2018-2019 Kitten Standings: 1402-1600

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Thu May 9 11:34:06 2019.

RankKitten Standings: 1402-1600
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
1402T149173Whatatrill Wildest Dream ENMC793
1402T13716Siamotal Graceful Nasrin ESPD793
1404T138130Ginger Badi'a ESBG792
1404T10416Amelia La Noory of McSmitten NWBL792
140611166Dnilesphynx Midnight Rendezvous SCSX791
140721430Dana AWCR790
1408T74131Starlight Tiffany Dreamcatcher EWBG789
1408T215174Chocolate AWMC789
1410T112175Happytrills Followed By Moon Shadow SCMC788
1410T10911Delicious Yuzu AESCS788
1412T21649Zhenxi's Litchi AWES786
1412T150132Bengamin Jon Snow ENBG786
1412T1051Catcurls BC Mikita NWLP786
141510722Shelli Vasan's Halwa At Rissa SESF785
1416T217133Linyna Tomas AWBG784
1416T1002Catsgomeow Canadian Princess NEBM784
14181109Sansen Asuka AECX781
1419T21867Funnycat's Qiandui AWSX780
1419T6239Synergy Yowza Gallifrey MAOS780
1419T113T29Ranchcats Boss SCSI780
1419T113T8Cloudcity Karawek SCTH780
14236310Kattalyst Tater Tot MATA779
1424T60T134Lovelyrita Cepita SABG778
1424T60T68Betunes Fragon SASX778
142621975Britycat Ayw AWBS776
1427T1393Hussuriamber Atos ESTG775
1427T15152Des Cavalier Oreada of Dushara ENAB775
14296241Claricats Ursula SASB774
1430T11128Marsparadise Forte of Amour AEAS773
1430T6317Qamra Diva Catita SABL773
1430T101135Snowtundra Lonestar Trigger NEBG773
1433T11275Leostar Black Minbal of Chatoublie AEPS772
1433T10616FelineCurly Clementine NWSR772
1433T7576Goldkrystals All That Jazz EWBS772
1436T456Divinedonskoy Optimus Maximus SWDSK771
1436T113136Dalbong Miru AEBG771
1438114153Vavidoll Mordred AERD769
14397677North Golden Lean EWBS767
144011569Z-Sakil Murland Best SCSX766
144146154Rubyridgerags Grayson Blu SWRD765
1442T15225Lukor-Fold&Hurma Altay ENSFL764
1442T11649AZWegie Mark SCNF764
14444710Preciouscurls Smudge SWACL763
14451086Havacat's Kateagain Teamaker SEHB762
1446117155Sierogatos Bjorn SCRD761
1447T14070W-Omega Esmeralda Azul ESSX760
1447T220156Burberry AWRD760
1449T77176Kizzacoons Jack Sparrow EWMC759
1449T7710Pocus La Luna Sangre of Becharmed GLSCL759
1451153137Dipavali Bengal Orion ENBG758
1452T141157Methodius One In A Million ESRD757
1452T10750Valyria Short Stack With Bacon NWES757
1452T15416BurMau Bibigon ENBU757
1452T7878Salsa Van De Nekker EWBS757
1456T7979Kolinga Catelyn EWBS756
1456T155177Batman of Caramel ENMC756
1456T14236De Barra Regnum Amoris, CZ ESDR756
1459T108158Izzadorablerags Abigail NWRD755
1459T484Eeyaa Singit SWTG755
1459T2218Sweet AWMK755
146214311Remus Lupin du Mont Royal ESLY754
1463T222T178Yomi's Cat Niu Niu AWMC753
1463T11830Ranchcats Loki Morning SCSI753
1463T222T138Batifoleurs Maserati AWBG753
146664179Tremethick Brooks MAMC752
1467T78T40Synergy Alpha Centauri GLOS751
1467T78T51Carriekatz Downton GLES751
146915615Tuiscalo's First Kiss ENBI749
147022480Mia AWBS748
14711573Ondine Du Jardin D'Elise ENEM747
147210242Dachakoshka Anatoly NESB746
1473809Synergy Zaniah GLOL745
1474T14471W-Dania Esmeralda Azul ESSX744
1474T65180Ruffians Depeche Mode of Coonalley MAMC744
1476T14541In Extremis Offenbach ESOS743
1476T11931Quinoa SCSI743
1476T8152Carriekatz Countess Cora Crawley GLES743
1476T158159Siempre Amar Noa ENRD743
1480T667Iconickatz Zatanna MABO742
1480T8072Denoa Muerdago EWSX742
1482T4517Pocketcharm Welo Opal of Kitti Kat MPSR740
1482T1598Almon Dilaem Queen Reyela ENPB740
1482T11550Abyssal Blunhild AENF740
1482T10943Glorious Cupid NWSB740
1482T22581Castevania Rose AWBS740
1487T46139TWildernesswell Margay Metamorphosis MPBG739
1487T146139TVomKristallberg Jolie ESBG739
1489T12023Katareece Ellie Rose SCSF738
1489T14751Son De Mar Merrow ESNF738
1491T8173Gatodouro Qortez EWSX737
1491T10344Charodey Apollo Altyn NESB737
1491T11032Chipmunk Marilyn NWSI737
149410926Scottisfoldery Donner SESFL736
149511182Homeandhearth Duchess NWBS734
1496T16045Hazara Sladkow Pyatnyshko ENSB733
1496T82141Speakeasy Girl on Fire of A-Kerr's GLBG733
1498T8324Marifolds Henry GLSF732
