2019-2020 Household Pet Kitten Standings

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Thu Feb 20 20:45:15 2020.

RankHousehold Pet Kitten Standings
Int'l Regn Name Rgn Score
11Shes Got It SE6561
22Kokopelli of Willowblue SE6144
31Yes SW6106
41Gigi of Curlzz SC5964
53Myspecial Angel SE5760
6Just'A Cowboy --5537
71Iissammy MP5528
84Hava Cappuccino of Carolinameows SE5483
95Dapper Dan of Willowblue SE5353
101Stoffel Maximus Su-St.Amour NW5320
112Xena MP5270
123Atheena MP5266
132St Nick Swagmeister SW5254
146Lil Redd Riding Hood SE5148
152Bootylicious of Dramatails NW5090
163Hana Swagmeister Tres SW5048
172Red Headed Stranger of Conexa SC5047
181Here Comes Treble GL5029
194Avery MP5023
207Cyrus SE5021
214Phat Baby SW5011
228Black Magik SE5007
239Countess Georgia On My Mind SE4965
241Girl On Fire MA4962
251Louis Strongarm NE4927
265Danny Boy Swagmeister SW4911
27Sarine --4891
2810Lil' Bit of Mystery SE4848
293Mud Pie of Lagallerie SC4776
305Rusty MP4736
311Minnie Me EW4732
322Cream Caramel EW4721
333Buckbeak Thomas Charles NW4708
342Diego De La Vega NE4675
354Morris Marcel Su-St. Amour NW4554
364Rlar Virgil Earp SC4484
376Blaze SW4445
385Lazarus of Somsinai NW4341
395Rlar Stan Lee SC4303
406Kaleeah Sky NW4257
416Puddles of Lagallerie SC4248
423Ruby Solo EW4241
437Rlar Jonathan Scott SC4157
444GB Ming The Merciless EW4118
457April Swagmeistertoo SW4106
465Kadala EW4102
478Dante Silver SW4035
4811Super Necessary SE4005
496Rupert The Bear EW4004
5012Sir Princess Moon of Tiniru SE4000
519Sassette Swagmeister V SW3959
522All you Need Is Love MA3894
536Picasso MP3886
547Jinsher EW3861
558Asher of Tehuacana SC3819
562Wicket Wystri GL3817
573Synergy Imp GL3810
5810Karma SW3741
593Nestlequick MA3729
609Rlar Drew Scott SC3720
618Apollo Too EW3608
624Princess Mia GL3590
637Gibson NW3557
643Pikachu of Dachakoshka NE3542
657Bunny MP3534
668Hipi NW3530
674Courtney MA3520
684Onyx NE3506
699Callie NW3491
7011Fairytaleragdol Kou SW3468
7113It's Me Again SE3453
725Boots NE3407
738Rockey MP3370
749Smokey MP3359
7510Prince Aslan SC3347
7611Princess Mona-Lisa SC3336
779Georgy Porgy EW3275
7814Dunkinn SE3266
7912Shave Anda Haircut of Howlingcoyote SC3211
8010Monty EW3107
8113Donatello Sno Xu SC3061
8210Chewy MP2938
831Tom of Skydolls ES2923
845Primrose GL2920
8511Dennis EW2901
8612Angel SW2841
8712Snowball EW2837
8814Rlar Morgan Earp SC2736
8913Ash SW2702
9015Chili's Itty Bitty Pepper SE2637
916Victor GL2621
927Netty GL2510
9316Lil Willow of Willowblue SE2494
9417Marisol SE2475
9511Frosty Snowstorm MP2434
9614Micah SW2289
9710Lazzarous NW2266
9812ImBambi MP2257
998Yennifer GL2239
10018Coppelias of Montgomery SE2223
10115Ziggy of Aloracats SC2167
10219Red Phoenix of Kapekatz SE2116
10315Banksy SW2093
104T20Reality of Blueyonder SE2089
104T11Junior O NW2089
1069Moonshine of Starkittie GL2075
10721Humphrey Bogart SE2045
10813Black Magic EW2042
10910Thumbelina GL2032
11022Mayor Pete SE2001
1111Cottonsito SA1980
11212Creme Caramel NW1974
11323Tulsi Gabbard SE1968
11416Nova of Celestial Spots SC1939
11516Babbette SW1928
1165Lady Gaga of Doktari MA1924
117T6Winston NE1863
117T11Mango GL1863
11912Millie GL1855
12017Swagmeister Hana Tes SW1853
12113Opai GL1850
12214Nancy GL1841
1237Pygmalion of Korrigan NE1836
124T24Satchel Paige SE1814
124T8Penelope of Korrigan NE1814
12625Majikk SE1811
12714Dazelem Mr Moriarty EW1803
12815Tiger Lily EW1802
12915Princeton GL1796
13013Puff Puff Pass of Valyria NW1793
1319Chocolate Chip Kisses NE1786
