Championship Cat Standings 1999-2000: 2238-2310

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 6 June 2000

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Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
2238T217T485TKellycat Blue Steel SEMC2
2238T218T485TAmericangothic Spanky of Coonquest SWMC2
2238T337T126TVillaroyal Alice of Friendship AARD2
2238T267T59TChittagong Venus Sparkle NWBI2
2238T337T56TNoblu's Mii Kenta AASI2
2238T337T126TCarolcollection Thinker AARD2
2238T337T126TCarolcollection Tiara AARD2
2238T337T485TNoblecoon Mai AAMC2
2238T267T65TDreamscape Cayenne NWAS2
2238T162T59TPurrcussion Wolfgang Mozart GLBI2
2238T217T107TAmberskogg Brian Erik of Pengar SENF2
2238T52T107TSaskkats Binnie of Entrkatz GPNF2
2238T162T126TStarliterags Haileys Comet GLRD2
2238T218T71TBuena Suerta Odipuss of Katbnimble SWOS2
2238T337T65TRana's Grimm AAAS2
2238T180T485TAmtails Smoke Signal of Degacoon NEMC2
2238T337T107TCats Ai Cha Cha of Nice Fellow AANF2
2238T267T329TWildewest Hologram NWBG2
2238T337T190TMein Nerine Hero of Fairykiss AAPS2
2238T201T126TMasquerags Michaelangelo SCRD2
2238T267T485TWilliamina Sabrina of Coonmora NWMC2
2238T337T485TWilliamina Vivace of Mooneyes AAMC2
2238T52T485TSyracoon's Longjohns Silver GPMC2
2238T175T93TArdee Tia Maria MASX2
2238T337T190TBouquethouse Lumiere AAPS2
2238T337T107TJeiluland Candy AANF2
2238T337T73TFireking Coco AAAB2
2238T144T485TArgo's Bergman MPMC2
2238T217T31Toytown Luck Be A Lady of Pengar SETO2
2238T337T58Go-Light Super Hero AAHI2
2238T218T56TVlepaws' Chocolate Lover SWSI2
2238T337T107TFujiforest Milk AANF2
2238T337T485TYankeeknight Asian Witch AAMC2
2238T77485TMysticoon Norma of Mirificats ESMC2
2238T175T107TSoleil Adrienne of Wegiekatt MANF2
2238T175T485TKckatz Oliver Twist of Sharjenn MAMC2
2238T149T485TAladin of Wuppervalley HeartbreakerENMC2
2238T149T485TBelamy of Wuppervalley HeartbreakerENMC2
2238T218T19Khinkat's Guinan SWBU2
2238T162T73TLeotie's Sweet Pickles GLAB2
2238T337T107TSaskkats Daphne AANF2
2238T337T485TYankeeknight Tasmania Devil AAMC2
2238T217T485TCodycats Natasha Tudor of BodaciousSEMC2
2238T180T485TBroadsway Burnham NEMC2
2238T180T485TSalemcoon Penne NEMC2
2238T71T65TBruma's Russia Wiht Love SAES2
2238T71T190TDelilah My Little Witch SAPS2
2238T217T329TGlitterwood Santapaws of Lakewood SEBG2
2238T217T485TIslandcats Masquerade of Kellycat SEMC2
2238T337T485TRuruangel Alberick AAMC2
2238T218T485TLunadabay Essence of Ambrosia SWMC2
2238T218T5Shuksan Pacific Jewel of Fejuko SWBO2
2238T52T485TGerlingcat Wolf Man Jack of BolshoiGPMC2
2238T144T329TStageone Snowflake MPBG2
2238T267T38Cedarglen Lil Annie Oakly NWPB2
2238T267T71TJade's Ebony Silouette NWOS2
2238T201T65TBuddyluv's Kiss N Tell SCES2
2238T218T329TJunglebook Virtual Can Do SWBG2
2238T144T126TFurreal Zapatas Nina MPRD2
2238T162T93TClassytouch Charisma GLSX2
2238T217T65TChar's Least Expected SEAS2
2238T217T190TCalla's Wakeup Lil Suzy of Sudori SEPS2
2238T162T485TKavekats Pretty Woman GLMC2
