Mexican Cat Club, Mexico City, Mexico, August 29, 2004

            Don Caruthers  AB

KITTENS                                  DC
El Amante Rashid Eben Amir           AB   1
Melody Lumil of Mexicats             PS   2
El Amante Anuar Eben Amir            AB   3
Nick                                 ES   4
Fiona                                PS   5
             Allbreed/Longhair Count      9
                     Shorthair Count       

CATS                                     DC
Belcats Southern Knights             PS   1
Foxy Violet Solange of Russellcats   HI   2
X-Quisit Ian Mylius of Russellcats   SI   3
Foxy Dominique Brown of Russellcats  PS   4
Mexicats Dinah                       PS   5
             Allbreed/Longhair Count     19
                     Shorthair Count       

ALTERS                                   DC
Nicte Morrone of Mexicats            HI   1
Noe                                  AS   2
Nascat Winston Cup Racer             MC   3
Lucky                                NF   4
             Allbreed/Longhair Count      4
                     Shorthair Count       

HOUSEHOLD PETS                           DC
Piochas                                   1
Bichita                                   2
Tiang Kinng Fu                            3
Corazon                                   4
             Allbreed/Longhair Count      4
                     Shorthair Count       
This report was prepared by Jan Chambers (