Alter Standings 1999-2000: 1-200

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 6 June 2000

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Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
111Sol-Mer Tyler Moore MAAS11975
2T11Britlyn Koala Blue of Minusdetails SCBS11837
2T11Willowplace Domperion of SirbentleyNEMC11837
421Minusdetails Nash Bridges MACY11341
511Jedidiah's Mark GLNF11196
621Rinkurl And More NESX11095
711Ciara's Kotobuki of Samphire NWOS11093
811Kabobmemry Lady Contessa of Memry SEPS11061
921Stoneisland's Brian Boru GLPB10962
1022Whozz The Boss of Kibbykat SEPS10956
1133Shaynacats Pepper Noire NEPS10922
1212Taliesin Quintessa Bedmole GPBS10919
1322Pinecoon's Edward Bearcat NWMC10789
1413Hapik Moose Cannon MPMC10689
1531Capilano's La Sorciere SEDR10275
1631Lilla B Gimme A Chance of OhanaskyeGLSI10266
1722Saroko Southern Pixel SCOS10225
1814Kikicat's Angel SWPS10138
1921Qt's T J Hooker MPSR10070
2041Chayat's Smoroki SERB10055
2133Lyndi's Last Hurrah NWBS10051
2241Murteza Don Bartollo of Cumaras NWAB9969
2325Highlite's Playboy SWPS9937
2432Britanya's Always On My Mind SCDR9798
2534Windwalker Ziggy Stardust of MTNestMAMC9787
2631Taiyo's Yoko San SWJB9780
2741Snowlace Tasha of Lloyal MABI9728
2832Omega Butterfly of Tell No Tails MPCY9593
2952Calla's Bit O Heaven of Sunnkiss SEAS9498
3051Berryhille's Red Zinger MAES9408
3146Highlite's Platinum Ringmaster MPPS9343
3242Sweet And Sunny SWAB9328
3343Kintoi's Walker River GLAS9210
3461Owhl Harry Houdini of Sunnkiss SESS9172
3551Lateadakats Johnny Walker MPBG9044
3657Lotsakatz Rosies Regal King of CatsNWPS8989
3762Lotsakatz Rosies Bold Leo The Lion NWES8972
3871Burmystic Sable Memory of ChrischatSEBU8960
3955Shagsrus Rigel of Stellarcoon GLMC8934
4066MtKittery Waterville MAMC8899
4182Alchemy Bela Lugosi SESI8882
4242Jumanji Red Raider of Chaparral SCBG8852
4368Lananda Ali Baba MPPS8756
4461Karissimakat Braelyn Alexa GLHI8645
4571Furreal Ramsey of Marmorata MPRD8514
4611Catzanova Platini ESSO8344
4751Love Sumalee Kudzu of Strayinc SCKT8283
4843Bengaland Moonlighting of BlueblazeNEBG8251
4974Heycat Silver Bullet NWAS8207
5073Yquem Cest Si Bon of Silvrleaf GLES8056
5183Stegra Bagheera NWOS7940
5294Animatrax Kalamazoo NWBG7910
5392Chin Hills Shan SEBU7843
5467Coonyham Antonio Banderas of HojpojSCMC7723
55109Whozz Kickstart My Heart SEPS7672
561110Linmar's Lil Man of Memry SEPS7602
57811Karissimakat Toby of Leotie GLPS7530
5871Toytown's Jumpin Jack Flash SCTO7517
5918Williamina Eldorado AAMC7450
6091Dixipaws Mr Kringles Snowball GLAL7399
6182Kakatz Highly Visable SCBI7041
62122Jetset's Crash Landing SEHI6900
63104Summermorn Midnite Jazz of GaviidaeGLOS6843
64102Silversprings Zeus NWPB6784
6593Ktwo's St Helen SCHI6782
66114Brithaven Blu Bear E GLBS6750
6723Kastalia Leon AAAB6741
68104Buddyluv's Mischief Maker SCES6703
691112Pecanhill's Annabelle Lee SCPS6658
70112Ragmuffs Travelin Man NWRD6549
71129Croton's Maverick of Kdcoons SCMC6527
7274Azala's Achaea MAAB6500
731313Oltaecatpalace Magical Bag O TricksSCPS6404
74110Acadiapark Special K of Tuscaloosa ENMC6370
7553Palace Guard of Mun-Ha SWBI6228
76211Santograal Darkswan ESMC6219
7785Andeer's Forever Laurie Jean MPAS6191
781212Pynestone Oscar Meower NWMC6163
79135Camaraderi Raes Boy NWOS5990
80143Minusdetails Electra SCCY5944
8193Kim-Lynn's Sioux Kitti Sue MPBU5918
821214Mystywood Fire And Desire GLPS5913
83135Karraway Harmatten GLAB5878
841413Pynestone's Kodi NWMC5850
85151Patrexia Raven of Thomcats SCCR5575
861514Pinecoon's Lord Alexander NWMC5545
871315Joreen's Southern Belle SEPS5485
88144Oakheaven's Bam Bina GLHI5473
8925Hunterdonhall Synster Gust ENBG5463
90162Rinkurl The Full Monty of Pipkin NWSX5406
9184Windflower's Spencer Chartwell MABU5327
92156Stoutshill Meenie GLAB5241
93315Silvergrande Aporon AAMC5224
94144Minusdetails Im2sexy4mytail SECY5197
95166Chaparral Electric Mayhem SCBG5109
96172Toytown Flash Decision of Radiance SCTO5077
97516Kitcorp Masquerade of Purrsession NEPS5073
98316Acadiapark's Killerloop ENMC4973
99103Tularensia Katarina of Pawsdlite MPSI4970
