Championship Cat Standings 1999-2000: 1-200

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 6 June 2000

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Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
111Quanmarra Bonnie Prince of Pzazz SCOS13569
211Tassam Magic In Dis Guy Z NWSI13409
311Jinjorbred's Jimmy Buffet SESX12959
411Kittycharm Snowden of Purrsession NEPS12817
511Medieval Magician Merlin MAAL12699
621Khamsin's Starbuck SEAB12686
731Chayat's Vashka SERB12537
812Dreambabys DDG Dreamsicle GLPS12473
921Yggdrasil's Tom Bombadil NENF12384
1011Chaucer Isabelle SWBS12383
1133Purrsession Cinnamon Twist NEPS12255
1244Whozz Twinkle Lil Star SEPS12199
1321Minusdetails Versace SCCY12135
1411Coonyham Rough Rider MPMC11897
1512Shonstar Cherokee of Baycities AAOS11718
1622Coonyham Coltrane MPMC11601
1721Toytown's Lash Larue of Elvessa SWTO11543
1821Nativeson's El Gato de Oro NWPB11511
1933Tassam Madam Magie Noir NWOS11472
2045Budmar's By Request of ChinookwindsNWPS11456
2153Argo's Bogart of Tipsntufts SEMC11442
2251Tassam Kiante NWBA11427
2331Tejas Myna Lone SCBG11294
2461Calla's Heavens To Betsy SEAS11255
2521Brigantina's Angel Line GLHI11216
2622Purberri Im So Dizzy MAHI11049
2732Lilla B Leilani of Ohanaskye GLSI10750
2862Daisen's Last of The Mohicians NWAS10608
2936Ahura's Boo Radley SWPS10568
3011Singatown's Ourazie ESSG10535
3123Shonstar Mariah of Baycities AASI10500
3212Tassam Kokoleka SABA10409
3341Dollvalley Maximilian NERD10341
3423Sipora's Shaquille Oneal ESHI10253
3557Boraines Rave On NEPS10196
3614Acadiapark's Sugar Kain ENMC10131
3771My Thai Indigo Girl SEKT10016
3865Amtails Crazy Horse NEMC9994
3942Millwood Ischiron of Dreamland SWBG9986
4072Jedidiah's Indiana of Pandomainea NWNF9941
4142Toytown Millenniumfalcon of Wilpur SCTO9901
4256LAPD Cruiser SWMC9835
4331Oaktree Cream Kid of Moonglo MASR9606
4481Mistymagic Sawyer Brown NWES9580
4532Kastalia Angelica AAAB9568
4643Hunterdonall Zannydo MABG9566
4743Jedidiah's Hero AANF9555
4853Wilpurr Posh SCTO9534
4972Rinkurl Cinnbad NESX9518
5083Calla's Heaven Sent SEAS9494
5128Petit Poucet N France SAPS9463
5291Chittagong's Williamtell NWBI9450
5339Riverpurrls Ricochet of Glenneyre MPPS9415
5447Coonyham Gold Rush of Velvetjewels GLMC9327
5532Bigshot As Good As It Gets SAES9296
5654Capriceange Leonard AANF9258
5761Acatranch Moon Mist of Britanya SCDR9211
58104Joykatz Markers Magic of Elan NWBG9207
5992Minusdetails Against All Odds SECY9169
6055Shiverden Yahoo of Wildlove GLBG9130
6162Leopardhaven Chieftain GLPB9103
6234Rama Saturday Nitefever of Thaton ESSI9094
6373Minusdetails Ferragamo SCCY9040
64810Memry's Brett Maverick of Woodlyn SCPS9011
6561Kojiki's Himawari of Taiyo SWJL8994
6661Karibe's Fritter of Petitloup AABU8968
6774Kabelkim Christopher Lake GLCY8751
6872Technicolor Spumoni of Kasperkatz SWDR8635
69811Dreambabys Daydream GLPS8574
7054Peaceful Paws Frost Line of Hi-Me MAHI8569
711012Calla's Johnny Angel SEPS8561
7262Dreamdolls Mr Pickwick MARD8493
7394Toytown's Right Stuff of Kinukatz SCTO8409
7486Kasperkatz Milkeyway SWBG8356
7592Myapogee Vulpecula GLBI8325
76108Whatacat Chili Coon Queso SCMC8240
77119Megacoon Jon Jon of Tayaway SEMC8216
78112Cumaras Storm Rising NWBS8072
7945Ciara's Hopscotch MPSI8004
80101Cherokeetrails Rolling Thunder GLCX7958
8177Bengaland's Pandora Divinci Power MABG7925
821210Williamina Kamikaze of Coonmora NWMC7841
83124Ginfree Butcher Block SEAS7735
84113Trends Da Neve SCES7603
8551Hav-A-Hill Sweetsurprize of Purfur MPHB7563
8644Tassam Quasar of Cattycats ESOS7521
8763Mar-Rob's Princess Eboli MPSX7422
88115Wunderkatz Leonardo Di Catrio GLTO7391
89138Beachbengals Chimera of Animatrax NWBG7361
90913Misty Ridge Nitensatin of Purrkats SWPS7336
91711Lunarcoons Ganymede MPMC7287
9284Classicalcats Tristan NESX7277
93912Codycats Nashoba of Quinsigamond NEMC7135
941213Koontucky Kodi GLMC7092
95143Dinunzio'sdolls Evita of Dandenong NWRD7057
9674Farandoll Mittyroi of Plentylove AARD7024
97156Roncare Classy Lady of Summit Mews NWSI6984
98135Brigantina Starsanbars of Caligula SEHI6982
9985Farandoll Alexandrite AARD6979
100146Blueyonder's Polar Star SETO6663
10141Charme Lola SACR6650
