Championship Cat Standings 2001-2002: 1-200

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 7 June 2002

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Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
111Whozz The Bouncer of Snugglebug SWPS13388
211Sazikatz Ring In The New Year SCTO13151
311Vitus Jackson ENES13033
411Purafection Emerald NESG12936
522Harwood Stnding Ovation of BorainesNEPS12605
611Celticpride Irishchase ShirespointeSEMC12475
711Tassam Kasablanca MPSI12222
831Speakeasy's Easy Lover NEBG12154
921Minusdetails Topaz And Diamonds LMPSCCY12119
1011Balimoor The Littlest Angel NWBA12028
1121Chayat's Starlyte SERB11903
1211Soubida The Cats Love ESBO11794
1333Woodlyn's Wildflower SCPS11787
1421Catzanova Roocky Red Fox ESSO11628
1511Glor-ee Look For The Silver Lining MAOS11558
1641Truebrit Positively Harris Tweed NEBS11482
1722Holdermaines Lil Dude Coon MPMC11472
1824Byhishands Brett of Kabobkats MAPS11444
1932Tassam Kai Ana MPBA11269
2042Katznjamr's Inkosi of Abcbengals SCBG11239
2112Starchild Capricious AARB11210
2252Britlyn Miss Australia SCBS11133
2351Villaroyal Orion of Cherryhill NERD11048
2433Bengaland's Divinci Tae Bo MABG10893
2521Desentrechats Signature SWAB10852
2621Marchhare M Goku AABU10815
2761Kittycharm Ol Blue Eyes NEHI10737
2831Rapsodie In Lilac ESBI10617
2912JCV Rocky Balboa GLHI10587
3034Mainstreet Dakota SWBG10544
3171Angelfire Dreamer of Classicalcats NESX10340
3282Ladiluck's Phoebe of Gizana NEES10312
3343Purrangels Sir Brighton SWES10293
3412Bleu Regard Doux Afrodita SARD10277
3545Kittycharm Moon Maid MAPS10160
3693Mainlysilver Sgt Pepper of TabbeyrdNEMC10034
3755Millwood Samikazi Samurai SWBG10021
3862Birpatch Giveme Xpresso With Cream SCBI10017
3921Elquairo's Temple Sand NWEM9993
4026Jamyroc Joan Miro SAPS9916
4134Sappyclasse Radium AAMC9883
4232Alexy's Purrfekt Stranger of PengarSESI9848
43102Classicalcats Bast NESX9765
4455Sarajen Jameson MAMC9744
4522Marsmellow's Ruby B Mine ENAB9735
4632Shonstar Zen of Elaren SAOS9710
4763Silkfire Xuni MABI9708
4843Cattycats Kochab ESOS9692
4963Chaucer Kadienne SWBS9671
5046Willowplace Galileo of MainesqueezeSEMC9642
5152Sydney The Cats Love ESBO9563
52111Vanderpawz Mitsue Mori NEJB9555
5333Ragalong Rascal NWRD9553
5444Baycities R Starr of Hojoh AAOS9460
5543Lofoten Desiree SASI9457
5674ZZpaws Wowiekazowie SWBI9409
5773Kernel's Taniesha SCHI9308
58127Oldestage Jossie NEMC9150
5951Marsparadise Fanfan of Fearyring AANF9099
60T42Nordicsun Esprit of Winteridge MPNF9056
60T41Starstruck's Xica of Kokopellirex NWCR9056
6254Promenade's Lord Brumas de Avallon SAHI9025
6354Cumaras Megabuck NWBS9008
6481Taiyo's Yuri SWJL8817
6597Furrdreams Xquizite SWPS8709
6661Stthomas Rimbaud II of Almaz AASB8704
6768Chinookwinds Petite Chou NWPS8583
6876Animatrax Eros NWBG8543
6969Keep Calm Ragtime ESPS8535
7081Lapurrfect The Great Ceasar SCSR8534
7188Mysticoon Thunder Paws of Pinecoon NWMC8504
7275Taliesin Wilfred Quin of Tories MABS8455
7351Capaqua's Wind Spirit MPTA8325
7497Animatrax Mako NWBG8313
7575Cattycats Hamal ESOS8285
7664Ritzyrags Dom Perignon of AmaznragsMPRD8138
7781Catycorners Boswell of Dixiepixie MAPL7909
7891Columbleau's Ragin Cajin MACX7834
79108Pharaohsgold Harpoon of Nodngait MABG7810
8092Gosha Olenya Krasa SCSB7808
81810Raymans Toska de La Croix Blanche ESPS7716
8219Surprisevalley Zeus GPBG7668
83115Purberri Fruity Pebbles MAHI7617
84103LNCats Docks Kilroy SWSX7517
8539Blackmoon's Lonely Boy ENMC7511
8674Mc Inkats California Dreamin MPSI7424
87911Lalique Saqqarahs ESPS7422
88124Berryhille's Jelly Beans MAES7408
8945Ragmagic's Magic Wand ENRD7337
9022Kabelkim Tinman GLCY7225
911312Anouchka O NEPS7138
92101Phantasia Durangocurl of Sarcenet SCAL7094
93112Taiyo's Netsuke SWJL7085
9451Holyfold Diamonds Lil Darlin Gem SESS7073
9561Hedgewood's Breyen of Sartoris SEAS7034
96105Naengnoi Akubra ESSI6958
97123A1 Xquisicat's Tuvok of HillstbluesSWAB6839
98143Tigressan's Kilchii of QuinsigamondNENF6828
991110Tabbytown's Jim Bridger SCMC6736
10086Furreal Olivia MPRD6728
