2018-2019 Household Pet Standings: 201-429

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sat Jan 19 17:31:40 2019.

RankHousehold Pet Standings: 201-429
Int'l Regn Name Rgn Score
20119Mr Irish Spring SW1596
20228Princess Penelope SC1586
20337Broshi SE1579
20420Diva Mischiva of von Becknell SW1576
2056Prince Demi Di Karlo ES1573
20611Tick MA1572
207T21Master Dory GL1566
207T9Karol EN1566
209T7Peanut ES1551
209T38Ambrosia SE1551
211T29TMisifuz SC1539
211T29TLacra SC1539
21318Newt Galacticat MP1535
21439Daggers SE1528
21516Eros Cupid NW1525
21621Gary Galavant SW1519
21717Lucy Loo NW1515
21822Princess Ann of Kcsjunglebabes GL1512
21923Bateman GL1494
22024Dakota GL1489
2218Tilly ES1474
22210DK Boholdt Putte's Rainbow Dash EN1473
22340Joylee SE1461
2249Pedro SA1439
22519Duckie Foster Chicken Lips MP1437
2269Micike ES1430
22713Boudha NE1417
22810Shani ES1408
22910Juanito Ramses SA1404
23031Total E Clipse SC1391
23111Luchin SA1382
23212Sasha Velour SA1371
23311Lujzi ES1364
23413Copernico SA1362
23532Burnice SC1359
23612Berlioz ES1341
23714Miron Weber of LesFrises NE1340
23818Yvette Margot Su-St.Amour NW1330
23914Nutella SA1329
24033Goldie of Strayinc SC1325
241T34Red Headed Stepchild of Caduceus SC1296
241T20Avalaviniagardner EW1296
24325Nevskiy Sapfir Charmant Prince RomeoGL1291
24426Hamilton GL1286
24513Marci ES1276
24615Sugarcats Reggae SA1274
24720Cinder MP1271
24827Samantha GL1269
24941Viola SE1261
25021Draco-Blue EW1251
2515Fenghuang AW1243
252T16Theodoro SA1241
252T35Jasper SC1241
25436Sapphire Sky SC1237
25519Omo NW1225
256T14TTigris ES1221
256T6Sanwei AW1221
256T14TChico ES1221
259T7Nalu AW1220
259T20Cafe Mocha Valencia NW1220
259T11Breath Takings Jokum EN1220
26212Borebillen EN1198
263T16Jamie ES1197
263T17Betunes Amora SA1197
26537Lamborghini of Aloracats SC1195
26612Whimsy Wondergirl MA1180
26718Vinci SA1175
26813Kelmi EN1170
26917Panama ES1166
27014Gucci EN1154
27118Miss Twinkle ES1144
272Sebastian --1136
273T15Niuniek EN1132
273T19Mistigronne ES1132
27516Sisu EN1126
276T2TTora AE1120
276T17Pjer EN1120
276T20Nala Of Skydolls ES1120
276T22Mr. Nemo SW1120
276T2TEdgar AE1120
28121Swayze Pawssanova MP1119
28219Taly SA1118
283T23Idgie Theradgoode SW1116
283T38Freyja SC1116
28518Vesku EN1115
28619Stesha EN1111
28720Breath Takings Frej EN1110
28828Augustas GL1078
2898Momo AW1061
29013Camwyn MA1059
29120Hikaru SA1038
29242Clara SE1031
29321Gatachica SA1027
29421Jude ES1007
29514Hydrox is Original MA1003
29621Skaarl EN1000
29722Rocky EW995
29822Olavi Pekunpoika EN983
29943Hermione SE980
30029Henry Tudor VIII GL979
30144Blue Skye Over The Rainbow SE965
30230Suzie GL951
303T23TTiiti EN950
303T15Sasha MA950
303T23THertta Herttainen EN950
3064Ammycrystal Tama AE933
307T22TSiri ES924
307T22TAmmon ES924
30921Rafikki NW918
31022Crouton SA917
