Estimated Standings by Region, 2020 - Mid-Pacific

Rank Name Breed Score
1Kleora Glenn Luke DR6380
2Bluedryad Jackpot of Bewitched NF6324
3Raksha Zipitydoodah of Mcinkats OS2087
45Starrags Dakota RD1786
5Solanaranch Let The White Dove Sing BG1394
6Elamante Kalaf of Kikiandco AB1270
7Auryn Shades MC1101
8Adorabledolls Mateo of 5starrags RD1097
9Newans Miraculuos Marvel SX1056
10Fractal Play With Magic BG985
11Norcalspeakeasy Truffles Fairy Dust MNL935
12Kazakh's E-Mini Dow Jones Futures RB633
13Ttcats Elvis Pawsley MCP592
14Miragecats BC Sir Gregor LP504
15Susens Make Me Proud SR493
16Mowglis Sherlock Holmes SF458
17Simplyblessed Mary Poppins BG385
18Kleora Giordano Bruno DR341
19Panei's Betty Blue ES320
20Fujicats Oreo DR307
21Mywish Eclipse PS285
22Willowtreerags Cosmic Attraction RD258
23Dolly Chiny Yip Man RD254
24Tailsrus Mazikeen Ofthe Lilim KBL204
25Boundingmaines Galen MC198
26Finerpointrags Jolene Dolly RD176
27Miragecats BC Sir Sandor LP120
Championship Cats
Rank Name Breed Score
1Purrsia Emmeline PD8747
2Toy Tricksy Bonboncito of Chanteuse PS5893
3Kiwendo Chewbacca of Elevated TO5324
4Wildernesswell Margay Metamorphosis BG2702
5Mainesuspect Tatyana of Whatatrill MC2432
6Kitti Kat Terra Infinita SR2342
7Simplyblessed Arctic Summer BGL1646
8Dare2bnaked Hollywood Moovie Night SX1634
9Furreal Cristianas Blue Angel RD1598
10Honningkatt Demyx of Bewitched NF1530
11Dracoonfly Harry of Whatatrill MC1339
12Jungletime Belly Dancer of Fractal BG1289
13Nu Moons Savannah DR1248
14Chanteuse I Put A Spell On You PS905
15Susens The Curl Rider SR819
16Simplyblessed Lotus Lady BG625
17Scantilyclad I Am Groot SX540
18Adorabledolls Crystal Blu Shariann RD537
195starrags Dakota RD460
20Adorabledolls Katrice Elayna RD438
21Singville Princess Cirilla SG407
22Ttcats Ushi of Mousseecoons MC373
23Royal Elf Dzidzo of Nu Moon/FI DR276
24Starbeam A Farewell To Kings BS146
25Raphael Rauschencattery BS142
26Arohanui's BC Chocolate Moose LP141
27Ragmatical Nimbus RD135
28Simplyblessed Painted Lady BG105
29Blossom Thyme of Wasatchragdolls RD93
30Blue Dolls Roza/FI RD71
Rank Name Breed Score
1Chipmunk Ibeeza Lil Dragon OS10410
2Synergy Pollux of St Valentine BA2832
3Tajhara License To Chill of Senrabe SO2110
4Purrsia Theophile Gautier PD2066
5Havannurs Loose Cannon TA1696
6Dare2bnaked Lord Wesley SX1528
7Bridlewood Ink On Mink BG852
8Vision Rock Starr ES846
9Sineglazka Tiberius Maximus SB831
10Bravo Siegfried NB693
11Senrabe's Hikaru Hoshi OS617
12Halima Honeigh Bear Hera TV538
13Pattnchat Nutella Coco Cupcake/CF DR305
14Velpaws Blue Djinn SI293
15Shanna's Candy Cane/FI MC283
16Mymains Jacques MC253
17Sineglazka Maximilian SB158
18Sarsenstone Lucilla of St Valentine TH147
Household Pet Kittens
Rank Name Score
1Iissammy 5144
2Starkist Charlie Nep-Tuna 1605
3Sir Sprinter of Cattdom 1550
4Johnnie Angel 1314
5Winona 927
6Minou 753
7Freddie 728
8Fluffer Nuffer 582
9Marshmallow Cream 537
10Blackberry 301
11Sweet Potato 207
12Oasis 163
13Twinkie 126
Household Pets
Rank Name Score
1Rambo 8622
2Daddys Bella Notte 8612
3Ted E Bear Fleuff 6029
4Imnottyme Imanother Star 5880
5Catbury Bunny of QT 3015
6Patrick 2757
7Herbie The Lovebug 2374
8Brianna 2250
9Charlie Bleu 1836
10Mudpuppy 1770
11Brochette 1521
12Lady Pom Pom 1462
13Maxie 1300
14Casper Tito 1197
15Gaea Coalette 1100
16Sheldon 1061
17A Moment In Tyme 953
18Aglaea Graycie 767
19Bansky 746
20Fraiser 720
21Lulu Muck 632
22Chocolategem Onyx 588
23Tanner 333
24Purrfect Pebbles The Rebel 324
25King George The Purrd 280
26Tabatha 177
27Iissammy 163
28Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 162
29Powder Puff 144
30Purrscilla Queen From The Desert 137
31Zephyrus Mero Dio 71