2020-2021 Alter Standings

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Thu Dec 17 10:43:14 2020.

RankAlter Standings
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
111Iruskha Rocketman SEOC10451
221Purrstar Prince Charming SEHI10309
331Facehuggers Drunken Lullabies SEDR10206
441Featherland Martin of Andredie SENF9138
511Riterags Glacier Ice MARD8975
651Blue Isles Misha/CF SESI8601
711Tersanctus Be Radiant of KLM SCOL8490
811Rockinashi Jatukamramthep GLKM8350
922Catamea Summer Painted Lady MANF7884
1061Design Swagger Blue SEBS7199
1171Sassietat Aj Dude SEMC6649
1282Zanbaia Bo SESI6431
1321Kayserai Suleyman SCTV6380
1491Nfusion Bella Donna SEBO6110
15101Catpal Pyotr Pan of Kattarose SEKBL5783
16111Pioronti Porcia of Samlilah SEPS5689
1731Purr Elli Light Em Up/CF SCES5391
1811Ironforge Storm Cloud NWAS5094
1941HowlingCoyote Dogberry SCSO4911
20121Wavemakers Kingslayer of Dinkidi SESR4713
2121Columbia River Stone Free NWBG4681
22132K-La Trubrit Travis of Katzablanka SEBS4662
23142Panei's Duke Venomania/CF SEES4404
2431Etonnant Ophelia of Mahina/CF NWTA4364
2511Mistysprings Shwing!/CF SWCY4143
2632Tailspin Ruger in Full Auto MABG3972
2751Starghatts Osirus of Txsbirmans SCBI3933
2861Urbansafari Valkyrie SCSV3858
2941Kaylee's Spirit/CF MACR3842
30151Highlandkatz Tangled up in Blue SESRL3746
31162Kaylee's Exclusive Kisses SECR3565
32171Sterlingcatz Dynamic Dmitry SESB3507
33182Synergy Quasar of Roadsend SEOL3333
34192Raggymay Claudette of Sal-Shire SERD3243
35203Autumsun Blue Moon SEOL3221
3622Willowblue Capt Nickelas GLAS3020
37212Calicoon Stormy Weather SEMC3012
3843Skan Deja Bleu of Flambo NWSI2956
3932Suavere's Dark Secret of Penobsc/CF GLPS2690
4043Willowblue Miss Dior of Chrischat GLAS2594
4113Diamond Dust's Amateras/CF AENF2593
4212Sterlingcatz Willoughby NESB2470
43223Katzeye Faster Than A Silver Bullet SEPS2411
4454Geishagoll Cloud NWSI2396
4563McSmitten Coco Cupcake NWBS2357
46231Miamber Whisky A Go Go SEBU2346
47241Autumsun Chocolate Stout SEBA2274
48251Karissimakat Ryujin of Blueyonder SEOS2271
4914Simcris Tickles Your Fanci EWPS2262
5053VSKbengals Silver Bullet MABG2247
5125El Rohi's Cho AEPS2162
52261Bravura Vanilla Latte SEAB2147
5334Hybritish Lorian Heim AEBS2086
5444Silvercastle Tiramisu AEBG2035
5561Tylona's Blue Diamond of Gememerald MARB1992
5674Endelosglede Thor NWNF1939
5725Xzibit High Voltage EWBS1921
5885Ripcity Nephthys NWBG1901
5953Deardolls Oppenheimer Blue Bear AERD1895
6076Traipse Hugs N Kisses SCBG1878
6193Forest Star Natasha NWSB1781
6237Brockenmoor Avalox of Devinespirts EWBG1775
6346Zenedique Georgie Porgie EWPS1772
64104Czarina Vezdra NWSB1752
6555Sayadaws Asgard Amitola EWSB1712
6682Radiance Endeavour of Hojpoj SCOS1696
67116Forest Star Boris NWSB1682
6895Fantarja Ondine of Forestkatz SCNF1588
69272Wavemakers Breath Osnow and Ashes SESR1567
7068Typhast Kimi of Ziggian EWBG1508
7166Bluedryad Cracker Jack AENF1507
7273Perzot Ben Rothlesberger/CF MAES1489
73T281 Ginchika Hakuna Matata SEJB1474
73T123Dramatails Sonic The Hedgehog NWSR1474
75T10T2Mistysprings Hello Gorgeous! SCCY1455
