Kitten Standings 2000-2001: 1-200

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 7 June 2001

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Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
111Minusdetails Short Assets SCCY8441
211Tassam Kona NWBA7875
311Chayat's Alexis SERB7700
411Buttons Youve Got Mail of Gizana NEES7662
521Whozz The Bouncer SEPS7622
612Kabobkats Ariel MAPS7614
711LAPD Citation SWMC7566
822Mainette George Cooney MAMC7462
923Smokeycoons Francisco NWMC7457
1031Karissimakat Emmeline of Caligula SEHI7417
1122Minusdetails Topaz And Diamonds LMPSCCY7375
1231Shonstar T Map SCOS7229
1341Birpatch Giveme Xpresso With Cream SCBI7201
1431Tassam Kloee NWSI7159
1551Britlyn Miss Australia SCBS7076
1633Myshadows Princess Myra MAPS7062
1721Jumanji's Gidget of Beachbengals SWBG7030
1842Cumaras Worth The Wait NWBS6969
1941Miaomiao Sir Robin Hood of MedievalMAAL6942
2011Furreal Ceasar Chavez MPRD6831
2144Megacoon Smoked Shania Twain SEMC6772
2254Byhishands Brett of Kabobkats MAPS6740
2331Legendary Eagles Flight SWPB6713
2461Sazikatz Agent 99 of Odesseycatz SCTO6649
2525Mightycats Mr Big Stuff MPMC6589
2622Boraines Celebration NEES6572
2752Balimoor The Littlest Angel NWBA6481
2871CGemz Debon Ear SCSF6463
2942Pzazz Karaokee of Dreamland SWOS6434
3063Glor-ee Pretty Woman MAOS6421
3173Berryhille's Jelly Beans MAES6365
3252Pawsitive Powder Puff SWHI6357
3362Elan Mauritius NWBG6284
3461Auxarcs Cherokee Fiddle of SunstoneSWOC6283
3551Calla's Heaven Can Wait SEAS6269
3671Rinkurl Da Bomb of Ankhamun NWSX6264
3781Columbleau's Ragin Cajin MACX6256
3871Nightmist's Orion of Hillstblues SWAB6227
3962Sartoris Agnes SEAS6164
4012Ekivok Riverdance of Marsmellow ENAB6134
4124Woody von Vitus A ENES6125
4212Lofoten Desiree SASI6119
43T85Marvonack's Rufys Brown NWES6088
43T75Memry's Sir Ducati SEPS6088
4533Speakeasy's Easy Lover NEBG6081
4646Broadsway Billings NEMC6060
4751Purafection Emerald NESG6054
4823Lofoten Donatella SABA6037
4993Alexy's Indigo Blue MASI6017
5086Mistyridge Ozzys Black Tie Affair SWPS5994
5137Tuscaloosa's Hot Shot ENMC5961
52102Bleujeanne's Running On Empty MACX5954
5313JCV Rocky Balboa GLHI5918
5494Exoticrose Shangri La SWBG5915
5567Kittycharm Snickers of Fanfayre NEPS5866
5614Cattycats Hamal ESOS5848
5731Winteridge Iris MPNF5829
58108Candicats Sugar Cube SWPS5819
5972Villaroyal Orion of Cherryhill NERD5794
6085Hojpoj Larger Than Life of RadianceSCOS5792
6124Luvhaven Sweet Dream of Dreambabys GLHI5788
6244Tassam Fan C Magie of Tuscaloosa ENSI5780
6388Spitzaecker Pope of Cloistercoon NEMC5744
6499Sarajen Okemos of Quinsigamond NEMC5743
6531Farrellcats Tsvetochek GLSB5726
66113Minusdetails Mel Gibson MACY5703
67109Anouchka O NEPS5698
68910Petovia's Blackice of Hymsnperrs NWPS5679
69126Miaghy Skimbleshanks The Panda Cat MAES5668
7041Janipurr's Pikachu of QT MPJB5655
711011Winwillo Ann Marie NWPS5643
72116Tassam Kodiak NWOS5634
73510Mightycats Play It Again Sam MPMC5596
74123Ragalong Rascal NWRD5547
75T62Elvessa's Mel Gibson of Bewitched MPTO5527
75T95Katznjamr's Inkosi of Abcbengals SCBG5527
771311Sarajen Jameson MAMC5516
7872Cooncreole Danila of Bewitched MPSB5511
7984Furreal Zorro MPRD5507
8082Darkwater's Ramses SESX5478
81102Joncree Danny Boy of Annbirwaves SCRB5463
821112Ritz-O-Cats Brandi of Purrkats SWPS5462
8393Quakencats Sosumi MPSX5422
84143Taliesin Wilfred Quin of Tories MABS5418
85112Storybookat's Analiese of YggdrasilNENF5414
86134Ankhamun Encore Encore NWSX5411
87913Whozz Pretty In Pink of Sammycats SEPS5394
88103Ginfree Chunk Yeager SEAS5385
89114Minusdetails Mon Cheri SCCY5382
90514Vitus Xandl ENPS5333
9121Rock Star The Cats Love ESBO5314
921212Degoonacoon's Squibnocket Bay SWMC5308
93157Glor-ee Look For The Silver Lining MAOS5306
94124Rustling's Positively Primetime NEBS5287
951413Antarcin Dakotah of Carolscats NWMC5280
96156Animatrax Mako NWBG5238
97131Taiyo's Yuri SWJL5217
98117Chrischat's Angel Magic SEES5149
99161Casa Decano's Silverado of Anjeau NWOL5128
1001615Kittycharm Cool Whip of Velvetkist MAPS5093
101101Capaqua's Wind Spirit MPTA5086
