Championship Cat Standings 1997-1998: 1-200

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 23 June 1998

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Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
111Gizana's Norma Jean NEES13118
211Sol-Mer Tyler Moore MAAS13115
321Kittycharm Twizzler On Ice NEPS12997
411Minusdetails Dior SCCY12840
512Wishinwel's Hummer of Ahura SWPS12733
633Shaynacats Caesars Ghost NEPS12696
741Croton Tamra NEMC12296
811Tassam Legacy NWOS12271
912Coonyham Rising Sun of Williamina AAMC12212
1021Tassam Kanushka NWBA11957
1111Furreal Zapata MPRD11872
1211Chaskara Lvinya Dvibrok of Chayat SERB11824
1331Verve Razzle Dazzle NWBG11801
1411Queenking Sweetheart SAHI11755
1541Cortine's Simply Irresistable NWCR11745
1611Rama Janda Mara of Amenophis ESSI11732
1724Whozz Simply Irresistible SCPS11526
1831Charlu Liam SCAB11474
1923Willowplace Sorcerer of CatalystiscSEMC11458
2022Gogees Jafar of Windstorm MABG11219
2124Coonyham Lone Star MPMC11183
2235Memry's Ashley Wilkes SEPS11051
2336Lenes Ditto of Glenneyre MPPS11013
2435Britches Derby of MtKittery MAMC10978
2553Millwood Shahnarah of Epsilon NWBG10945
2614Junglebook Firechief of KCPride GLBG10929
2762Vanceland Rebel of Hometown NWAS10874
2847Memry's Jessamine of Woodlyn SCPS10834
2921Fluffdusters Zeus SWBS10781
3042Chatandolls Poseidon of Ragstars MARD10764
3122Murteza Nebai of Elamante SAAB10705
3241Toytown's High Flight of BlueyonderSETO10690
3338Lafoscats Zulu SAPS10636
3422Oakheaven Partydoll of KarissimakatGLHI10632
3541Hav-A-Hill Sweetemptation of PurfurMPHB10583
3656Argo's Rio Bravo of Brnyfls MPMC10552
3752Silvering HTS Magic In The Mirror SEES10250
3842Bellenana Darjeelings Magic Love SASI10081
3953Regency Lil Star of Annbirwaves SCHI10011
4039Mar-Ja Luvs Pale Illision GLPS9972
4161Love Sumalee Song Sung Blu SEKT9755
4263Merrypawpins Michael Banks MPRD9556
43710Briar-Mar Lady Marion of Kabobkats MPPS9514
4435Alcat's Mintaka SWBG9489
4582Ciara's Aqua Vitae MPOS9319
4652Inkblotz Moonbeam of Moonglo MABS9302
4772Faerietail Fizzgig NWCY9266
4862Toytown's Miss Sugarbear SCTO9228
4973Blueyonder's Red Baron SEAS9096
5077Cascades Zachariah SCMC9088
5166Hunterdonhall Tarzan MABG8994
5291Tribblecurl Pyotr Olinovich of QT MPSB8850
5381Chittagong's Utara NWBI8767
5493Bashar's Silver Ticked Devil NWOS8762
55811Whozz Siberian Wynter of Sammycats SEPS8641
56101Janipurr's Vendetta of Coonyham MPJB8540
5721Anawratha's Nova ESBO8372
58103Cumaras Megabuck NWBS8329
59118Coonmora's Hennessy NWMC8298
60912Whozz 2 Amazn SEPS7888
6177Bengaland's Wolfgang Mozart MABG7865
62124Chatandolls Earth Angel of RagmuffsNWRD7647
6354Felitan Rio Rita of Lhassa SAOS7646
64103Alchemy Bela Lugosi SESI7535
6542Taiyo's Hisako SWJB7435
66513Shaynacats Maggie Dee NEPS7418
67131Singatown N' Fortune Cookies NWSG7364
6882Troika Zahar Ahlmazovich MASB7207
6982Patrexia Veronica of Annbirwaves SCCR7142
70144Katzenburg's Robert E Lee of DaisenNWAS7038
7194Purberri Nawty But Nice SCHI7000
72112My Thai Popsicle Toes SEKT6985
73113Glenneyre's Gale Force MPES6974
7464Advent Hill Uther Pendragon NEBS6837
7593Minusdetails Walker Texas Ranger MACY6828
7622Lisio Momolass AARB6801
77123Soigne Beau Thai SEKT6734
7832Lasirice Maeva of Moulincrecy ESSG6709
79125Ciara's Dream Quilt MPOS6699
80104Shadowstar Cahntilly Lace SCSI6683
8148Leopardhaven Nairobi GLBG6643
82131Blokkatz Chalcedony of Kitti Kat MPSR6601
8351Huntersglen Harmataan GLAL6579
841314Whozz Brittney SEPS6547
85155Chatandolls Takeshi NWRD6546
8653Taiyo's Katana SWJB6469
8769Junglebook Virtual Reality SWBG6403
8835Tsusan Blue Krystal of Noblu AASI6360
8964Bigshot The Godfather SAES6305
9079Hilltoppark's Mike King Kelly NEMC6236
911410Wyndabbey Triton of Lunarcoon MPMC6227
9263Talisker Desperado GLRB6216
93166Destiny Sheer Elegance NWSI6208
94111Britanya's Always On My Mind SCDR6134
95121Silverlion's Blue Moon of Oro Ojos SCSO6099
96176Pitterpaws Dillon NWRD6084
97711Willowplace Grendal of Celticpride GLMC6064
9875Demiara Shaka of Amaya SWHI5938
9947Farandoll Oscar Jr AARD5898
100131Concho's Jolly Roger SCBU5869
