Malta Cat Club, Marsa, Malta, October 3, 2010

            Francesca Gagern  SP
            Francesca Gagern  AB

KITTENS                                  FG FG
Precioushearts Twice As Nice         PS  1L  1
Voyabliss Poker Face                 PS  2L  2
Prcioushearts Touch of Gold          PS  3L  3
             Allbreed/Longhair Count      3  3
                     Shorthair Count          

CATS                                     FG FG
Fishbone Victorious                  RD  1L  1
Thueringens Dreams Come True         HI  2L  3
S*Taragona's M. Knopfler of Caramia  ES  1S  2
Bellaluna Mr Brightside of Fishbone  RD  4L  5
San-Fe Vanda of Caramia              ES  2S  4
Monella A Thousand And One Delights  PS  3L   
Caramia Tilt My Halo                 PS  5L   
             Allbreed/Longhair Count      8 10
                     Shorthair Count      2   

ALTERS                                   FG FG
Fishbone Crazy Diamond               RD  2L  1
Precioushearts Lotus Blossom         PS  1L  2
             Allbreed/Longhair Count      2  2
                     Shorthair Count          

HOUSEHOLD PET KITTENS                    FG FG
Cuddles                                  1S  1
             Allbreed/Longhair Count         1
                     Shorthair Count      1   

HOUSEHOLD PETS                           FG FG
Mr Mittens                               1S  1
Sandy                                    1L  2
Troy                                     2L  3
Delilah                                  3L  4
Swifty                                   4L  5
Mr Jinx                                  2S   
Maxi Tikka                               3S   
             Allbreed/Longhair Count      4  7
                     Shorthair Count      3   
This report was prepared by Pascal Rémy (