13214Jambu NW1778
133TTed E Bear --1735
133T1Moka AE1735
13515Janipurr NW1734
13616Spyder GL1710
13716Zoltun Kulle EW1679
13826Gryphon of Kapekatz SE1665
13917Matilda GL1662
14016Wrigley NW1660
14118Biscuit Maker SW1654
1421Templebar Dalcassians Folly EN1650
14310Lypercha Paloma Belaria NE1631
14417Java Jeaux of Careycats SC1606
14513Starkist Charlie Nep-Tuna MP1605
14627Jolene SE1604
14728Dubyah SE1591
14817Lily NW1583
14918Jeddi NW1580
15029Sunny Joe SE1579
15111Sheeba NE1566
152T19Zina Z NW1550
152T14Sir Sprinter of Cattdom MP1550
152T30Andrew Yang SE1550
15520Skinisin Archibald of Rexalot NW1547
156T21Tallon NW1510
156T18Puck GL1510
15815Sweet Potato MP1497
15931Skippy SE1490
16012Kingsley Reginald Lynch of MadisonsdNE1478
16116Penny MP1466
16217Mistymogwai Bodhi EW1461
16322Chase of Mollywood NW1434
16432A Nilla The Hun E Cat SE1430
16519Peeta GL1417
16623Jazzpurr NW1407
16733Chili's Itty Bitty Cinnamon SE1399
16818Colby of Tehuacana SC1390
16913Fiona NE1379
1701Marsa AW1364
17119Boos Rhinestone Radar of Bluerags SC1347
1722Amy of Flodocats ES1340
17334Kiss Don't Tell of Tntdolls SE1322
17420Botiquecats Wynken Blynken And Nod SC1320
1753Lovealot Stella McCartney ES1319
176T17Johnnie Angel MP1314
176T21Frizzle Fred The Magnificent SC1314
17820Flight for Life GL1308
17924Java Benti NW1301
18021Monet GL1300
18135Garrett SE1291
18218Billy EW1287
183T36Shes Got The Look SE1286
183T2Leona SA1286
18537Fort Gordon USA SE1282
18638Figaro of Curlzz SE1280
18722Quentin Terrortino SC1276
1884Gribouille ES1270
18918Jack MP1262
19025Rusty Rumplestiltskin NW1247
19126Lyra NW1235
19222Percy GL1224
193T14Reko the Red NE1220
193T3Pororoca SA1220
193T2Marie Regan EN1220
193T23Klondike's Polar Expurress SC1220
19727Milo NW1214
19819Kismet SW1179
19920Thumper SW1163
20024Manfred SC1160
20139Chili's Itty Bitty Spice SE1155
2022Artesano Rumba Diblue AE1153
20323Petunia GL1147
2044Tigo SA1143
20524Paisley GL1131
20625Grayson GL1123
207T3TYukiho Fanagoria Sparkling EN1120
207T25Georgina SC1120
207T3TEstrella EN1120
2103Hibiki Takeuchi AE1119
21126Buzzy GL1053
21227Cocoa Bell of Ringapurr GL1033
21328Northern Lily of Catcurls NW1017
2142Dodo AW1000
21528Zoe Silver Charm Homespun GL994
21619Adria EW977
21740Taffi SE967
2184Gurugurudaimao AE950
21921Divinedonskoy Belle SW945
2206Catasaurus Rex MA940
22119Winona MP927
2223Xiaobai AW924
22320Oasis MP910
22441Chili's Little Roo SE898
22542Claude SE890
22643Misstach Love of Tntdolls SE881
22729Oliver NW841
2285Nezumikozou AE780
22944Landon SE758
23021Minou MP753
23130Primrose Binx NW747
23222Freddie MP728
23322Divinedonskoy Simba SW720
23420Juno EW665
2355Louie ES660
23631Jinx Grey NW659
23745Chili's Baby Bull SE653
23829Johnna GL624
239T46Lucy McDonald SE621
239T32Java Bean NW621
2416Seika Takeuchi AE609
24247Lyanna Mormont SE595
24330Didi GL585
24423Fluffer Nuffer MP582
2457Gojyuuou Siri Jr AE560
24633Galileo of Dramatails NW550
24724Marshmallow Cream MP537
2485Boholdt Daimi EN511
24921Hakuna Matata of Talvarna EW481
25022Master Bates of Peachtails EW480
25123Milky Mimi EW467
25248Toot SE423
25349Norma Jean SE354
25431Perry GL353
2556Primpreau's Fred Flinstone EN352
25650Kendra SE331
25751Lovebug SE326
25852Baghera SE325
25923Squeak SW303
26025Blackberry MP301
26134Purr Purr Pass of Valyria NW214
26226Eddie SC181
26324Mz Fanzi Pantz of Blacktie SW161
26426Twinkie MP126
26553Peggy Sue SE124
26654Chloe SE115
26727Halloween Bennett SC110
26832Trina GL78
26955Kingston SE71
27056Kevin SE64