2018-2019 Household Pet Kitten Standings: 1-200

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Fri Apr 12 09:32:21 2019.

RankHousehold Pet Kitten Standings: 1-200
Int'l Regn Name Rgn Score
11Brianna MP5913
21Supro Dual Tone of Blueyonder SE5800
32Florida Straight of Wavemakers SE5681
41What The Heart Wants of Chrischat GL5647
53Ashes To Ashes of Blueyonder SE5592
64Rebelnever Gets Old of Blueyonder SE5576
75Dantes Pique of Curlzz SE5324
86Cant Believe Its Not Butters SE5297
92Maxie MP5239
102A Different View of Emmers GL5151
117Sphynxangels Georgie Porgie SE5078
123Brochette MP5072
131Sunshinelollypops of Starghatts SC4950
141Cinco De Mayo of Trunude SW4830
158Bonnie Von Bon Bon SE4788
161Kamisha Helios NW4744
179Punkin Pie Of Carolinameows SE4697
184Lacey MP4644
1910Pixie Lee SE4632
203Summer GL4534
211Terrahawk EW4532
224Diana Prince GL4519
232Bethee of Conexa SC4510
2411Yanki Doodle Dandy SE4501
255Duchess GL4494
2612Widdle Maine Mystery Man SE4488
2713Huitlacoche SE4448
283Tiny Troubadour of Acirrekatz SC4339
291Dune of Tremethick MA4323
3014Lil Willow of Willowblue SE4279
312Fudge Ripple MA4268
322Foxtrot of FelineCurly NW4174
333HLK Hot Rod of Rivabell MA4147
345Diemond In The Fluff MP4101
3515Purrcy SE4067
3616Woogy Oogy Oogy SE4006
376Doctor Bruce Banner MP3985
384Gremlin MA3872
3917Cassidy Cricket SE3870
402DinoThorr EW3806
413Minuet of FelineCurly NW3758
4218Indiigo SE3733
431Ballo The Bear ES3729
4419Miss Sassafras SE3663
453Tiddlepot EW3639
461Wilbur NE3608
472Scarlett of Skydolls ES3586
484Lulu EW3469
494Bitsi NW3461
5020Angus Mhor of Kapekatz SE3460
512Sully SW3447
525Bellisima Curiosa J,Adore NW3344
531Richia AE3316
542Navel AE3300
556Monomah of Sacredspirit NW3280
567Mr. Ziggs NW3247
571Chaplin EN3200
584Kylo of Aloracats SC3132
591A Hundred Million AW3036
603Ferrari SW3028
613Tango Noir AE3026
625Ferrari of Aloracats SC3000
636Neko SC2990
647Lamborghini of Aloracats SC2956
654Ichi AE2946
665Tango EW2886
675Alexandra Onyx of Atreyukatz MA2824
682Nicholas NE2813
693Blanche NE2802
707Buttons MP2793
714Mariposa NE2736
728Bud NW2695
7321Sissy SE2693
7422Quency SE2656
758Buckles MP2639
766Bruce Wayne EW2479
7723Jazzie Tazzie SE2452
786Kai Wulf of Atreyukatz MA2355
791Orion IN2341
802Take a change on me of Vankaras EN2335
818Princess Gabbie Gabriella SC2308
8224Delilah SE2281
837Kattalyst Bonita Bon Bon MA2280
84Ted E Bear --2273
857Delores EW2270
8625Willowblue's Aonna SE2257
871Luna SA2218
888Orinoco EW2194
899Angus NW2193
904Honningkatt Ventus SW2155
919Graycie MP2147
926Simba GL2136
935Kingturks Jon Snow SW2130
945Mochi Blanc AE2091
957Mara GL2074
969Squirt SC2050
97T10Coalette MP2044
97T5Orville NE2044
9910Jersey NW2017
10011Jewell of Mymains NW2006
10126Amazing Amelia SE2001
10227Duon SE1963
1038Puccini of Arcticstorm GL1957
10428Munchkinlane Be1 Azure Norma SE1956
10510Found A Peanut of Purrfecthills SC1940
1069Master Bates of Peachtails EW1930
10711Patrick MP1917
10829Willow Dean SE1909
10911Smudge SC1907
11030Uncle Scrooge SE1897
1119Kara Zor-El GL1891
11212Zephyrus Mero Dio MP1881
11310Blue Ice EW1858
11431Munchkinlane Be1 Azure Pinky SE1846
11532Count Choccula SE1835
11610Frankie GL1825
11712Sierra NW1813
11811Tabitha GL1797
11913Walt Disney NW1789
12013Gaea Coalette MP1760
12112Potsie GL1752
1222Plushtails' Howl AW1738
12314Rolo MP1732
1246Charls AE1716
12533Scotty SE1708
126T3Miumiubaby Taotao AW1705
126T15Aglaea Graycie MP1705
12811Black Orchid EW1704
12912Jasper SC1676
13013Venus GL1665
13113Moon-Shadow SC1656
13234Doc Charmer SE1615
13314Si NW1613
13435Tazzie SE1605
13515Sampson NW1599
13636Cheeto SE1596
13716Alivias Jewel of Mymains NW1594
1386Dolce NE1593
13917Fitz NW1588
14014406paws Daisy SC1581
1413Mythaidiamond Skywalker ES1572
142T18Frenchie NW1550
142T15Alfonso of Aloracats SC1550
14416Evie SC1539
14514Gidget GL1534
14615Gynsyng GL1533
14716Jasmine MP1521
14812Tiny Tim EW1517
149T17Torbitha At Simple Truth Farm SC1511
149T19Percy NW1511
1514Wangwang AW1507
15220Angus of Ferniehirst NW1500
15321Smilie NW1495
15422Abby NW1489
1555Little Star AW1485
1568Lilac Twist Thai of KinzelKatz MA1483
15723Miss Kali NW1460
15837Bareenough Kai Wulf of Atreyukatz SE1451
15924Czarina of Sacredspirit NW1444
1607Norton NE1440
16118Sawed Off Shotgun of Purrfecthills SC1429
16216Windy Hills Lunar Eclipse GL1428
163T19Lawrence Kittenpants SC1418
163T13Tickles EW1418
165T8Lypercha Yolo NE1417
165T20Shady Lady SC1417
16725Coco NW1412
168T38Ginger Snap SE1408
168T6Pipi AW1408
17021Frankly My Dear of Purrfecthills SC1396
17126Sobey Wan Kenobi NW1393
17217Redd Ryder MP1385
1739Kohl NE1373
1747Te Te AW1364
1752Nala SA1353
17627Tiny NW1352
17728Am NW1344
17829Viola of Mollywood NW1335
17930Czar NW1334
180T22TTabitha of Simple Truth Farm SC1330
180T22TPrince Bagheera SC1330
18239Pedrro SE1324
18331Cricket of Dramatails NW1313
184T3TBotitas of Delamonarquia SA1309
184T3TBerloiz SA1309
18610Nala Wala Woo NE1308
18717Nero GL1306
188T8TKele AW1298
188T8TQueeniedolls Boluo AW1298
190T32Dori NW1291
190T6Amelia SW1291
1925Lu Lu de La Monarquia SA1286
19340Jack SE1275
19410Momo AW1265
19511Orange Sherbert a la Mode NE1264
19611Baibai AW1254
1977Cowboy SW1248
198T41Jill SE1242
198T4Crncica ES1242
20033Andre of Mollywood NW1214