100182Crystalrose Tabasco SCCR4790
1011617Desperados Orange Roughy GLMC4625
10293Dinunzio'sdolls Mitch MARD4622
1031518Islandcats Opal of Prispurr SEMC4614
104T105Prancenpaws Suki MAHI4613
104T176Tamoshan's Sweet Talking Guy GLOS4613
106113Toytown's Not A Himy of Purberri MATO4489
107182Jedidiah's Leviathan GLNF4477
10862Imzadicats Tribble of Duracell NESO4393
10974Michaels Prince Sylvester NERD4370
11044Laotsun Tiffany Sapphire AABI4276
1111919Johnsbay Bowdoin GLMC4202
112203Asgardkatts Bea GLNF4053
113195Birpatch Too Sweet SCBI4031
1141717Winwillo Mokihana NWPS3993
115185Tinsle Shiva NWRD3969
116205Chin Hills Ronan of Thomcats SCBU3929
11763Legendary Billie Bob of Equistice SWPB3833
118211La Purr'Fect Picasso GLSL3828
119196Chittagong's Valissa NWBI3735
120226Hollyfarms Root Beer Bandit GLRD3712
12186Settler's Sassy Lass NEAS3631
122207Tassam Santana Argente of Wildling NWOS3630
12352Bluefantasy Ray AARB3540
1242120Coonmora's Lord Bailey NWMC3531
125237Leopardhaven Nairobi GLBG3519
126214Toytown's Rough Cut of Pineypaws SCTO3517
127128Witsend Noteworthy MABG3503
128113Belfry Lock Less Monster MPSX3473
12975Chaucer's Ivette of Ritz-O-Cats SWBS3445
13024Yggdrasil Vegard Ullvang GPNF3443
13181Mutiny Kalirol Kama Kaya SWSG3411
132135Berryhille's Winston Cup MAES3387
133223Chayat Yurik SCRB3369
134233Crystalrose File Gumbo SCCR3356
135166Purberri Cliffhanger SEHI3307
1362221Antarcin Puffinator NWMC3288
137T233Ciderhouse Tennison NWSO3255
137T249Bengalbelfarms Rajah of Fyffestar GLBG3255
139245Forestmist Rocky Mountain High NWNF3227
1401410Animatrax Dark Victory MABG3197
1412522Smokeycoons William Shakespurr NWMC3184
142323Blackforest Buster Whats His Face GPMC3141
143174Darkwater's Orpheus SESX3106
144157Cprags Heartbreaker MARD3084
145181Scheherazad's Nostalgia SEBA3064
146424Dorsai Dorado ENMC3060
14795Rinkurl Tahuti of Ocination NESX3050
148106Denimar's Valentino NEBS2989
149525Dreamhunter's He Is Zorro ENMC2987
1501618Myshadows Mombo King MAPS2972
151264Starcats Jari NWRB2966
152176Epona Woden MANF2960
153242Celticurl's Rusty O Curl SCAL2913
154277Murteza Asmara NWAB2803
155619Sargons Silver Jade ENPS2735
1562826Wyndabbey's Ozzie NWMC2724
1571127Timberwood Teddy Roosevelt NEMC2719
158257Bruan's Im Fancy Too GLHI2717
159292Anjeau Cabochon Sapphire NWBA2616
160126Hobo's Samantha NEES2609
16118Lhassa Celina SAOS2603
162255Kinukatz Sebastian SCTO2558
163320Mosaique Du Vallon Saint Clerg ESPS2538
1641228Cottercoons Sweet WM of Mightycats MPMC2464
165307Placer's Pilgrim of Dreamcatcher NWAS2448
166196Sanctimonie's Billy The Kid SETO2431
167269Korindah Silva Nickalai Develcro SCOS2414
168316Bastian's Reno Renegade of Dancer NWBU2407
169729Blackmoons' Tyson of Routesixtysix ENMC2397
170324Expresivepixie Inadaze NWPB2393
171T2030Mysticoon Lionuvjudah SEMC2377
171T2710Radiance Bohemian Rhapsody SCOS2377
173911Pzazz Carob of Dreamland SWOS2371
174338Hometown Squeaky of Dreamscape NWAS2346
175139Walnuthollow's Betty Davis Eyes NEAS2326
176831Harrison of Catycoons ENMC2314
177346Flyingcats Purple Rose of Ankhamun NWSX2312
178131Tribblecurl's Olin Sevastianovich MPSB2305
179147Burmystic's Brown Cricket NEBU2249
180188Laki's Frederic of Vindouro MABU2247
181287Jedidiah's King From The Forest SCNF2242
182157Classicalcats Ronnies My Chum NESX2231
183217Toytown's Skyhawk of Blueyonder SETO2230
184358Meowshew NWAB2222
185228Cooncreole Gizmo of Rubanthom SETO2205
186238Kopjekaat Halvor Roghatsson SENF2106
187148Chatandolls Hanuman of Indiadolls MPRD2086
1882621Dreambabys Daydream GLPS2081
1892932Codycats Electra Grace SCMC2061
190241Linanci's Yank Ear Doodle Dandy SESF2054
1911533Mymains Long Tall Texan MPMC2048
1923034Tabbytown's Pale Rider SCMC2035
193274Purraffection's Manta T GLCR2014
1943612Clara's Last In Line of Samphire NWOS1999
1951611Akerrs Sonlight MPBG1996
19641No Color Du Coucou de Bourth ESAW1993
197T162Janipurr's Dobutsu of Jagcat NEJB1971
197T99Whisky vom Rabenwald ENAB1971
199635Guardianangel Wind Rider AAMC1968
200311Backcountry Nat In The Hat SCCX1956

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