1011012Willowplace Stratus of Dorwill MAMC5817
1021813Wyndabbey's Mona Lisa NWMC5714
10381Amenophis Norma of Mar-Rob SWSX5708
104141Pawsdlite Spice Girl of Shadowstar SCOC5693
10586Bruan's Screamy Mimi of JCV GLHI5689
1061510Joykatz Ace Inda Hole SCBG5637
1071914Pynestone's Nykolaas NWMC5597
108915LAPD Buckshot SWMC5594
10991Sportstar Scottie Hamilton GLSF5560
110151Lansingridge Norris MPNF5477
111167Pawsdlite Technical Ecstasy MPSI5405
112168Shonstar Betty Boomer SCSI5404
1131715Lananda Ali Baba MPPS5366
114202Belfry Jewel of The Nile of Apaws NWSX5352
115T113Kitnhuyse Moses MASX5322
115T2116Coycoons Herk of Antarcon NWMC5322
1172217Pinecoon's Hot Patootie NWMC5300
11877Amaya First Knight of Mahayana SAHI5294
119818Maycoons Little Sebago NEMC5290
120184Belfry Lock Less Monster MPSX5260
1211219Coonpulsive's Big Bend MAMC5226
1221020Pedropurrs Red Ryder SWMC5218
123149Alchemy Belle Starr SESI5216
124233Lightdancers Mauna Kea NWAB5187
125242Balimoor Bridey Murphy NWBA5177
1261911Lateadakats Crown Royale MPBG5174
127102Norsestar's Loki GLNF5141
12883Amon-Ra Fou SACR5140
129118Pawsitive Theodorable SWHI5136
1302521Coonmora's Hot Shot NWMC5123
1311216Rebels Dennis The Menace SWPS4959
13258Soulmates Work of Art AARD4956
1332612Cheetahsden's Sundancer NWBG4951
1341513Bengaland's Divinci Magic SEBG4950
1352717Lil Italy Caruso of Caralane NWPS4919
136131Duman's Zil MATA4898
13795Rinkurl All That NESX4893
138176Felitan Southern Oracle of Saroko SCOS4890
139113Enchanted Alexus GLNF4889
140134Diva's Mr Crackerjax of HillstbluesSWAB4884
141209Radzacatz Walkie Talkie MPHI4864
1421814Priderock Rafiki SCBG4862
14392Magie Noire Tsar of Tuamotu SABI4835
1441022Hilltoppark's Wahoo Sam Crawford NEMC4821
1451623Cooncreole Blue Suede Shoes SEMC4812
146123Wunderkatz Miss Sweet Pea GLTO4797
147135Yquem Que Sera Sera GLES4790
14864Jedidiah's Andy of Capriceange AANF4764
149115Raedwald Sutton Hoo of Yggdrasil NENF4754
1502824Pinecoon's Flap Happy NWMC4737
1511910Klazeekats Honeyluv of Tularensia SCSI4659
1522125Crystlmoon's Miranda of Brnyfls MPMC4629
1532011Pzazz Tirza SCSI4597
154217Korindah Ernie Dingo SCOS4589
1551718Pajean's Benjamin of Whozz SEPS4549
1561419Purrkats Autumn of Amaya SWPS4535
157145Tammerisk T S Eliot of Fyffestar GLAS4522
15816Euraztec Pin Up ENSX4440
159228Pawsdlite Sheri Berryfonte MPOS4436
160293Chittagong's Tundra NWBI4407
1611020Radon Peter Beauty of Mahayana SAPS4354
162154Eljayem's Thais of Kazzakatz SWBI4347
163226Cooncreole Sundream of Irisfields ENMC4334
16476Santamary's Agenda Valentine AANF4278
165309Ritzyrags Blue Danube NWRD4273
1661521Pajean's True Love of Starstream GLPS4260
1673122Cedarvalley's Scarlet Ohara NWPS4239
168239Pawsdlite Mr Crowley MPOS4237
169325Murteza Carmen of Abytude NWAB4235
170225Kakatz Handsome Uno SCBI4174
1712423Lananda I Am Cozy Too MPPS4129
172166Leotie's Simoon GLAB4088
173167Jinjorbred's Its Midnite CinderellaSWSX4070
1741715Goldenmagi Excalibur SWBG4045
1751827Kachinakats Wolf Warrior SWMC4036
176824Dinpleace Jaguar of Lovelypupil AAPS4029
177252Qt's Definite Difference In Delsey MPSR4017
178116Priderock Hearts Ease of Suite GPBG3989
1792328Sleepyhaven Ambrwave of Crystlmoon SCMC3968
1801729Seascape Alexander of Johnsbay GLMC3967
1812417Joykatz Beamer SCBG3963
182186Mystywood This Magic Moment GLES3926
183191Kojiki's Himawari of Taiyo SWJL3920
184264Minusdetails Sterling of Bewitched MPCY3898
18591Janvier Jasmine of Lesplushes AACX3889
186117Love Conny SAES3876
1871010Amenophis Mekong AAOS3860
1882025Lekatz Mister Lincoln SWPS3857
1892511Korindah Puka of Shonstar SCOS3847
190216Mun-Ha's Salsa SWBI3845
191264Heartspaws Rock Star of Toytown SCTO3832
192147Kitzn's Dagwood MANF3793
193330Coonmora's Dubonnet of Tuscaloosa ENMC3749
1942712Shadowstar Majicman of Radiance SCOS3709
195287Mabuhay Molly Ivins of Ragcats SCAB3692
1962231Cottercoons Midnight Rider SWMC3686
19724Love Sumalee Blue Angel GPKT3675
198295Pineypaws Ashley Wilkes of Toytown SCTO3608
1991226Kikicat's Timothy SAPS3598
2001532Sarajen Elijah Craig MAMC3588

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