10238New Exoticat's Romania ESES5080
103111Purfur's Kitkat MPHB5052
104175Dollhouse Raiden of Chatandolls NWRD5033
105121Royalrex Charlie The Red Cat SCCR5022
106127Tejas Maxwell of Beachwood SEBG4923
107416Dreambabys Seadream GLPS4918
1081317Whozz Creme Brulee SEPS4916
109143Sazikatz Day By Day of Blueyonder SETO4886
110132Llarian Seneca NECR4853
111182Chittagong's Xixi NWBI4843
112318Demorlanes Chayenne SAPS4809
113134Toytown's Snow Blind of Kaos SCTO4793
114519Dreambabys Shars Last Dream GLPS4775
11541Reggae Roots ESBU4740
116145Jinjorbred's Spanish Inquisition NESX4684
1171514Mysticoon Castaway of Pirateslair SEMC4651
118143Ouijakatz Serenity SCNF4589
119154Longview's Rowenas Theme NEAS4565
120128Pawsdlite Moorooka MPOS4539
121166Classicalcats Bast NESX4531
12253Desentrachats Rhodapis ESAB4489
123195Summit Mews Ka Pai NWSI4462
1241415Degoonacoon Sebec Bay of Cattycats SWMC4440
125207Crystalskye's Egyptian Enchantres NWSX4361
12618Gogees Warpaint of Zephyros AABG4351
12766Lilla B Thunderheart of Ohanaskye GLSI4325
12866Ragmagic's Magic Wand ENRD4294
129157Radiance Supernatural SCSI4259
130162Owhl's Risky Luv of Sunnkiss SESF4258
131716Tuscaloosa Hijacker of HeartbreakerENMC4212
132T218Tassam Kashan NWSI4159
132T161Lapurrfect The Great Ceasar SCSR4159
134179Elshaklan Raison D Etre of B-Jay NESI4124
1351810B-Jay's Ready Willin And Able NESI4123
1361717Willowplace Galileo of MainesqueezeSEMC4071
1371718Kenkoon's Kactus Flower SCMC4070
138229Pishi Erik Tank NWES4066
139184Alexy's Dark And Stormy Night SEAB4014
140234Balimoor Love In The Mist NWBA4012
1411919Koontucky Black Gold of Kellycat SEMC4001
1421320Quasarcats Demi Luna of Purrboxes MPMC3999
143621Moulincrecy Replay Woman ESMC3975
144822Oceanside Cheyenne ENMC3963
1452020Whozz Annalease SEPS3952
146247Ragalong Artful Dodger NWRD3948
147172Vindouro's Girl From Impanema MABU3947
148182Sotakats Baa Bette of Moonglo MASR3943
1491521Snugglebug Blossom SWPS3927
150169Exoticrose Sir Elton John SWBG3925
15175Jaemak You Are My Lady GLHI3902
15218Yellowstone Wrangler of Dollhouse GPRD3894
153722Closdumoulin Reedjina ESPS3862
154175Elvessa's Lucky Ricardo SWTO3847
155923Annvalentine's Denis of Macconner ENMC3839
1561823Whozz Diamond N The Ruff SCPS3822
15724Cherishcatt Luna AANF3797
158191Minusdetails Hi Pockets SCMX3769
1591424Sarajen Highlander of Coonpanion MPMC3751
1602510Lotsakatz Rosies Its About Time NWES3746
161261Elquairo's Temple Sand NWEM3741
1622024Kernel's Toulouse SCPS3740
163185Equistice Ceaser of Hillstblues SWAB3736
1641910Tejas Puttn On The Ritz of NodngaitMABG3733
16586Bruan's That Baggy Look GLHI3716
166T33Starchild Capricious AARB3714
166T95Asgardkatt's Ooh La La GLNF3714
168192Mas-Ree Maus Zeus of Maullenium NEEM3706
169216Sazikatz Lavender And Lace SCTO3701
170T1511Tahoe's Jigsaw Puzzle MPBG3697
170T2211Shadowstar Zachary SCSI3697
1722125Memry's Bleu Belle of Calla SEPS3684
173271Capilano's Wind In The Willows NWDR3674
174106Leotie's Tiamat GLAB3673
175165Minusdetails Kissntail of ChaparralMPCY3670
176223Holyfold Bustearbrown SESF3668
177205Truebrit Stormalong of Rustling NEBS3667
1781112Goldspurr's Ossian GLBG3636
1792325Dorwill Darcy SEMC3625
1802813Animatrax Dragonheart NWBG3612
181192Pawsabilitys' Aries SWBO3607
1822326Cooncreole Kittery of Purrzzbir SCMC3598
183203Bleujeanne's Risque MACX3587
184247Elvessa's Betty Boop of Sazikatz SCTO3579
1852526Woodlyn's Viburnum SCPS3570
186121Strayinc Red Ranger GLSO3548
187267Regency Texas Blues of R-C SCHI3546
188296Ravenswing Pikachu NWBS3538
1892714Thundercatzzz Mafutha of AbcbengalsSCBG3508
190243Taurus Aliosha Popovich SESB3493
1912115Windstorm Fresh Paint MABG3477
192827Edenforever Raymans Toska ESPS3460
193104Jelena Catarina vom Fundament ENRB3436
194133Cloudland Silver Bullet GLSR3432
195147Leotie's Mox Jet GLAB3418
196427Williamina Snow White of AesopYY AAMC3406
1971728LAPD Axel Foley of Mightycats MPMC3395
19856Avantgarde Vanilla AANF3385
199182Purfur's Stuart Little MPHB3372
2002116Speakeasy Rashta of Provinmountain NEBG3371

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