1021014Coonsboro Rue Paul of LAPD SWMC6647
1031115Mightycats Miranda of LAPD SWMC6325
104139Junglebook Virtual Temptation GLBG6256
105152My Thai Chao Fah of Love Sumalee SEKT6240
1061214Misty Ridge Precious of Pawsitive SWPS6141
1071615Whozz Bevan SEPS6140
10885Tassam La Rondelle of Mc Inkats MPOS6093
10954New Exoticats Ourazi ESES6089
11083Lloyal Vallyntyno MABI5993
1111310Bengoria Billy The Kid SWBG5922
1121416Mar-Ja Luvs Little Bit of Trouble GLPS5886
113911Windstorm Eqynox MABG5882
1141016Blueblaze Demon O The Snow NEMC5874
115142Tangyi Fudge Browny SWBU5829
116101Pyramid Pasha Kai Ibn Sool Beehee MAEM5796
117917Koontucky July Frost of Williamina AAMC5780
118102Snowisland Blizzard of Blueelfin AARB5718
119121Lapurrfect El Zorro The Great SCSL5691
12022Heatwave Man With A Mission ENCR5685
1211118Sarajen Dewars MAMC5597
122137Sholine's Lady Guinevere SCSI5532
123155Jedidiah's Caleb of Vikingkatt GLNF5524
1241512Stageone Hamlet SWBG5521
125319Giants Carbon Hero ENMC5372
12666Felitan Moon Speckles of Cattycats ESOS5338
127167Osumi-Su's Ticked Again of Bashar NWOS5228
1281617Dreambabys Dreamcatcher GLPS5209
129145Dreamscape PDQ Exiter of Greystoke SCAS5148
130173Leotie's Serenity GLAB5130
131920Lunarcoons Total Eclipse MPMC5076
132176Soulmates Ariel of Chatandolls NWRD5064
1331813Verve Shalakazam of Animatrax NWBG5043
134155Marleevo's Dark Warrior SCES5017
135164Hillstblues CJ Max of Gatodelsol SWAB4979
136177Dandenong Along Came Jones SWRD4970
1371214Millwood Im Fired Up of Nodngait MABG4945
138113Starchild Blue Lotus AARB4853
139106Cedarcliff's Designed For Rhythm MPHI4828
1401921Antarcin Here Comes Trouble NWMC4808
141187Karissimakat's Just My Style GLHI4783
142111Tbycatacres Ogalvie MPAW4765
143T1818TAhura Jus Plain Precious SWPS4755
143T2018TJosee Ride N Shotgun NWPS4755
145192Nasdoii Mercury SWHB4747
146216Dreamscape Trailblazer NWAS4712
1471322Kittyup Skrimshander of Mannahatta MAMC4702
148128Chatandolls Alex of Reddoor AARD4680
149136Feliscatus Max of Wisekatt AANF4651
150206Ritz-O-Cats Jackpot SWES4649
151215Hillstblues Fawntasia SWAB4632
1521423Mainelyhill Minton AAMC4631
153168Tassam Three Dog Night of Radiance SCOS4578
154112Tahini NESG4530
155157Oreno Einstein of Millennium AAAS4520
1561224Brnyfls Rios Shadow of Marmorata MPMC4500
157229Villaroyal Macadamia of Longfellow NWRD4478
1581415Bengaland's Monet Karma Power MABG4449
1591516Bengaland's Monet Power Surge MABG4425
16055Mar-Rob's Radames of HimalayanhouseSASX4405
161238Balimoor Chanel NWSI4396
1621225Blueblaze Keighvin Silverhair NEMC4377
163226Neapolitan's Tazzman of HillstbluesSWAB4374
164244Chittagong's Blue Vision NWBI4344
165164Kitty Hawk Leo of Tenpoint AARB4320
166237Hillstblues Lil Chrissy SWAB4291
167720P Ti Nez Out N Out ESPS4263
168137Ladiluck's Lola Palooza of Gizana NEES4213
169195Talisker Rave On GLRB4188
1701726Williamina Caesar AAMC4178
171427Coontara Darcys Pride of Mysticoon ENMC4148
172177Naturskat Jeremy of Fluefanger SCNF4130
173241Buster Basking In The Sun SWSF4104
174188Purberri's Blue Ridge of Woodlyn SCHI4076
175821Keep Calm Ottawa ESPS4023
176253Balimoor Ashfurrd NWBA3960
177928Cooncreole Sherwood of Coralcoon ESMC3946
178253Legendary Back To Basics SWPB3937
179263Ravenswing Evita of SchmeichelkatzeSWBS3915
180173Debbie of Love Sumalee SEKT3895
181106Rinkurl Serena of Closdesvignes ESSX3894
182T266Tsar Blu's Zalaska Tiina NWRB3863
182T1817Glitterwood Davy Clawkett SEBG3863
184139Pawsdlite Pinjarra MPOS3844
185141Capaqua Lightning MPTA3827
1861910Shonstar Chocolate Eclair SCOS3824
187201Cooncreole Chekov of Chaparral SCSB3784
1882018Dfrbengals Medicine Man of Navajo GLBG3782
189611Felitan Mithrilito SAOS3765
190278Sumalee Montana SWAS3748
191197Darkwater's Hermes SESX3738
19219Prancenpaws Oregano of Kiwigato GPHI3701
1931529Coonyham Joaquin of Ahwannacoon MPMC3693
194208Chrischat's Angel Wings SEES3683
1952719Mystichills Echoed Saga NWBG3680
1962120Bailiwick Image Maker GLBG3650
197222Kurisumasu Hanabatake of Catastery GLJL3614
1982122Bedia's Picasso of Belgatto SEPS3593
199215Kariam's Valiant Effort SCBI3592
2001630Celticpride Black Irish MAMC3590

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