kapalua's Lady Jane Grey of Lee GLHB9631
6141Dorrymama Muffin AANF9598
6261Hedgewood's Breyen of Sartoris SEAS9508
63101Elquairo's Temple Jewels Diamond NWEM9506
64112Daisen's Last of The Mohicians NWAS9344
65310Cathycoons Wladimir ENMC9266
6681Taiyo's Yuri SWJL9190
6795Katabears Lovin You of Finerpoints SWHI9186
68101Laceys Klean Kut Kelsey SWSX9125
6962Storybookat's Baloo of Intowishin NENF9100
7053Jo-Ni Bluemarian of Marsparadise AAAS9099
711111Americangothic Buckwheat Zydeco SWMC9056
7274Silmarilions Manwe Benvolio MARD9046
7372Belfry Skin Lizzy MPSX8992
7483Purfur's Jamaicame Coco Nuts MPHB8987
7561Stanley The Cats Love AABO8895
7683Clarion's Let It Roll of Kinglee MAAB8823
77129Ahura's Easy Does It SWPS8744
7846Jumanji Piton of Climbers SCBG8733
7994Beauchador Yukidaruma MAAS8712
8054Faithful's Cream of The Crop SCES8708
8165Buttons Hired Gun of Kittiharbor SCES8575
8244Parnassus Orion SABS8556
8373Marsparadise Deen of Fearyring AANF8554
8471My Tai Whistlin Dixie SEKT8543
8595Cattycats Kojiki ESOS8467
86810Session Maia of Attsumi AAPS8466
8782Nilemauser Demeter SEEM8430
88125Ragalong Magic Blue Genes NWRD8394
8991Ginchika Xquisite In Silver MPJB8389
90101Owhl's Belledonna of Shannaye MASS8305
91T137Elitebengals Tapout SWBG8251
91T92Myapogee Youngblood of ShirespointeSEBI8251
93106Sfexclusive's Anna Pavlova MPRD8225
941411Whozz The Doodlebug of Snugglebug SWPS8197
95132Keltys Kooka Na of Kokopellirex NWCR8161
9675Britlyn Ned Kelly of Cascats SCBS8115
97142Bluegate Miaghy Ai NWJB8039
981012Whozz Sweet Rozee Ogrady SEPS7974
99114Moonlight Night's Bad Bart MPBA7967
100102Sydney The Cats Love ESBO7819
1011112Sarajen Four Roses Premium MAMC7771
10281Onix Gloria Jupiter of KoshechkarusSCSB7768
10391Sarcenet Indigo SCAL7682
10478Bridlewood Knight In White Satin NEBG7659
105102Odesseycatz Millennium Eagle SCTO7652
106153Dreamsong Siofra of Chisholmtrail SWCR7650
1071513Pinecoon's Onyx NWMC7623
108914Tuscaloosa's Qui Gon Jinn AAMC7589
1091115Mysticoon Mongollon Rider SEMC7586
11042Kabelkim Christopher Columbus GLCY7486
111126Cattycats Karon of Tassam MPOS7129
112167Tassam Soshomi of Smokeycoons NWOS7124
1131113Kernel's Pierre Sallyger SCPS7103
114128Glor-ee The Rock MAOS7055
115136Glenneyre's Braveheart MPES7008
116171Kaperkats Catt Dillon NWPL6972
1171214Whose Camellia of Woodlyn SCPS6969
1181115Newark Trademark ESPS6948
119147Ritz-O-Cats Start N Ovr of SoftpawsMPES6942
120133Saroko Southern Karma SCSI6847
1211016Mainelyhill Griffith AAMC6839
1221117Shonancats Phoebus AAMC6835
12389Bridlewood Top Gunn of Speakeasy NEBG6828
124166Katabears Koala of Finerpoints SWHI6817
12591Katselkamolot's Leonardo Dearvinci NESF6755
12651Castleline's Hunter GLMX6721
127109Elshaklan Shere Khan NEOS6718
1281110Pharaohsgold Hannibal NEBG6591
129145Dreamscape PDQ Exiter of Greystoke SCAS6467
130123Classicalcats Persephone NESX6403