75T10T7Bayoumoon Lil Bit-of-Honey/CF SCPS1455
77292Purr-Star Cosmic Event SEHI1452
78309Boydsbengals Ground Breaker SEBG1420
7974GB Coolbritannia Octopussy EWRD1318
8087Kattjewels Espeon EWNF1299
81312 A1 Xquisicats Jazz-Man SEAB1288
8296Xzibit Bear Hug EWBS1269
8388Woodspirit's Fibonacci of Waveland MAPS1188
84125CajunRagdolls Painted Warrior SCRD1177
85133Sir Bentley Bigglesworth SCHI1171
861410Wildrosebengals Jax of Lotsofspots SCBG1114
87T78Bluedryad Margo AENF1098
87T323Bearbrook Mac Dubh of Kapekatz SEAB1098
89333Compass Rose Fancmagccharm of Kuki SEOS1078
90156Cajunragdolls Creme de La Creme SCRD1018
91344Wavemakers Starchaser SESR981
921011Butterflybengal Perseus EWBG945
9387Schneeballen Macaron AESB914
941612Lagallerie Smore Mocha Ripple SCBG910
9552Whitegemcattery Campanablanco GLKM909
96174Karissimakat Colonel Parker SCHI907
97111Shalnavazz Apple Cider EWSX903
98351Americurlzz Libbys Along Came Nod SEAC894
9994Willowblue General Jeb Stuart MAAS803
100364 Quincess Tumbling Dice of Ku-Ki SEOS800
1011213Xanadubenglas Tildy EWBG773
102371Scottishfoldery Kylie Ren SESFL754
10392Golden Dew Simba AEDR753
104107Vavidoll Don't Stop Me Now AERD720
105132Kristilmist Baccoura Bleu of RunasouEWSX708
1063814Boydsbengals Breakofday SEBG702
107105Willowblue's Jeb Stuart MAAS656
108398Highlanddolls Essex SERD654
10963Furkats Macallan Single Malt GLMC645
110404Autumsun Little Boy Blue SEOL602
111119Bluedryad Unspoilt AENF601
1121210Bluedryad Beojji AENF589
1131115Kubera Darling/WC MABG566
114139Appledolls Yakamoz AERD559
115185KLM Glace Noire O Chanlokmeow SCOS549
116138Wintermist Rocket Man of Cozycoons NWSB539
1171416Dalbong Miru AEBG538
1181510Deardolls Lakus Bear AERD524
119166Lamagiechat's Teddy Bear AEAS506
120145Dramatails Like A Boss NWSR473
1211711Bluedryad Embla AENF458
122181Roundbri Wolverine Tad AEBL452
123411Capital Heights Braveheart SESF442
1241917Marbleous Samson of Hellokitty SCBG437
125206Hojpoj Hans Solo of Radiance SCOS436
1261911Appledolls Nacl AERD435
1274218BoydsBengals Snow Breaker SEBG418
128204Yoshi Neco*DV Elisey AEMC412
129432Capital Heights King Macbeth SESF392
13029Sterlingcatz Dennis the Menace NESB376
131445Furkats Libery SEMC374
1322119Boutiquecats Asher SCBG342
133211Hybritish Allen Kai AEHS325
1342220Aloracats Savatar SCBG322
135310Sterlingcatz Rafferty NESB302
1362312Cajundoll Matonka SCRD298
137223Golden Dew Lucy AEDR290
138127Queen Ashley Blu MABS282
139247Sleepy Eyes Too Shiny Shy SCOS273
140258Ouachita The Notorious McGregor SCBS265
1412311Schneeballen Irene Aka Somsom AESB255
142151McSmitten Dailuaine Gidget NWSCS253
1432413Cookiedoll Endymion AERD248
144453Thaityme London Bleu SEKM247
145263Scantilyclad Sweet Honey Kisses SCSX240
146256Bebecoon Nana AEMC232
1472714Cajunragdolls Kateri SCRD188
148469Chaldee Freedom of Ashaby SEBS170
149472Starstrutter's Tahitian Pearl/CF SEBU169
1502815Cajunragdolls Tatonka SCRD143
1512616Vavidoll Eugene AERD134
152294Scantilyclad Midnight Dragonfly SCSX122
153489 Kashmirkatz Puff the Magic Dragon SEPS120
1542721Catridingtrees Narsha AEBG60