Alter Standings 1997-1998: 1-200

This table shows the current TICA standings based on the shows which have been scored by the Executive Office at the time this report was generated.

TICA rules permit a cat or kitten to be shown once without a registration number. The points for those entries are listed as "points pending" in the scores shown below. If the listing for a cat or kitten shows "points pending", the owner needs to contact the Executive Office once a registration number has been obtained to secure those points for titles and for any regional or international awards.

Only the points from the 50 highest awards for each cat (30 highest awards for kittens) are included in the scores for regional or international awards. For that reason, some of the points shown as "pending" may not add to the total.

Official scores are subject to change as exhibitors may submit catalog corrections on their cats. All corrections must be received in the Executive Office by May 7th. See the Standing Rules to the Scoring System for more information.

An owner can obtain a detailed scoring report for his or her cat, showing the points earned in each ring at each show, by requesting a Current Scoring Record from the Executive Office. The fee is $5.00 (US) per report.

This report was generated 23 June 1998

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Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
111Minusdetails One More Coors Lite MACY11428
211Coonyham Antonio Banderas of HojpojSCMC11295
321Playwickey's Pot Luck MAPS11117
412Whozz Trae SEPS11098
512Pinecoon's Pawnee Bill NWMC11054
611Gizana's Oliver NEES11015
713Highlite Flash Fire MPPS10931
821Akerrs Son Shine MPBG10882
921Lebaron Peachy Keen of Sunnkiss SESF10865
1024Whozz Ashton of Radiance SCPS10559
1121Apophis Nordstrom of Classicalcats NESX10367
1211Maineline Cato SWNF10259
1311Bruan's Barney Rubble GLHI10208
1431Pawsdlite Cindy Crawford MPOS10168
1531Minusdetails Kwik Pik SCMX10162
1621Taiyo's Kikkoman SWJB10119
1741Excalibur Mina of Goldenforest MPBS10112
1822Choneko Mabudachi GLJB10077
1932Minusdetails Hugs And Kisses SECY9874
2041Fejuko's Renegade of Annbirwaves SCBO9796
2151Tintagel's Darius MPAL9771
2231Oaktree Kurlee Lambeau GLSL9741
2321Murteza Asmara NWAB9651
2432Teklanika Turbocat MANF9441
2542Purberri Cliffhanger SEHI9434
2665Lananda Tara Dawn MPPS9259
2732Whispernwoods Hypnotique NWOS9250
2842Brithaven Ted E Bear GLBS9233
2942Voo Doo Love Laces of Cleomar NWMX9209
3073Coonyham Lone Ranger of Windwalker MPMC9161
3131Elvessa's James Brown SWTO9026
3251Choktaw's Love Trap Purr NWAS9000
3344MtKittery Machias MAMC8957
3455MtKittery Dexter of MTNest MAMC8895
3566Pandomainea's Apache Dancer NWMC8822
3651J's Iris One Mau Time of Item GLEM8807
3783Glen-El Colonel Sanders MPMX8775
3862Berryhille's Red Zinger MAES8768
3951Backcountry Nat In The Hat SCCX8696
4051Chayat Princesska SERB8597
4173Timbertoz Aurora Borealis NWNF8278
4262Toytown's Aphrodite SCTO7797
4331Shonstar's Hiro NESI7618
4476Ktwo's Mont Blanc SCPS7523
4581Capilano's Cest La Vie NWDR7380
4692Heycat Silver Bullet NWAS7108