13166Germanbrits Caesar GLBS6385
132187Marisa's Bittersweet Symphony NWRD6363
133128Rags2riches Michelle SERD6351
134124Marirose Angelina AASX6316
135134Pawdedeux Rose SESI6264
13659Sir Percival A Camelot Treasure DK SARD6248
1371318Onocoon Anthony AAMC6150
138153Elvessa Hollywood of Odesseycatz SCTO6143
139145Tassam Princess Kassee of Noblu AASI6141
1401910Woodmeadow Frostbitten of Bashar NWOS6127
14111Lueslilkats Heather Cream GPML6105
142144Alexy's Its In His Kiss SEAB6102
143176Velpaws' Soliloquy SWSI6063
1442010Ragalong Rainforest Regent NWRD5964
145135Kitnhuyse Carmen of Classicalcats NESX5948
146162Dbcats Heartbreaker of Sarcenet SCAL5934
1471819LAPD Pistol Pete SWMC5876
148211Pamacs Christopher Robin NWSR5866
149177Truebrit Ember of Inkblotz SCBS5843
150411Pzazz Faramir of Dreamhunter ENOS5839
151195Hillstblues Calypso of Equistice SWAB5755
1521511Farandoll Rubin of Ammycrystal AARD5737
15371Autumsun Hershey Kiss GLBB5715
1541420Codycats Merlin of Cherryhill NEMC5682
155222Faerietail Sorcha NWMX5678
1561311Woodland Dvinci Velvet of BengalandMABG5638
157821Coonwyck O Malley GLMC5620
158162Tenpoint Yuki San AARB5619
159172Furry Cat's Best Taste AASO5486
1601216Pucara Charmeur ESPS5443
1611812Lagallerie Shogun SCBG5435
162183Birpatch Beatrice of Blueartemis AABI5378
163194Fjords Asbjorn Fyrste SCNF5332
16467Bellenana Malen SASI5321
1651512Cherryhill Crystal Blue NERD5264
166206Coyotecat's Annie Oakley SWAB5250
1672322Smokeycoons Alejandro NWMC5220
168168Pattam Am I Blue of Vanderpawz NESI5189
1691523Willowplace Adam of Juliehill SEMC5077
170T1524Lunarcoons To The Moon Alice MPMC5055
170T192Cooncreole Oblieo of Almaz AASB5055
17293Senan Okugi of Catastery GLJB5032
1732025Ohedo Toraichi AAMC5008
174169Pawsdlite Vanda Lei MPSI4990
175208Marleevo's Absolute Knockout SCES4989
176217Pkay's Celebrity SWHI4949
1771017Oakheaven's Dickens GLPS4945
178136Calla's Cloud Dancer ESAS4929
179148Berryhille's Sealia MAHI4890
180T214Sazikatz Cha Cha SCTO4880
180T244Kokopellirex Tribute To Faye NWCR4880
182223Gosha Olenya Krasa SCSB4814
183224Kojiki's Naishinno Aiko of Taiyo SWJB4748
1842312Shadowstar Joy To The World SCOS4735
185232Sunstone Serengeti Heat SWOC4700
186246Bemisu's Olive SCSX4661
1871713Sierragold MTN Tapestry MPBG4660
1881814Ponspurrs Yukon of Catspawbengals MPBG4625
1891926Coonyham Mandalay MPMC4593
1902527Ranchcats Silver Bullet of Kttopia SCMC4591
1911628Pirateslair Thanksgiving Tradition SEMC4583
1921715Chloes Chief Strong Medicine NEBG4578
1932613Felitan Layla of Ranchcats SCOS4569
1941829Tabbeyrd Silver Submarine of HowlynNEMC4464
195217Carolcollection Tico Ticotack AAAB4430
196111Specialagent PT Paws GLPB4403
197243Dushara Reilender of Pirouette SWSO4401
198274Kakatz Just Yours SCBI4395
199285Birpatch Hey Yougogirl of PurrzzbirSCBI4389
200157Beauchador Bearoness MAAS4384

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