1498T226181Yomiscat Lolita AWMC732
1498T64160Sulraggies Yoko SARD732
1501T227161Mirumkitty Olivia AWRD731
1501T14846Troyka Tzar-Koshka Of Neva Angels ESSB731
1501T10410AListSavannahs African Prince NESV731
1504T149142Lazaro de Coramonte ESBG730
1504T11611Nekomine Lyon Lucious AESV730
1504T11083Christina Sweet Miracle SEBS730
1507T22829Xiao Xiao's Toto AWAS729
1507T15016Nirvana By Flash Arian/FI ESRB729
15098412Summerwood My Flynn GLSV727
1510229162Spirit Dolls Wangzhe AWRD726
1511T117T163Vavidoll Nero AERD725
1511T12118Countrycats Jack Black SCSR725
1511T117T52Azureblue Reinhard AENF725
1514T15153Sweet Spices Azafran ESES724
1514T23084TMumu AWBS724
1514T16184TOrnella Empire of Cat ENBS724
151723186Warm Cat's Sugar Ball AWBS723
1518T67182Aslanspaw Tiffany of Tremethick MAMC722
1518T471Simplyblessed Arctic Summer MPBGL722
15206511Ankara Night Argus SATA721
1521T105164Whispurrlane Love in the Dark NERD720
1521T11953Herbalmeow Baldwin AENF720
1523T12017Minamifuji Maron Tarou AEHI719
1523T1654Mamoera Giorgio Armani INES719
1523T162165Elian Rags Teaberry ENRD719
152623287Gang Dan AWBS718
1527T121143Minamifuji Lie Lient AEBG717
1527T16313Thecatsamongus Noisy ENSV717
152923318Ge Lan Te AWBL715
1530164166Seiero's Secret in Blue ENRD713
153115225Spotty Park Charlotte ESSF711
1532T1654Star in the Sky Family Stars ENMCP710
1532T2344Snow AWMKL710
1534T12288Erik Goldenbri AEBS709
1534T16612Havvanur's Look Out ENTA709
1536T12389Rex of Bring Joy AEBS708
1536T10612Ragamuffin of Blue Peaches NESCS708
153811213Excatiburfolds George Weasley NWSCS707
1539T8242TLexsam Cloud Surfing EWOS706
1539T12242TSiblings Bi Bi Birdie SCOS706
1539T153167ShiningDolls Astrid ESRD706
15428512Vankaras Venskab of Chrischat GLJB705
154323555OMC Champion AWES704
1544T111144Bearbrook Brown Eyed Girl SEBG702
1544T15490BG* Uma Thurman Bullgary ESBS702
1546T12347Ul'Jana Nevskaja Radost SCSB701
1546T11344Showfur Nikita of Sahia NWOS701
1548124168RTT Blue Gentleman SCRD700
154915517Greta v. Bjanfima ESBU699
15502369Mengeryuan Happy AWMK697
155111456Legacyexxotics Skys The Limit NWES696
1552T124183McHolic Mai AEMC695
1552T689Livinglegend Meowne Wilwon MAPB695
1552T15674Black Pearls Opal ESSX695
1555T237184TFlora AWMC694
1555T157T184TWendy De Ibaialde ESMC694
1555T157T13Odace Des Terra De Catoune ESSRL694
1555T8326Dinasty Bovita Diana EWSF694
1559T125186Rianu SCMC693
1559T16745Alter Ego Uncas ENOS693
1561T159187Drikenordwood IlGuardiano ESMC692
1561T125T53Abyqueen Logan AEAB692
1561T125T169Perfect Change Forget Me Not AERD692
1564T6915Kattalyst Mind Bandit MABA691
1564T11537Rexalot Uryan NWDR691
1564T86145Bengamur Ashley of Purrfectdreams GLBG691
15678431Sahara Kalanta Solo EWCR690
1568T168T170Sun Hill Doll's Irresistible Ison ENRD689
1568T168T10DK Catika's Emilian ENSO689
1570T16032Madawaska Olympe ESCR686
1570T17091Rachelle Adelin De Sad*RU ENBS686
1570T126188Myluckystars Akahanas Engoni SCMC686
1573T16111Asili's Evolet ESSO685
1573T703Bes Elsie MABM685
1575238189Monsterark Gulu AWMC684
1576T171171TAwesome Austin Made by Mexx ENRD683
1576T66171TBetunes Principe Harry SARD683
1576T7154Abycastle Summerlin MAAB683
1579T67173Mitzi Tiza SARD682
1579T23975Fifteen Cattery Suger AWSX682
1579T8714Angel INS*RU Fyodor GLSCS682
1582T16255Ladifference's Olive ESAB681
1582T17213Vankaras Adenine ENJB681
1584T6818Lacomarca Athos SAHI680
1584T163T190Enchanted City Drogon ESMC680
1584T24033Xiao Ke AWCR680
1584T163T76Black Pearls Olympia ESSX680
158848146Simplyblessed Kings Ransom MPBG679
1589T173191Forest Beauty Jordano Bruno ENMC678
1589T4976Felinart Slam Dunk MPPS678
1591T16533Shigaon Pilulkin ESSI677
1591T2415Ruyi AWMKL677
1593T107174Marlcreek Reputation NERD676
1593T174T27Macrory Kalmia ENSFL676
1593T174T46Jubatus Fire Meet Gasoline ENOS676
1596T166192Fallen Leaves of Night And Eclipes ESMC674
1596T8848BasilicBlessing Light The Darkness GLSB674
15988517Zabava Volshebny Zver EWPD673
15992421Bobbisweet Rose AWAC671
1600T2432Qipretty Chanel AWAC670
1600T6957Betunes Babaloo SAES670