311T23Pascualito SA873
311T24Chelsea Blue SW873
31339Mi Foxy Valentine of Ksnorrkatt SC863
31424Pupa ES858
31524Anika SA854
31645Master Thememoryremains Bubba SE851
31731Panda GL849
31825Willow ES845
31946Dr. Jeckyl And Mr. Who SE835
32025Leo SA831
321Alaska --827
32226Jack ES825
32315Maestromuse NE819
324T16Pixie MA813
324T5Mocola Trish AE813
32647Miss I-40 SE798
32722Daphne MP794
32848Tahitian Pearl SE793
32923Falcon EW786
33026Musquita de Windsor SA785
33127Holmes ES781
33216Luddy NE775
33327Atun SA772
33424Savannah EW753
33532Warners Midnight Music GL746
33625Dusk EW736
33733Master Seneca GL732
33817Oscar NE731
33922Piper Purraboo The Pirate Princess NW724
34049Tiggy P SE716
34128Nube SA698
342T29Rosy SA697
342T34Fiona Finley GL697
34430Zeta SA686
34518Daisy NE676
34640Ewe SC675
34725Twyla SW659
34835Dory GL639
34928Izisz ES638
35041Lubbock of Strayinc SC632
351T25Renly EN620
351T23Rainey MP620
351T31Neko SA620
35426Huurre EN615
355T36Tsivei Admati GL610
355T29Nasta ES610
35750Dusty Blue SE601
35824Tinkerbell II MP590
359T1TXiena IN582
359T1TKolja of Arcapada IN582
36137Tanda GL579
36251Aiden Gwydion SE576
36319Una Paloma Blanca of Currahee NE572
364T23Kobe NW571
364T17Cleocatra MA571
366T20Magnus NE560
366T27Kaku EN560
36828Mister Fuzzybutt of Vankaras EN550
36932Snarf SA533
37052Bashful Beryl of Careycats SE529
37153Mida SE518
37233Cleis SA510
37330Claire ES504
37454Nekee SE491
37525Hermes Message In A Bottle MP490
37626Jackson SW472
37729DK Boholdt Hulk EN467
3783Poseylinker IN461
37931Pizza ES460
38055Kaliopee SE457
38156Maximum Chunkofcoal SE451
38221LesFrises Alfred NE434
38326Powder Puff MP432
38457Cinder Ella SE417
38527Salt City Littlecats Nina MP415
38626Bumptidlyumpum EW411
38758Dennis The Incredible Kissy Cat SE380
38838Soot Sprite GL368
38959Stella SE341
39034Calixto SA340
39118Cocoa Marbles of Marbleglen MA315
39227Buddy SW305
39328Evo MP299
39435Floyd Alvarado Martel SA282
39560Meows-A-Lot SE281
3966Zeus Hashimoto AE280
39729Othello MP266
39861Prince Harry SE264
399T62Snowball SE253
399T42In A Tizzy of Caduceus SC253
4017Beautypet's Eiger AE230
40227Here Comes Trouble EW210
40328Todd SW195
40439Callie GL194
405T36Queen Sophie SA188
405T63Ethans the Heart of Callie SE188
40728Marvella EW184
40829Flash Harry EW180
40964Pixie Lee SE176
410T30Wehnert's Magdalene EN170
410T4Cooper IN170
41265Tater SE164
41340Ura GL161
41466Lily SE153
41530Caylee MP151
41631Beauty MP148
41737Sade SA143
41841Audrey GL141
41943The Bob SC132
42044Lawrence Kittenpants SC131
421T67Jake SE121
421T24Blot NW121
423T32Renessmi ES110
423T45Milo Davis SC110
425T25Sierra NW82
425T68Cant Believe Its Not Butters SE82
425T30Amisti Im A Carbon Copy EW82
42869Indiigo SE71
429T33Tigger ES60
429T70Chloe SE60
429T19Autumn Mocha of Marbleglen MA60
429T31AAlish EW60