2238T71T485TJatulmejubad Bonito SAMC2
2238T217T329TSutera Merdu SEBG2
2238T144T93TChamois Betty Boops No Hair MPSX2
2238T144T190TCatingham's Ivans Victory MPPS2
2238T337T126TSimpsons Akubi AARD2
2238T217T93TSanspelo HR Puffinstuff SESX2
2238T180T485TCoontastic's Bogart NEMC2
2238T267T485TDenalicoons Tralieka of Luvpaws NWMC2
2238T218T18Hiochypache Blaze of Glory SWSF2
2310T184T195TAlu Kassandra of Katzelein NEPS1
2310T151T510TZelda Child of Maine of Woodlander ENMC1
2310T149T6Captaincat's Rufus of Ashmanor MPTA1
2310T178T510TMainette Once In A Blue Moose MAMC1
2310T356T11Ammycrystal Daichihold AAOC1
2310T356T114TFujiforest Momo AANF1
2310T149T58TSugar Hill Caramel Pecan Rapture MPSI1
2310T226T510TPacificmaines Ashti Marin SWMC1
2310T356T75Peggy House Porrima AAAB1
2310T356T133TMikyttens Julius of Sunnyslope AARD1
2310T274T133TElysesregalrags Once In A Blue MoonNWRD1
2310T356T48Dreamy Moon Fragrant Olive AARB1
2310T151T510TLoveliness Starlight of Admontem ENMC1
2310T226T97TBarebods Mr Fish SWSX1
2310T149T61Evenstar Wishful Thinking MPBI1
2310T227T510TIslandcats Ice Maiden of Bodacious SEMC1
2310T226T133TDreamdolls Jamul SWRD1
2310T356T334TGoldenleos Indy AABG1
2310T356T68TPinkglass Marine AAAS1
2310T356T68TSweetheart Agile AAAS1
2310T184T97TKitnhuyse Filene NESX1
2310T151T510TEnergy My Lani Malihini ENMC1
2310T151T510TDreamhunter Mirage of Superstition ENMC1
2310T149T16Miaomiao You Dont Have To Be A StarMPAL1
2310T274T334TBuster Brown of Kevara NWBG1
2310T274T12TNatureworks Sitka of Fogforest NWPL1
2310T178T20Amoureux Orielle MACX1
2310T356T510TYankeeknight Ralph AAMC1
2310T74T18Amon-Ra Sol SACR1
2310T74T195TDruids Dana Scully of Bruma's SAPS1
2310T227T114TKopjekaat Asta Skogpus SENF1
2310T227T510TMannahatta Mardi Gras of Kellycat SEMC1
2310T226T334TLeopardhaven Act One of Stageone SWBG1
2310T226T334TNancats Frosted Pearl SWBG1
2310T74T38TNashville Sissi SABS1
2310T227T28Nasdoii's Sheila SEHB1
2310T274T58TDaysheen's Trifle NWSI1
2310T274T38TLithodora's Scarlett Grace Foxall NWBS1
2310T227T22TKravchenko Avktomat Kalashnikov SESB1
2310T178T97TBelfry Baron Dallas of Whisksphynx MASX1
2310T149T510TCoonpanion Xena Feline Princess MPMC1
2310T149T133TFurreal Dana MPRD1
2310T203T195TWhozz Tuxedo Junction SCPS1
2310T227T114TKopjekaat Helsa Skogpus SENF1
2310T178T510TPineledge's Leonardo MAMC1
2310T78T510TMystygris Oceane ESMC1
2310T151T510TTwilightzone's Kimba ENMC1
2310T151T510TFountainfarm's Scotty ENMC1
2310T178T22TEmerladforest Zanoss Aramisyevich MASB1
2310T356T19Sunnypotion Guzura of Solty AASF1
2310T78T28Rexautik Opium ESDR1
2310T178T334TWildpaws Rocky Road MABG1
2310T356T133TLonerock Maromaro of Friendship AARD1
2310T356T4Rosettastone Moka AASS1
2310T226T38TAdvent Hill Francois of Cabaret SWBS1
2310T274T195TFashfelene Dirty Debutante NWPS1
2310T149T12TPonderosa's Ares of Missinglynx MPPL1
2310T356T68TFreedom Rider AAAS1
2310T203T59Regency Pigro of Amalfi SCHI1

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