2020-2021 Championship Cat Standings: 201-327

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Thu Dec 17 10:43:14 2020.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 201-327
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
2012710Devonity Samwell of Facehuggers NWDR518
202318Mousseecoons Bazinga The Brave MPMC516
203652 Lildarlynns Glitz N Glam SEMNL506
2046624Riterags Rebekah Darling SERD501
205287Imprimis Persimmone NWSFL498
2062911Cheshirelady Remember Me Gorges NWBS491
207165Wolde Moon Maeve EWES489
208674Avrora Leitis John Wick of Rissa SESCL488
2096812 Dinkidi Olivers Yesterday SEBS487
210T343Blueskies Sydney Clawsby Tinylions SCMNL477
210T156Maradan Capitan of Spariver AEES477
2121713Sheephouse Hubba-Bubba EWBS454
2133014Paddington Du Petit Prince of McSmitNWBS452
214697Elon Musk Arkaim*RU SESB448
2153115Floki High Class NWBS446
2163519Myluckystars Cailin Donn SCMC426
217368Scottishfoldery Miss Murphy SCSFL425
218167Castlegate Lacey Lovely of El Rohi AEPS419
2193720Marvelouskoonz Amora SCMC407
2203816Dreamon Argentaalexa of Lotsofspots SCBG399
221707Eliascattery Roxy SESF398
222178Spiritofsiberia Fairy of Soulcat AESB390
223719 Sukhotai Lavender & Lace SEOS386
224728Wyndchymes Arctic Bunny SEJB385
2253917Aloracats Delano SCBG382
2261821Kizzacoons Ace EWMC381
2274025Snugglerags Huckleberry Finn SCRD376
22879Sterlingcatz Zuzu NESB371
2297316Dovon S Warrior SEBS362
230741 LivingLegend Ms Jennifur Lopaws SEPBL360
231185Cello Eledhrim AECR356
232757Melkatz Highhh Hopes SESI353
2337626 Usapurrs Borrowed Time SERD348
234827Buttercupsrags Bonbon NERD346
23518Heavensdoor Wild Stard --BG342
236321Wyldthingz Sue of Volbarre NWSV336
237174Abysaint Freddie Mercury GLAB334
238339Willowblue Creamsicle of Fantcfur NWAS332
239411Kleora Odetta Nefertiti MPDR331
240774Wavemakers I Want It All SESRL320
2413412Skidrose Kettle of Happyhour NWDR316
24256Kitti Kat Infinity Stone MPSR314
243193Kimcatz Back To The Future EWBL313
2442210Sumerwynd Cancion D'Amor MASB312
2457817 Britzohoney William Weasley SEBS311
2463518Moonstruck Brylantowa Elita of McSmiNWBS310
2477919Leonardo SEBG301
248804Chocolatefactry S Yuengling SEMK289
249204Jokers Smile Britfavourite EWBL285
250818Silverstate Jewels of Dappelgrae SEPS281
2518213Bluepaw BMW SEDR279
252414Judyscuties Gabrielle Landesclaw SCMNL278
253832 Harvey of Lakewood Ranch SESV277
254213Kentsavannahs Oliver EWSV272
2553620Columbia River Riker of Shantum NWBG265
2561919Lily AEBS263
257429Kernel's Harvey SCPS259
258849Owhl Skye Dream of Gahlee SESFL258
2592021Dalrae Boss AEBG254
2608510Diehl's Pioroette of Dappelgrae SEPS231
2614314Txelfkatz Hot Little Number SCDR229
2628622Elvis Shaggy Red SEMC226
2634428CajunRagdolls Bonjour SCRD225
2643720Dior Graceville of Idcattery NWBS221
2654511Sunlit Catalyst of Rare Earth SCPS218
2664622Aloracats Calrissian SCBG215
267471Hojpoj Lady Godiva of Accirekatz SCBA209
2682111Soulcat Hakuna Matata Arthur AESB208
269T3823TBastet Exotics Dr Evil NWBG207
269T4823TExotiquebengals DD Heartbreaker SCBG207
271T87T23TDawntreader Nebula o Sportingfields SEMC205
271T87T23TSportingfields telling Tales SEMC205
2733925Tikka Sky Wild Star NWBG203
2741825Furkats Burberry Dr Chatterhorn GLMC202
275T8921Bodaciousbrits Mr Darcy SEBS200
275T493Shiekspurr Calzone SCHI200
277T25Kitti Kat Jovian SWSRL193
277T90T2Thaityme Ranger Ripley SEKM193
277T90T7Shelgren Kinda Big Dill of Tiniru SESX193
280329Snugglerags Dream Weaver SWRD188
2815026Lagallerie Mocha Doodle SCBG187
282927Atzelhof's Frozen Olaf of TrueCurls SESR181
2839310Taffi Marvet & Moya Lubov SESFL179
2841930Fuzzybunz Finn of Castlereign GLRD178
285405Excellentgrimunch Aramis NWMK177
2865127Boutiquecats Adagio SCBG176
2879428Southlynn Vanilla Ripples SEBG175
288209Ginchika Heart to Heart GLJB167
2895229Aloracats Jamison SCBG165
2905331Cajunragdolls Cheyenne Mankiller SCRD163
2919532Compasscatz Merak Marina SERD160
2925426Sportingfields Joy of Dawntreader SCMC158
293T418Dramatails Fireman Sam NWSR155
293T55T8Miracle Almighty Erebus God-of-DarknSCSX155
293T55T30Wildrosebengals Jax of Lotsofspots SCBG155
296573Somalissa Ezzie of Howlingcoyote SCSO154
2979610Willowblue's Nimue SEAS153
298973Fluffy Grace Eclat/WC SESCS152
299588KLM Just4fawn of Tersanctus SCSI150
3009812 Lorena Snejnaya Zima SESB149
301215Pawcitys Amelia Got Heart GLMNL148
3029931 BoydsBengals Sterling Star SEBG145
303423Carmen Kattleya Cattleya*PL NWRB144
3042315Cali Peaches of Masters ALC MADR143
3054322McSmitten Funfetti of Beauty Tracks NWBS142
30610011Avrora Leitis Jaqueline Lee Bouvier SESFL139
307449Hairlessheaven Nalas Scoutnfanny NWSX137
30810127Furkats Mountaineer Kristoff SEMC135
3092432Kubera Fardin/WC MABG131
3101023Rakiscats Anyya SEOL130
3114533Sansoucicats Juraj Torch Bearer NWBG123
3124610Saturnsphynx Meowi of Crystalmtn NWSX120
313472Kaperkats Hawkeye NWPBL117
314T2234Dalbong Aces AEBG116
314T4828Larhae Sophia of Kindredcoon NWMC116
316T23T33Deardolls Sweet May of Flowerdolls AERD104
316T23T23TErik Goldenbri AEBS104
316T23T23TRex of Bring Joy AEBS104
319256Olivewavz Unsinkable Molly Brown MACR95
320T26T35Catridingtrees Lala AEBG93
320T26T25Chupa Chups Iz Doma Mironovoy AEBS93
320T26T34TFarandoll Parang of Deardolls AERD93
320T2229Furrcats Burberry Vintage GLMC93
320T26T34THoney AERD93
325913 Sterlingcatz Heaven NESB86
3263036Drlrae Boss AEBG82
327594New Destiny Tiramisu of Shiekspurr SCHI79