Kitten Standings 1997-1998: 1-200

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 23 June 1998

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Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
111Anawratha's Nova ESBO7684
211Whozz Simply Irresistible SCPS7672
311Tassam Legacy NWOS7574
411Minusdetails Walker Texas Ranger MACY7418
521Lightdancers Mauna Kea NWAB7358
621Britlyn Koala Blue of Minusdetails SCBS7238
712Purrsession Fancy Face NEPS7231
811Furreal Zapata MPRD7186
932Minusdetails X S And O S SCCY7183
1021Rinkurl All That NESX7136
1113Memry's Ashley Wilkes SEPS7105
1232Easiersaid Thandone Viva Felida NWOS7032
1331Gizana's Buster NEES6935
1441Cascades Zachariah SCMC6920
1554Memry's Jessamine of Woodlyn SCPS6893
1642Willowplace Domperion of SirbentleyNEMC6877
1725Whozz 2 Amazn SEPS6854
1811Junglebook Virtual Reality SWBG6848
19T41Tassam Kanushka NWBA6824
19T61Regency Lil Star of Annbirwaves SCHI6824
2176Ebonez Afterglow SCPS6757
2227Lenes Cricket of Glenneyre MPPS6756
2321Singatown N' Fortune Cookies ESSG6737
2438Pajean's Humdinger of Whozz SEPS6707
2552Tassam Kulani NWBA6696
2641Love Sumalee Song Sung Blu SEKT6689
2723Coycoons Jack Daniels SWMC6618
2832Pawsitive Theodorable SWHI6607
2963Elshaklan Na Sharzada of Tassam NWOS6561
3052Rinkurl No Doubt NESX6523
3169Kittycharm Twizzler On Ice NEPS6472
3282Love Sumalee Kudzu SCKT6409
3332Excalibur Rupert MPBS6365
34410Ritz-O-Cats Vanessa of Soft Paws MPPS6361
3521Teklanika Timothy MANF6339
3653Quakencats Devana Divine MPSX6331
37411Purrkats Autumn of Amaya SWPS6312
38512Hooligan Micky O Shea SWPS6252
3992Mabuhay Molly Ivins of Ragcats SCAB6241
4063Son The One of Thai's Star SWAB6217
4172Amaya Pandora SWES6174
42713Fozlitland Shake Your Bootie NWPS6172
43101Saroko Southern Icon SCSI6158
4464Tassam Mick Dundee of Pawsdlite MPOS6141
4581Dreamscape Trailblazer NWAS6135
46514Memry's Lady Brittany SEPS6084
4774Mightycats Centurion MPMC6037
4813Bruan's Baggy Britches GLHI5934
4991Chittagong's Utara NWBI5933
5035Moulincrecy Nebraska ESMC5885
5163Love Sumalee Dodaa SEKT5876
52715Shaynacats Maggie Dee NEPS5836
53111Backcountry Nat In The Hat SCCX5830
54103Elusiveblue's B Serious of Cumaras NWBS5782
5524Bruan's Screamy Mimi of JCV GLHI5751
5686Pinecoon Born Flirt of Coonyham MPMC5748
57T9T3Marvonack's Autumn Dream MPES5716
57T9T16Lananda Ali Baba MPPS5716
59111Qt's Definite Difference In Delsey MPSR5712
6031Talisker Desperado GLRB5681
61122Merrypawpins Michael Banks MPRD5680
6242Talisker Emeril GLRB5644
63317Pease's Tiara MAPS5639
64125Pawsdlite Spice Girl of Shadowstar SCOS5636
6573Chayat's Smoroki SERB5612
6687Willowplace Sorcerer of CatalystiscSEMC5596
671318Purberri Xmas Cookie SCPS5542
68114Cumaras Mega Magic NWBS5537
6915Soloangeles Sven of Suyai SAHI5531
7081Kojiki's Himawari of Taiyo SWJL5502
71138Antarcin Wave Dancer of Mymains MPMC5475
7222Bellenana Boneca SASI5473
73149Coonyham Kemosabe MPMC5456
74123Chatandolls Takeshi NWRD5429
75152Marmorata Diamond Mirage MPBG5419
7634Bigshot Santino Corleone SAES5404
77134Chatandolls Earth Angel of RagmuffsNWRD5394
78510Kavekats Magic Man GLMC5382
791419Belgatto's Katsura of Woodlyn SCPS5323
8092Sartoris Amanda SEAS5282
8145Berryhille's Sour Cherri Pye MAES5221
82151Caterrific's Texas Bluebonnet SCSF5205
83161Minusdetails Brocade SCMX5192
84173Klazeekats Honeyluv of Tularensia SCSI5174
85T820Hobo's Chocolate Kiss NEPS5119
85T161Hav-A-Hill Sweetemptation of PurfurMPHB5119
87182Kakatz Handsome Uno SCBI5097
8856Peaceful Paws Sleepurr of Hi-Me MAHI5046
89143Oakhill Flash Gordon of Verve NWBG5041
90174Tamoshan's Impossible Dream MPSI5036
91182Qt's Killer Katt MPSR5031
92196Dotzcatz Gaylord of Minusdetails SCOS5025
93191Janipurr's Vendetta of Coonyham MPJB4983
94153Dreamcatcher Yoda NWAS4982
95165Lyndi's Last Hurrah NWBS4977
96207Radiance Dejavu of Hojpoj SCOS4961
97213Minusdetails Candy Kiss SCCY4959
98225Shadowstar Chantilly Lace SCSI4931
9967Bruan's Puppy Love GLHI4864
100611Britches Derby of MtKittery MAMC4856
101421Bruma's Deirdre of Druids SAPS4838
