Alter Standings 1998-1999: 1-200

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 11 June 1999

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Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
111Apophis Nordstrom of Classicalcats NESX11679
221Willowplace Domperion of SirbentleyNEMC11528
311Whozz Ashton of Radiance SCPS11403
412Pease's Shanango MAPS11386
521Minusdetails Walker Texas Ranger MACY11379
612Luvpaws A Torrid Affair of PinecoonNWMC11049
711Oakheaven's Sink Or Swim of Bruan GLHI11008
813St Valentine's Murphy Brown MPMC10966
923Saphire Captain Sunshine MPPS10672
1021Singatown N'Fortune Cookies NWSG10634
1112Minusdetails Hugs And Kisses SECY10569
1233Minusdetails Sterling of Bewitched MPCY10560
1334MtKittery Dexter of MTNest MAMC10498
1424Whozz Trae of Kibbykat SEPS10457
1531Chatandolls Alexander Rag NWRD10441
1631Kintoi's Walker River SEAS10385
1745Winwillo Wicket NWPS10332
1846Whozz The Boss of Kibbykat SEPS10287
1957Joreen's Southern Belle SEPS10186
2021Jedidiah's William Robert SCNF10102
2161Chayat's Smoroki SERB9948
2241Lateadakats Johnny Walker MPBG9876
2311Taiyo's Kikkoman SWJB9784
2452Rinkurl The Full Monty of Pipkin NWSX9708
2532Ktwo's St Helen SCHI9667
2621Karraway Harmatten GLAB9537
2762Choktaw's Love Trap Purr NWAS9502
2821Summersky's Regulus SWBO9467
2971Toytown's Prince Charming SETO9328
3041Berryhille's Red Zinger MAES9292
3153Andeer's Forever Laurie Jean MPAS9079
3241Whozz Grasshopp Urr SCBI9015
3331Stoneisland's Brian Boru GLPB9014
3461Rexnfx Chiffon Debutante MPDR8928
3575Coonyham Morgan NWMC8914
3656MtKittery Waterville MAMC8868
3782Timbertoz Aurora Borealis NWNF8833
3883Purberri Cliffhanger SEHI8737
3944Sol-Mer Tobias GLAS8664
4032Rockinashi Utsukushii Kissu NEJB8632
4191Saroko Rumor Has It of Geepurrs NWSI8602
4251Minusdetails Kwik Pik SCMX8563
4361Shadowstar Majicman of Radiance SCOS8549
4494Jetset's Crash Landing SEHI8434
4552Talisker Desperado GLRB8387
4662Snowlace Tasha of Lloyal MABI8372
4768Karissimakat Toby of Leotie GLPS8354
4817Dreamhunter's He Is Zorro ENMC8222
49T79Playwickey's Miranda MAPS8187
49T13Loxciane de La Mer de Kara ESRB8187
5172Acatranch Mail Order Annie GLDR8174
5271Qt's Madame Butterfly MPSR7989
5373Regnbuekatts' Autumn Sunset SCNF7974
54810Vereinschaft Jingle All The Way MAPS7960
5525Deverest Jazz ESHI7940
5682Purranha Darby O Gill SCAB7880
5733Eljayem's Quartnie of Kazzakatz SWBI7843
5895Jorbee Sterling SCAS7818
59102Tejas Double Agent of Kaos SCBG7673
60108Wyndabbey's Oliver Twist NWMC7653
61109Broadsway Blackstone of Benning SEMC7564
62810Celticpride Liam Farrell GLMC7390
6396Oakheaven's Bam Bina GLHI7362
6483Zeba Run Forest Run MPSX7303
651111Whozz Flower Power SEPS7269
661011Shagsrus Rigel of Stellarcoon GLMC7208
6791Crystalrose Deema Sashovich MPSB7085
68212Dreamhunter's Han Solo ENMC7014
6941Ala-Poes Cookiekrumbles of Kim-LynnSWBU7000
70112Toytown's Piece of The Rock SCTO6845
711013Coonyham Kemosabe of Windwalker MPMC6752
7292Southerndawls Hands To Heaven MARD6732
7351Chaucer Ian SWBS6554
74114Norsestar Seraphina Taffy GLNF6417
75102Berryhille's Winston Cup MAES6266
76312Mosaique Du Vallon Saint Clerg ESPS6193
77113Toytown Klementine Kat MATO6191
78121Dixipaws Mr Kringles Snowball GLAL6185
79113Murteza Don Bartollo NWAB6163
80124Toytown's Unsinkable Molly Brown SCTO6126
81131Tammerisk Deacon Blue GLCR6074
8213Farandoll Philippe AARD5741
83123Lotsakatz Lucys Mighty Mad Max NWES5705
84112Evenbetta Kaleidescope MPMX5677
85123Rexnfx Zotos Permanent Wave MPDR5610
861414Desperados Roemeow Beluga GLMC5607
871215Kittyup Starbuck MAMC5371
881516Desperados Prince of Whales GLMC5328
8946Walnuthollow's Betty Davis Eyes NEAS5267
90132Tintagel's Darius MPAL5206
91164Mystywood Shelleys Tango Splash GLES5181
92617Cottercoons Midnight Rider SWMC5122
93171Grandtrill Tintagel Truffle GLEM5055
9457Settler's Sassy Lass NEAS5038
9574Dandenong's Gorgio SWRD5015
961318Pynestone's Kodi NWMC4812
97122Alchemy Bela Lugosi SESI4806
9841No Color Du Coucou de Bourth ESAW4734
99182Lilla B Molokai of Ohanaskye GLOS4731
