Championship Cat Standings 2000-2001: 1-200

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 7 June 2001

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Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
111Treskuchiy Sibirskiy Moroz Mur SESB13586
211Mainette George Cooney MAMC13337
311Boraines Sensation NEPS13064
411Minusdetails Short Assets SCCY12976
521Shiverden's Jubilee of Chaparral SCSG12468
611Hunterdonhall Atlas of Elan NWBG12435
722Whozz Suzy Q SEPS12432
811Izdo's Marduk of Elamante SAAB12386
912Lunarcoons Total Eclipse MPMC12236
1023Mightycats Mr Big Stuff MPMC11799
1121Miaghy Skimbleshanks The Panda Cat MAES11731
1221Jinjorbred's Jose Ebare NESX11695
1314LAPD Citation SWMC11654
1431Furreal Ceasar Chavez MPRD11574
1521Tassam Kona NWBA11555
1631Starstruck's Gully of Kokopellirex NWCR11506
1735Megacoon Madonna SEMC11494
1841Toytown's Snowflake of Blueyonder SETO11421
1942Hunterdonhall Knobi of Windstorm NWBG11380
2036Mainlysilver Reed NEMC11356
2141Kojiki's Kyoto of Katzelein NEJB11206
2223Misty Ridge Nquizitve of FurrdreamsSWPS11117
23T22Bryn Mawr Pierre of Bigshot SAES11068
23T51Korindah Indiana Jones of PawdedeuxSEOS11068
2551Yggdrasil's Tobermory Siebirhtsson NENF11051
2632Toytown's Apollo of Odesseycatz SCTO10970
2712Tassam Quasar of Cattycats ESOS10958
2811Garbera Keisuke AAHI10943
2947Fogcity Barbary Coast Buster MPMC10876
3012Luvhaven Sweet Dream of Dreambabys GLHI10705
3161Chayat's Alexis SERB10608
3232S Krickelins Emporio of Medieval MARD10586
3333Sumalee Buccaneer SWES10493
3448Degoonacoon's Tuisset Bay SWMC10422
3551Kazzakatz William Tell By Rossini SWBI10306
3642Lloyal Welleslly MABI10295
3764Whozz The Bouncer of Snugglebug SWPS10274
3853Pawsdlite Moorooka MPOS10222
3961Placer's Patriotic Musick NEAS10185
4051Oaktree Cream Kid of Moonglo MASR10131
4164Glor-ee Pretty Woman MAOS10075
4225Dreambabys Shars Last Dream GLPS10035
4371Columbleau's Ragin Cajin MACX10029
4432Cherokeetrails Rolling Thunder GLCX10015
4574Buttons Youve Got Mail of Gizana NEES9990
4643Joykatz Dante SCBG9543
4789Sarajen's Stryker of Croton NEMC9459
4821Ravenswing Pikachu of Wisekatt AABS9438
4951Roncare's Winter Frost NWSI9318
5056Woodlyn's American Beauty SCPS9186
5173Kisicats Topkick of Caligula SEHI9144
5262Forestmist Maverick of Pandomainea NWNF9054
5361Lapurrfect El Zorro The Great SCSL9041
5421The Cats Love Ping Pong ESBO9004
5547Mar-Ja Luvs Little Bit of Trouble GLPS8887
5674Tejas Victoria SCBG8542
5738Sugarspun Love Me True ESPS8531
5815Vitus Jackson ENES8514
5981Owhl's Mo of CGemz SCSF8448
6075Exoticrose Sir Elton John SWBG8344
6192Copperthite Azurite of Saroko SCSI8271
6282Ginfree Chunk Yeager SEAS8270
6372Heartbeeps Meri of Starcats NWRB8199
6482Balimoor Bernadine NWBA8122
6554Jaemak You Are My Lady GLHI7974
6693Balimoor Purrscilla NWBA7930
6786Exoticrose Shangri La SWBG7907
6891Nasdoii Mercury SWHB7885
6995Karissimakat Emmeline of Caligula SEHI7797
70109Joreen's Chocolate Eclair SEPS7780
71610Riverpurrls Sneak Preview MPPS7779
72210Tanstaafl Copper Penny of SSL ENMC7635
7393Quinsigamond's Domaldi NENF7603
74411Moulincrecy Phaebus ESMC7497
75101Britanya's Amanda of Acatranch SCDR7405
7634Lofoten Donatella SABA7355
77102Equistice Ceaser of Hillstblues SWAB7303
78103Dollvalley Angelina NERD7148
79114Floppicat Briaton of Bellapalazzo NERD7093
8032Beethoven Laskoviy Zver of Maronov ENSB7047
8167Denali's Neo GLBG7024
82113Wiskerkreek Tupelo Honey of KhamsinSEAB6881
83412Tuscaloosa Hijacker of HeartbreakerENMC6836
84101Legendtales Made Ya Looke NWPB6754
85115Korindah Colorado SCOS6744
86122Lapurrfect The Great Ceasar SCSR6723
87111Taiyo's Netsuke SWJL6668
88112Cumaras Worth The Wait NWBS6629
89122Jinjorbred Taddeo of Classicalcats NESX6618
90136Trends Da Neve SCES6607
91132Tahini NESG6597
92811Kabobkats Ariel MAPS6582
931213Coonquest Hoot Gibscoon SWMC6569
9443Lofoten Desiree SASI6524
95123Rinkurl Da Bomb of Ankhamun NWSX6521
96133Heycat Cinderella NWAS6492
97133Elvessa's Lucy Ricardo SWTO6294
9852Rapsody The Cats Love ESBO6290
99127Miaghy Teague of Mtncats SEES6270
100142Distinctivelynw Thunderhawk NWPB6233
10164Tinbats Come Fly With Me ESAB6191