4783Shadowstar Majicman of Radiance SCOS7045
4897Mainelycats Doctor Zhivago SCMC6820
4962Coyotecat's Major SEAB6685
50103Dreamscape William Wallace NWAS6589
5142Americat Ghiardelli Chocurlate NEAL6394
52118Wyndabbey's Oliver Twist NWMC6196
5359Blueblaze Bernard Grimes RhodenbarrNEMC5818
54102Tejas Cutter Quallah T SCBG5794
55122Saroko Rumor Has It of Geepurrs NWSI5763
5663Karraway Chile GLAB5725
5797Kaaekrest Kaala Chat of Lananda MPPS5544
5878Joreen's Debutante SEPS5527
59810Emlu Papas Sterling Silver Coon SEMC5465
60102Trianon's Tsar Nicholas MPRB5460
61111Concho's India of Marrey SCBU5327
6273Oakheaven's Bam Bina GLHI5172
63111Moulincrecy Lorelei of Passioncoon ESMC5157
6463Denimar's Valentino NEBS5155
65134Murteza Don Bartollo NWAB5120
66111Jjspurrecious Prince Allen MPRD5063
6741Goldenmedley Signature of Moondove SWSG5053
68812Celticpride Liam Farrell GLMC5051
69124Hojpoj Jacks Back SCOS4844
7094Jetset's Crash Landing SEHI4828
7152Furreal Sir Lancelot SWRD4783
7211Banzaibabies Carolina Mornin SACR4777
73103Hager's Samurai Swordsman SEES4762
7463Minusdetails Rico Suave SWCY4750
7592Tammerisk Deacon Blue GLCR4648
7614Neototoro Kame AAMX4643
77133Toytown's Prince Charming SCTO4594
78101Pairodocs Spooktacular Nala GLTV4587
7971Pagoda Novarese of Kazzakatz SWBI4375
8079Spellbound Out of The Blue NEPS4354
8182Blackat Knight Magick SWBO4334
82813Broadsway Franklin NEMC4329
83143Marisa's Joey Jackpot NWRD4246
8425Lancelot Des Muses ESOS4218
85114Chrischat Is A Belle SEAS4146
8621Milktooth Princess Purin AASO4076
8733Kukukucing Bimasakti AARB4069
88154Ragmuffs Big Bopper NWRD4049
8972Sayang Chinito of Ironhill MASG4014
9093Banzaibabies Xfiles NECR3918
91146Dotzcatz Gaylord of Minusdetails SCOS3821
9295Kamarly's Willie The Kidd SWAS3803
93114Austinova Sasha Angel of NordicblueGLRB3802
9481Megadots All That Jazz MAOC3761
951610Marvonack's Blue Sky of Winwillo NWPS3748
96T1211TKarissimakat Puffricks Litl MaverikGLPS3734
96T111TPan-Tau von La Noitan ENPS3734
981714Pandomainea Sunfire of Mistwood NWMC3689
99913Catpalace Tudemax MAPS3682
1001015Degoonacoon Macksworth Bay SWMC3674
101181Cher Dawn Koratus Argentus Ezekiel NWKT3636
102154Greystoke Michaela SCES3633
103163Thomcats' Swan Song SCBO3626
104172Birpatch Teddy Bear SCBI3565
105101Yofranlin Tom Collins of Mowglis NEHB3510
106113Aluren Gibson NEBG3442
107191Anjeau Chandler NWBA3435
108124Lansingridge Claude MPNF3417
109135Famous Princess Ashley Angel MPHI3410
1101216Mysticoon Master Tucker of CoontaraSEMC3395
111132Mittsnpaws Ted D Bear of Strazkatz GLSO3382
112145Jovan Hippopotamiss of Silvrleaf GLES3372
113145Alymara's Isis MPAB3356
114204Animatrax Solar Beam NWBG3350
115184Toytown's Tonkinator SCTO3344
1161214Alu Hootman of Mowglis NEPS3337
117105Toytown Klementine Kat MATO3318
118113Hemingway of Jayswhiskers MASO3303
119217Dorsai Dorado ENMC3264
120135Naturskat Benjamin NENF3231
121196Greystoke Lit L Stubby SCAS3190
1221115Highlite's Playboy SWPS3183
123157Tammerisk Smokeys Miracle GLAS3179
124128Sartoris Dakota Blue of Osiris MAAS3170
125136Khamsin's Ricochet of Tazkatz SEAB3163
126147Razaby Tomahawk NEAB3154