10083Pawsdlite Fireinthesky SWOS4693
1011919Johnsbay Waldoboro GLMC4687
102148Heycat Silver Bullet NWAS4623
103154Starcats Jari NWRB4349
104203KCPride Chocolate Chip GLBG4331
105131Scheherazad's Nostalgia SEBA4307
1062120Nascat's Emercoon Fitipawldi GLMC4159
107T134Saroko Southern Pixel SCOS4047
107T135Bluepurrs Henry Spencer MARB4047
10962Denimar's Brosnan NEBS4018
110145Lansingridge Claude MPNF4007
111154Akerrs Sonlight MPBG3975
112143Saroko Southern Icon SCSI3971
113155Toytown's Tahoe SCTO3918
114166Pineypaws Return of The Jedi SCTO3891
11595Tsusan Flying Nun SWOS3888
116141Foldilocks Gin Fizz of Mixologies SESF3869
117175Buddyluv's Mischief Maker SCES3796
1181513Memry's Ashley Wilkes SEPS3768
1191821Coonyham Antonio Banderas of HojpojSCMC3761
120163Pyepurr Blue Jou Jou MPBS3645
121194Kariam's Tamale Caliente SCBI3629
122107Elvessa's James Brown SWTO3623
12314Kimera Ned D SASI3608
124T225Starcrystal Vega Garcia GLBI3597
124T1722Pinecoon Born Flirt of Coonyham MPMC3597
126202Acatranch Sensen of Purranha SCBO3514
1271823Degoonacoon's Baahaba of Bewitched MPMC3310
128238Tonka Tales Samantha GLTO3193
129146Kitzn's Iomega MANF3188
130244Stoutshill Meenie GLAB3097
13176Klazeekats Geronimo NEOS3067
1322124Mainelycats Doctor Zhivago SCMC3050
133155Bengaland's Priceless Black Opal MABG3039
134162Rubirex Elegant Anubis SECR3033
135165Whispernwoods Jazzera NWSI3030
136225Guardianangel Jupiter AAMC2973
13782Starpawz Panda Bear of Rinkurl NESF2968
138259Lovnpaws Liam By George GLTO2950
139221Backcountry Nat In The Hat SCCX2904
140167Doriel Toyota MAOS2903
141233Patrexia Raven of Thomcats SCCR2875
142247R-C Hugs N Kisses of Mc Purr-Dee SCHI2861
143175Coyotecat's Windriver SEAB2860
1441726Pinecoon's Lord Alexander NWMC2857
145188Korindah Wisteria of A'tien SEOS2831
146327Guardianangel Mars AAMC2823
147254Britanya's Always On My Mind SCDR2806
1481714Pease's Black Jack MAPS2745
149T93Amadea's Orion NEAL2710
149T1915Kaaekrest Kaala Chat of Lananda MPPS2710
1512628Croton's Maverick of Kdcoons SCMC2708
152186Bengoria Chevas of Bengalica NWBG2683
153117Maineline Cato SWNF2679
1541216Kikicat's Angel SWPS2652
1551910Sanctimonie's Billy The Kid SETO2651
156194Shal-Mar's Savannah NWCR2616
157205Marisa's Sir Montgomery NWRD2606
15849Bellearis Kenny Brown AAAS2605
159262Bastian's Ginseng GLBU2538
1602129Denalicoons Bumpurrs NWMC2537
1611010Carocats Calvin of Caricature NEAS2504
162276Regina Rocket of Birpatch SCBI2465
1632817Pecanhill's Annabelle Lee SCPS2464
164132Dawndream's High Steppin Strutter SWBA2451
165518New Charm's Polianna of Glucklich AAPS2425
166226Lotsakatz Lucys By Golly Its Molly NWES2414
1671830Mainette's Baron von Chat MAMC2411
1682311Vanceland Rebel of Hometown NWAS2359
1692031Lunarcoons Deimos of Fogcity MPMC2352
170214Excalibur Omega MPBS2351
171205Brittasweet Big Chewbacca SEBS2350
172216Abycinnamons Indiana Jones SEAB2347
173277Jovan Hippopotamiss of Silvrleaf GLES2323
174246Whidbey Champagne Dreams NWRD2291
1752532Pandomainea Sunfire of Mistwood NWMC2275
17659Lancelot Des Muses ESOS2251
177116Sir Galahad Chocolat Yumyum NEBS2239
178127Magwai Knowing Little Noah NERD2231
179293Concho's Averil SCBU2230
1802633Coonmora's Lord Bailey NWMC2222
181224Jinjorbred Vincent van Go Bye Bye SESX2191
182T275Capilano's La Sorciere NWDR2155
182T288Forpaws Commodore GLHI2155
1842312Claddaghcats Brian Boru SEAS2116
185247Khamsin's Ricochet of Tazkatz SEAB2100
18668Proud Goma of Carolcollection AARD2064
187303Fejuko's Renegade of Annbirwaves SCBO2063
188229Furreal Ramsey of Marmorata MPRD2060
189286Stegra Daniel NWSI2048
190141Blisspurrs Thumm Purr SWSO2043
191134Burmystic's Brown Cricket NEBU2034
192315Concho's Bon Vivant SCBU2020
193325Annbirwaves Dashing Dude of RegencySCCR2013
194141Pairodocs Merlin NETA2007
195295Flyingcats And Heis Purrfect NWSX2001
196T3T19Planika Lovejoy ENPS1994
196T3T34Coonquest Harley Davidscoon ENMC1994
198338Marleevo's Obsessed SCES1988
199152Goldenmedley Signature of Moondove SWSG1973
200158Nenuphar Porcelaine NEAB1967

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