1021514Smokeycoons Francisco NWMC6137
103143Kakatz Great Xpectations SCBI6078
104131My Thai Maggie Li SEKT6048
10538Gogees Warpaint of Zephyros AABG6001
10612Pewterpaws Blue Star GPKT5948
10744Marsparadise Magnum of Amyparadise AAAS5918
10823Arkady Renko GPRB5909
109164Crystalskye's Egyptian Enchantres NWSX5796
11054Wegiekatt Shocola of Fujiforest AANF5765
111T145Calla's Heaven Can Wait SEAS5729
111T56Kimera Leilani SAOS5729
11371Moonlight Night's Sophia MPOL5713
114152Timeheart's Mrranda SEHB5699
115712Keep Calm Ripley ESPS5684
116513Alien J J Di Kenfthis ENPS5665
117715Mellokat Crimson Knight GLMC5653
118T172Capilano's Molly McDevon NWDR5586
118T96Purberri Im So Dizzy MAHI5586
12085Leotie's Tiamat GLAB5541
12185Ritzyrags Polaris of Ragleby MPRD5529
12294Pawsdlite Kipling MPSI5483
1231616Tayaway Tommy Tune SEMC5481
124144ZZpaws White Walls SWBI5468
12596Hollyfarms Pepsi Bandit GLRD5460
126817Moulincrecy Pearly Woman ESMC5419
127188Pishi Rufus Tank NWES5391
128175Alexy's Seraphim SESI5322
129154Joncree Danny Boy of Annbirwaves SCRB5237
1301814Whozz Pretty In Pink of Sammycats SEPS5223
1311918Coonoquan Savannah of Smokeycoons NWMC5219
132165Birpatch Great Xpectations SCBI5153
133207Soulmates Ariel of Chatandolls NWRD5130
1341715Kernel's Blu Bayou SCPS5076
135103Taliesan Wilfred Quin of Tories MABS5055
136119Windstorm Fresh Paint MABG5025
1371510Jumanji's Gidget of Beachbengals SWBG4979
138T1411Speakeasy's Easy Lover NEBG4932
138T616Bigshot Bewitched SAPS4932
1402117Cedarvalley's Charismatic NWPS4916
1411019Coonwyck Jasmina GLMC4766
142103Purfur's Rustynail MPHB4716
143226Chittagong's Winstar NWBI4692
144187Saroko Southern Pixelette SCOS4690
145T195Darkwater's Ramses SESX4648
145T194Sazmkatz Lovebug SCTO4648
1471612Decospots Surefire of Elitebengals SWBG4639
148206Tassam Lara Croft of Scheherazad SESI4634
149115Asgardkatt's Ooh La La GLNF4501
150176Coyotecat's Nighthawk SWAB4480
15165Kitty Hawk Angela AARB4468
152181Rockn Spots Hooligan of Sunstone SWOC4452
153720Williamina Siddi Bogey AAMC4447
154152Kallirex Oreo Cookie NECR4420
155621Tanstaafl Memphis Amity of SSL ENMC4410
156236Rinkurl Ned Devine of Pipkin NWSX4360
15787Kastalia Clarice AAAB4324
158218Ritzyrags Courtenay of Rags2riches SERD4288
159164Truebrit Positively Harris Tweed NEBS4284
16098Tassam Milky Way of Cattycats ESOS4280
1612018Kernel's Sally SCPS4266
162217Texpals I Walk The Line SCHI4263
16339Yellowstone Wrangler of Dollhouse GPRD4237
164101Catzanova Roocky Red Fox ESSO4219
165117Philae Des Lutins D Iris ESBI4207
1661913Bengoria Kit Carson of Dreamland SWBG4175
167229Shonstar T Map SCOS4147
1681122Lunarcoons Desdemona MPMC4133
16977Tassam Fan C Magie of Tuscaloosa ENSI4132
1701723Spitzaecker Pope of Cloistercoon NEMC4082
171203Legendary Eagles Flight SWPB4074
1722314Medoz Splish Splash SCBG4071
1731224Williamina Cosmo of Wistariantale ESMC4050
174122Janipurr's Pikachu of QT MPJB4038
1751225Sarajen Jaegermeister MAMC4035
1761219Dreambabys Seadream GLPS4031
1771315Jumanji Nexus of Asaalah GLBG4002
17848Kiwigato's Cayenne GPHI3996
179241Minusdetails Hi Pockets SCMX3993
1802526Whatacat Ida Kno of Excalipurrs SCMC3972
181133Cooncreole Mishka of Bewitched MPSB3942
182185Truebrit Double Red Fantasy NEBS3940
183131Laki's Angelica of Vindouro MABU3914
184148Lilla B Thunderheart of Ohanaskye GLSI3898
185141Procurlharem Steve McCurl of DbcatsMPAL3887
1862116Millwood Maximus of Mainstreet SWBG3880
187229Lionhouse Paris of Manor SEES3855
1882427Herbykatz Hana of Pinecoon NWMC3824
1892510Marvonack's Rufys Brown NWES3819
1901417Bengaland's Sir Sno Zee Divinci MABG3815
191261Kaperkats Dreyfus Loquid Assets NWPL3766
192152Bastian Princess Leia of AsgardkattGLBU3752
193234Timeheart's Jubilation of YofranlinSEHB3735
19477Himalayanhouse Mister Plissado SASX3719
1952420Memry's Sir Cruisealot of Obseshon SEPS3697
1961621Dreambabys One Dream At A Time GLPS3671
1971918Bengoria Doc Hoiliday NEBG3669
198228Hillstblues Lil Devil In Bluejeans SWAB3662
199269Regency Cowboy Blues of Shiekspurr SCHI3658
2001519Beachbengals Wild Card of Snopride MPBG3653

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