127T145Dixieland Toulouse SERD3138
127T124Blisspurrs Thumm Purr SWSO3138
129218Lightdancers Kobuk NWAB3076
1301516Seraphim's Sully NEPS3022
13115Pewterpaws Will Buffet of Blujeans GPRB3012
1322217Cedarswamp's Lumina of Vintage NWPS2973
133159Ginfree Red Hot Chilli Pepper SEAS2917
1342310Kwivicats Strider of Pacifikatz NWAS2906
1352418Judon Victorian Lace of Katiree NWPS2900
136218Oro Ojos Northern Dancer GPMC2894
137136Cprags A Million To One MARD2875
138169Azala's Rune of Khamsin SEAB2836
139411Bellearis Kenny Brown AAAS2802
140132Kim-Lynn's Littlest Angel SWBU2770
1411612Settler's Raggedy Ann NEAS2755
1421519Brnyfls Allagash Prowler MPMC2741
1432520Antarcin Hank NWMC2725
144204Inkblotz Cubby SCBS2720
1451621Calicoon Casanova GLMC2659
146163Moonlight Night Masked Warrior MPSI2645
147173Belcanto's Tristan NEBI2612
1481713Sol-Mer Tobias GLAS2576
149172Foldilocks Gin Fizz of Mixologies SESF2574
1502119Whozz That Shy Guy Ot Thomcats SCPS2553
15136DK Dansbjerg's Frodo ENNF2534
152222Gargoyles Bare Red Adair SCSX2516
15324Aquazur Querelle SABI2505
1541722Coonyham Kemosabe of Windwalker MPMC2491
15537Ingvald Jorgen Du Fjord Des VikingsESNF2441
1561423MtKittery Rockport of MTNest MAMC2440
157186Toytown's Chablis of Mixologies SETO2422
158184Kulta's Einstein of Kulwicki GLSI2394
159194Rubirex Elegant Anubis SECR2367
160263Rinkurl The Full Monty of Pipkin NWSX2362
1611824Cottercoons Sweet WM of Mightycats MPMC2355
1622725Luvpaws A Torrid Affair of PinecoonNWMC2339
16345Aprilia Silva Leonis A ENBS2326
164T1520Vereinschaft Jingle All The Way MAPS2316
164T286Starcats William Wellington NWRB2316
16636Soloangeles Truman Capote SAHI2290
1671926Lunarcoons Phobos MPMC2286
168206Lochridge Britains Houdini MPBS2267
16935Yum Blueberry Delight of PurrnpinesGPSO2262
17052Carolcollection Zedok AATV2260
1711621Vereinschaft Kula Khud of Carpe MAPS2249
17257Amenophis Mephisto ENOS2245
173296Lotsakatz Lucys Mighty Mad Max NWES2227
174211Capaqua's Casper TFG of Evenstar MPTA2226
175T1814Walnuthollow's Betty Davis Eyes NEAS2222
175T197Ragmar Kyle of Katsdolls GLRD2222
1772010Stoutshill Shawnee Warrior GLAB2199
1782227Mackiekats Barnabus Collins MPMC2189
1792128Nascat's Emercoon Fitipawldi GLMC2169
1802329Chattacoon Calais Skamania Sunrise MPMC2160
181305Abstract's Fridge Magnet NWSI2142
182237Kiwendo Don Giovanni SCTO2130
18367Berenike Silva Leonis A ENBS2126
184630Eternalcoon Rivazza AAMC2110
185317Fyna Kitza Ryans Hope NWHI2108
186143Ala-Poes' Ballatorie of Kim-Lynn SWBU2067
187248The Mj's Haystack SCBS2065
188228Forpaws Commodore GLHI2046
189256Sholine Christopher Robin of Sh'BoiSCSI2039
19072Deutschmeister Karli ENTA2021
191T322Dajarra's Sweet Vanna Brown NWHB2019
191T1522Dyerbee's Paddy of Hooligan SWPS2019
19377Berezakatz A Marcus AASI2014
1941631Kahunacoon's Moorea SWMC2010
1952423Highlite Top Fueler MPPS1967
196338Webtonks Kyoshi NWTO1958
197264Thomcats Glitter And Be Gay SCBO1955
198172Azala's Palisade MAEM1933
199275Rosettea Cabo Wabo of Cabo SCBG1922
200T2324Nordeekat's Maxwell GLPS1921
200T179Fluffdusters Z Z Top SWBS1921

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