2019-2020 Championship Cat Standings: 601-754

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sun Aug 18 17:25:32 2019.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 601-754
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
60117Mowglis Slatestone of Woodmore AS214
60255Boardwalkexotic Razzo of Novabengal BG211
6032Arohanui's BC Marcelle LP209
60466Fivestarsz Best Mishka MC204
605T67TSilverfern Femme Ftale MC203
605T67TJustcoons Most Van Ted MC203
60778Methodius One In A Million RD200
608T56Elysian Stardust of Sakura BG198
608T7Bodaciousbrits Tussy Mussy BL198
61079Rich Meow Princess of Wanqian Cat RD195
61157Batifoleurs Kobe of KTLC BG194
612T23TShadeaby Topaz of A1 Xquisicats AB193
612T23TRuric Igra Sveta AB193
612T80Rimggo Raganddoll RD193
612T12Kaylee's Xena CR193
6164Vontaunusnebel Alinga AUM192
617T21Sterlingcatz Zuzu SB189
617T26Makdissy Apollo BS189
619T69Wistariantale Tabris of Ohedo MC186
619T81Mirumkitty Apollon RD186
62127Dramatica Show Me The Money BS185
622T28Sha Te BS184
622T27Pearlypond Best Boyfriend Ever PS184
624T4Allafold Mr Milky Way SCS182
624T29Petit House Alex BS182
624T70Katahdinpines Dahlia MC182
627T71Wistariantale Jack Sparrow MC181
627T82Paramountcy Power Girl RD181
62983Blumenkatzen Sharon Stone RD178
630T58Angelicbengals Valent of Willowblue BG177
630T3Alistsavannahs Princess Nina SV177
630T30Livepool's Enzo/WC BS177
63372Marikoons Frida of AtLastCats MC174
634T22Windrifter Dreamcatcher SB173
634T59Gross Pet Braydem BG173
63684Furreal Piper of Angelpride RD171
637T7Magic Thai Goblin's Joringel TH170
637T73Kiyaras Perpetuum Mobile MC170
63960Sandstorm BG169
64028Treveri Elizabeth of Sanpietro PS168
64113Ranchcats Belle SI167
64261Kinggbengalcat Sovereignn of Bengal7BG166
6434Elizabete's Cesarion SF165
64418Cattery Tamas Toyokazu AS164
645T31Delicious Princess Princess BS162
645T22Fantcfur Tayshia of Simplynude SX162
647T32Xija Elandrea BS160
647T9Marvee-Lus Purrypants BU160
647T19Clowntowns Tim McClaw AS160
647T74Boston Legal of Night and Eclipse MC160
65110Burmaleus Kimberly BU159
652T33Vanilla Sky von Den Wasserkatzen BS158
652T23Gektor Mur Amur SB158
654T85Memedoll Rain RD157
654T2Fiorire Lina CX157
654T62Born To Be Kind Effie BG157
65763Arkham Irma of Eqiustice BG156
658T8Tiana Bonicat of Kimcatz BL155
658T8Sandypoints Judy2shoes of Ozarkcats TH155
658T20Mimiy Jewel's Pink-Parachute Poyo AS155
658T6Candy May Rara RB155
6623Marimaki Hiro TO154
66386Sunnyshores Bahama Mama RD153
664T18Sandsilk Romie DR152
664T23Miracle Almighty Erebus God-of-DarknSX152
66624Hairlessnakids Bon Bon SX151
66734Martin Infante Lucky BS149
66887Ivyroseragdolls Michelangelo David RD147
669T35Starbeam A Farewell To Kings BS146
669T21Moonrapin Poppo of Sangureis AS146
671T88The Blue Lion Veronica RD145
671T24Qarim Iz Primorskij of Sayadaws SB145
671T2Leatherandlace Bug A Boo PP MCP145
67489Farfalla Zsa Zsa Amour RD144
675T25Wang Zi of Lingchong Ge SX143
675T5Marble Sky Dora The Explorer SF143
675T75Bajacoon Joaquim MC143
678T6Xenia Amagitsune*ru OC142
678T36Raphael Rauschencattery BS142
680T25Zabava Barselit of Moubanicats SB141
680T64TTangocruz BG141
680T64TSansoucicats Kiara BG141
680T3Arohanui's BC Chocolate Moose LP141
684T90Farandoll Ichinosuke of Laladoll RD140
684T37Viva Vogue Prince BS140
684T26Sophia Taiga Star*ru Cmaterrace SB140
687T38Star Wave Santa BS139
687T91TRockcreek Artemis Kori RD139
687T25Greenville Xavi AB139
687T91TBlossom Princess Sugarplum RD139
691T76TDolce Bestiya Charlize MC138
691T76TMainesail Jackson Dancer MC138
693T14Shadycombe Glen Keith SI137
693T78Quinoa Imagine Glamour MC137
693T26Gollum Cat Gino of Lingchong Ge SX137
693T66Glitznspotz Simba of Bengalsofccr BG137
697T39Usain Bolt von Den Wasserkatzen BS136
697T93Laladoll Emma RD136
699T6Sharmila Ideal-Liya/WC SF135
699T94TRagmatical Nimbus RD135
699T15Hollowhills Little Red Corvette ES135
699T27Daniella Mur Portia SX135
699T94TCH Ragben Land Cindy RD135
704T6Somalissa Elisha of Somaliann SO132
704T96Pedigreeragdoll Princess Snowy RD132
704T16Kadokits Joanna Rose ES132
707T1Yunamari Abrek KB131
707T3Montesol Coco MK131
70967Sonoita Valentina BG130
7109Shiekspurr Tuscany HI129
711T2Specialagent Shield PB128
711T28Foyan SX128
713T68Arkham Imra of Equistice BG125
713T27Strawberry Baby Shantan SB125
713T97Catsidol Raizin Goemon RD125
71629Diamond Rain Konfetti PS123
717T28Preciousjewels Flame Prince SB122
717T17Carriekatz Downton ES122
717T98Blumenkatzen Nefertite RD122
720T7Casquedor Lady Edomond RB120
720T79Ca Happy Cat Blues MC120
722T18Ladiluck Gypsy of Hollowhills/CF ES119
722T80Calicoon Cooper MC119
724T40Pet Station Tank Top Fit BS118
724T69Corsicana Bog of Catpardo BG118
726T41Petit House Hygeia BS117
726T3OhSerenite Gitanne MCP117
72819Aroanui Reuben Redfellow DR115
729T42Tempesta Silver Utah BS107
729T7Queen Arm's Moonligth SF107
729T70Minamifuji Racco Lala BG107
73271Simplyblessed Painted Lady BG105
7339Sayadaws Mazikeen Child From Lilith BL104
734T30Weiss Graciosa Nikita PS100
734T4Tammany's Mon Cherie PP MCP100
736T9Tiny Tim Snickerdoodle SG96
736T43Star Wave Maria BS96
736T4Mi-ko Family Guli MK96
736T31Me Home Chanku/ID PS96
736T22Artemisiacat Jafa of Mowglis AS96
74181Black Bandit Wild Peark, CZ MC95
74299Blossom Thyme of Wasatchragdolls RD93
74382Paris Caesar Kockohratky MC89
74410Ninamarl Fuku BL88
7454Tribeexotics Tishala SV86
746T8Kidbyland Elise SF85
746T29Iton Best Show*ru SX85
746T7Chateaumane Frank Incense TA85
74944Romeo BS80
75032Mandai's Mr. Sandman PS79
75133Weiss Soberana Rowena PS78
75219Zendique Bolt From Thu Blue ES76
7539Cloudcity Emily TH75
754100Blue Dolls Roza/FI RD71