102522Magienoire Timothy Jr SAPS4820
103238R-C Darling Lili SCHI4763
10492Advent Hill Artic Ice NENF4740
105241Britanya's Always On My Mind SCDR4731
106723Karissimakat Black Ty Affair GLPS4686
1072524Ktwo's Twin Peaks Trina SCPS4648
10861Charme Meixa Dont Dins SACR4639
109268Korindah Austin of Pzazz SCOS4628
11094Amenophis Norma of Mar-Rob SWSX4625
1111712Antarcin Ahnold NWMC4609
112274Tejas Cutter Quallah T SCBG4565
113713Sarajen Duggans Dew MAMC4519
114825Pyramid Darkmoon of Surfcity MAPS4496
1151026Hooligan's Rosie O Donnell SWPS4495
1162014Mightycats Sherman MPMC4494
117281Silverlion's Blue Moon of Oro Ojos SCSO4473
11891Azala's Elegie MAEM4308
1192127Saphire Captain Sunshine MPPS4286
1201028Pease's Black Jack MAPS4223
121296Shonstar Betty Boomer SCSI4210
1221029Memry's Casanova of Mountaincats SEPS4183
123303Kariam's U Betcha SCBI4147
12472Amon-Ra Eureka SACR4141
125114Tutaimo Wailon Tango of Coyotecat SEAB4096
1261115Coonpulsive's Big Bend MAMC4038
127314Minusdetails Full Moon SCCY3998
128321Toytown's Prince Charming SCTO3994
1291016Willowplcae Thor TC of Croton NEMC3976
1301230Memry's Lady Kaleah MAPS3961
131135Medoz Power Play of Bengaland MABG3949
132185Chatandolls Alexander Rag NWRD3901
133334Kariam's Uptown Brown SCBI3858
1341231Chrischat's Silver Magic SEPS3829
13586Sedona Prescott GLBG3814
136344Joncree Katarena of Annbirwaves SCRB3788
1371432Pease's Blaze MAPS3760
138T1517Mainette's Baron von Chat MAMC3753
138T139Sholine Billy Bob of Fanthai SEOS3753
140356Silvering HTS Mean Wittle Kid SCES3729
141221Tribblecurl Lemonnaya Smirnoffovna MPSB3728
1423610Radiance Witchy Woman SCOS3702
14315Starchild Ange of Esmeralda AARB3682
144377Robxotic Code Blue of Snowfell SCES3674
145237Snopride Michaelangelo MPBG3664
1463833Whozz On First of Minusdetails SCPS3628
147148Glitterwood Catpawccino SEBG3616
148112Cavalier's Dragon Mist SWBO3607
1493918Oro Ojos Nueces SCMC3593
150122Channelaire Julie Newmar of ElvessaSWTO3579
1514011Shadowstar Majicman of Radiance SCOS3576
152194Daisen's Last of The Mohicians NWAS3549
1531119Uptownkats Luke Skywalker NEMC3491
15425Khamsin Four For Tango AAAB3487
155242Tribblecurl Katya Smirnoffovna MPSB3464
156163Teklanika Taco MANF3453
157205Apaws Lady Vanderbilt of BastetkatzNWSX3430
158127Pattam Lovem N Leavem of VanderpawzNESI3415
159154Soigne Beau Thai SEKT3409
160920Seascape Alexander of Johnsbay GLMC3406
1612521Coonyham Rawhide MPMC3383
1621334Hooligan's Molly McGuire SWPS3370
1632612Ciara's Dream Quilt MPOS3356
164168Hager's Sweet Dreams SEES3351
165173Toytown Klementine Kat MATO3347
166T146Jinjorbred's Jean Claude van Damme SWSX3333
166T105Sol-Mer Tobias GLAS3333
168178Alchemy Belle Starr SESI3272
1691835Whozz Tabitha Twitchett SEPS3222
1702136Cedarvalley's Scarlet Ohara NWPS3206
171415Kariam's Unforgettable SCBI3167
172272Rexnfx Dolce Gabriella MPDR3141
173111Gaviidae Farewell Andromeda GLAL3132
1742222Pinecoon Kissme Kate of SmokeycoonsNWMC3113
175192Huntersglen Tree Everlasting SEAL3093
1762023Islandcats Big Time Blues SEMC3085
1772337Bim Bam's My Kinda Guy NWPS3083
178121Oaktree Karakurl GLSL3079
179186Sartoris Dakota Blue of Osiris MAAS3076
180424Toytown's Rock And Roll Fantasy SCTO3074
181246Dandenong Blue Velvet of Ragmuffs NWRD3036
182439Purberri Nawty But Nice SCHI3032
183289Snopride Marbleous Hope MPBG3027
184252Kodiakkats Yogi Bear NWHB3011
1852938Briar Mar Lady Marion of Kabobkats MPPS2984
1864413Radiance Asia of Shadowstar SCOS2952
1873039Kabobmemry Fantasia MPPS2935
1881314Klazeekats Geronimo NEOS2932
189810Magienoire First SAHI2920
190219Heida's Midnight Star of Chrischat SEES2897
191340Bouquethouse Prince Kaito AAPS2871
1921324Celticpride Liam Farrell GLMC2859
193425Coupdecoeur Fifth Element ESMC2849
1941941Pease's Wild Thing MAPS2804
1954511Ktwo's Mountain Majesty SCHI2792
196463Sholine's Rembrandt of Sh'Boi SCBA2762
197526Willowplace Nautilus of MoulincrecyESMC2758
1982627Coonyham Morgan NWMC2755
199928Jatulmejubad Pandora SAMC2750
200207Chatandolls Poseidon of Ragstars MARD2743

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