101121CGemz Debon Ear SCSF6689
102154Storybookat's Analiese of YggdrasilNENF6607
103136Velpaws' Lilac Louie SWSI6554
104134Absolute Peppar Salsa MAAB6536
105613Goyo of Jamyroc SAPS6505
1061011Antarcin Harley of Pynestone NWMC6483
107163Balimoor Love In The Mist NEBA6306
108147Glor-ee New Beginnings MASI6266
109714Whozz Raz Mah Taz SEPS6216
11073Hollyhock Marine Rose Popuri AARB6194
11181My Thai Indigo Girl SEKT6187
112111Legendtales Newman NWPB6178
1131415Ritz-O-Cats Brandi of Purrkats SWPS6081
114912Megacoon Smoked Shania Twain SEMC5971
115121Rexarecats Vickie NWDR5952
116155Thai's Star Be My Baby SWAB5940
1171316Kernel's Razmataz SCPS5883
118146Shonstar Misty SCOS5834
119713Jatulmejubad Birdie SAMC5785
120117Emberhearth Taliesin of Selia ESRD5740
121132Daisen's Pink Floyd NWAS5660
122153Dreamscape PDQ Exiter of Greystoke SCAS5648
1231717Purrsession Danny Boy NEPS5583
1241418Kenkat Flashdance of Cedarvalley NWPS5582
12592Capilano's Chaos of Rextc MPDR5564
1261819Kittycharm Snickers of Fanfayre NEPS5560
127158Dollhouse Raiden of Chatandolls NWRD5512
1281510Pharaohsgold En Tiera of Bengaland MABG5490
1291020Whose Tyler of Sammycats SEPS5393
1301614Mymains Star Voyager of Antarcin NWMC5344
131515Fiftystars Merlin of Ghostdancer ENMC5338
132321Cobhill's Carlito GLPS5315
133411Wildlove Cold Fusion GLBG5280
1341116Willowplace Adam of Juliehill SEMC5274
135167Hojpoj Larger Than Life of RadianceSCOS5262
136192Mas-Ree Maus Zeus of Maullenium NEEM5236
13785Nordlys Assam AANF5213
1381217Mysticoon Rio Bravo SEMC5203
1391618LAPD The Chief SWMC5191
14082Amon-Ra Man In Black SACR5173
1411019Ahwannacoon Eagle Rock MPMC5166
1421720Ranchcats Cactus SCMC5163
143134Calla's Silver Lining Legacy SEAS5106
144178Summit Mews Ka Pai NWSI5101
1451722Hooligan's Marshmellow SWPS5090
1461121Lunarcoons Astro of Mainesuspect MPMC5056
147163Pyramid Habib Karim Yafi MAEM4990
1481423Whose Marta of Sammycats SEPS4981
149206Lasacas Line Dancer of Ja-Ma NEHI4973
1501822Smokeycoons Caprice NWMC4943
15159Synergy Poor Pitiful Me GLSI4898
152184Zeba Ethel Merman SWSX4875
153172Vindouro's Fyrebyrd MABU4860
154924Bruma's Catriel SAPS4836
155195Sumalee Lakota SWAS4828
156189Masquerag Cordon Bleu SCRD4774
1571225Harwood Sweet Stuff of NewexoticatsESPS4768
158198Balimoor Queen of The Night NWOS4737
159104Lofoten Donatella SABA4729
1601312Lopend Vuur Quick N Brite of Spice ESBG4723
161923Mainelyhill Rookie of Firstderica AAMC4718
1621513Bengoria Sundance Kid of Jungala SEBG4660
163122Truecolours Navajo MPSG4655
164106Nicefellow Spica Fiyocco AANF4644
1651324Catalystisc Lancelot of Mightycats MPMC4609
166625Coonscross Romeow GLMC4602
167202Kaperkats Cleocatra NWPB4590
1682126Broadsway Billings NEMC4558
16972Owhl's Femme Fatale GLSF4547
170T207Pawsitive Wee Willie Winkie SWHI4530
170T1110Elaren Kitira SASI4530
172199Ranchcats Barney SCOS4487
1732010Shadowstar Joy To The World SCOS4434
1742111Balam Fridalia of Radiance SCOS4429
175222Sazikatz Mustang Sally SCTO4373
176215Ankhamun Jet City Girl NWSX4371
177163Cooncreole Sedonia SESB4259
1782212Stegra Iron Maiden NWOS4236
179145Tassam Bluerhapsody of St ValentineMPBA4209
180126Mirrikat Cindy of Hariel SAAB4196
181236Placer's Panache of Dreamscape NWAS4195
1822414Epsilon Alfred Einstein NWBG4176
1831427Acadiapark's Sherman ESMC4148
184T2110Fischerfarms Spirit of Earthangels SWRD4143
184T233Sazikatz Silver Fox SCTO4143
18623Dollhouse Lizzy Taylor GPDR4083
187154Elvessa's Mel Gibson of Bewitched MPTO4064
188173Holyfold's Hewitt Lovelaceear SESF4049
189628Penogacats Mc Cancy ENMC4017
190257Hillstblues Sahara of Nightmist NWAB4003
19175Vitus France ENES3975
19287Asgardkatt's Ooh La La GLNF3972
193184Cooncreole Kalutze of Shirespointe SESB3965
194829Oceanside Cheyenne ENMC3940
195166Quakencats Sosumi MPSX3919
196186Berryhille's Minnieme MAES3909
1971930Mysticoon Castaway of Pirateslair SEMC3898
19897Autumnargus Color Me Bad GLSX3866
1992411Saroko Belles Starr SCSI3832
200263Bluegate Kita NWJL3816

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