2018-2019 Championship Cat Standings: 1615-1747

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Mon Nov 12 21:01:48 2018.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1615-1747
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
1615T209T11Montesole Blue Light AETO131
1615T9225Elizabeths's Cesarion EWSF131
1615T209T161Catcrest's Rona AEBG131
1615T14564A'tien Hubba Bubba of Whozz SCES131
1619T144T47Nebuankhet Nae Laird! ENAB130
1619T146T55Montene Donald Trubador Bonnie Jo SCSB130
1619T144T183Gelsey Raganddoll ENRD130
1619T146T123TEllis Eliteline of Rejinald SCBS130
1619T21110Clowntown's Phoenix Girl of LamagiecAEBA130
1619T144T162TAmbersands Davos Seaworth ENBG130
1619T36123TPurrceptive Blue Purrsuasion MPBS130
1619T104162TSnopride Jazzys Shooting Star NWBG130
1619T2298Rumfold Basilica of Tsarine Du Nord ESSFL130
1628T924Katsmists Bobby Roni SEAUM129
1628T143184Jennydolls Oubao AWRD129
1628T21269Dorrymama Diva of Abyssal AENF129
1631T230T70Morgana De Las Meigas ESNF128
1631T230T125Flying Castle Bobby Bear of HoneybliESBS128
1631T213190McHolic Abel AEMC128
1634T43185Dreamfinder Camellia of Creekcats SWRD127
1634T10592Icei Van Da Man NWSX127
1634T5178Hurayra Noerlela of Dewarangga INPS127
1634T1477ToygerEurope Zeus of Macrory ENTG127
1634T232164Toby Exotic Leopard ESBG127
1639T52191Montecarlo Waylon INMC126
1639T144T13Chang AWSCS126
1639T214T186TAppledolls Singularity AERD126
1639T72186TPleasantdolls Victoria GLRD126
1639T144T9Xiongxiong AWSFL126
1639T14879Silverdance Rendezvous For Night ENPS126
1639T214T71Dorrymama Mugwort of Prugna AENF126
1646T46T11Cheshirepoint Liara Tsoni MATH125
1646T216T72Tout Ecrin Aqua AENF125
1646T216T13Petlife-Hiro's Echo of Unchaton AESO125
1646T233165TLula ESBG125
1646T46T165TLawntonStMews Going Witda Flow MABG125
1646T146188Spiritdolls Tianxin AWRD125
1646T11280Deitybastet Margarida of Bellavita SAPS125
1653T23418Tess Evicathimalayan ESHI124
1653T14973Electron de Tsavo*ES ENNF124
1653T93167Brockenmoor Avalox of Devinespirits EWBG124
1656T23512Mythaidiamond Loverboy ESTH123
1656T113189Mitzi Aurora Australis of Shworld SARD123
1656T9481Innamorare Buba EWPS123
1659T10665TBelcherpurrs Diesel of Hollowhills NWES122
1659T4465TRoyal Class Enrique of Pams PersiansSWES122
1661T3722Ironforge Brown Sugar MPAS121
1661T114192Viana Lorini Of Blin Bengals SAMC121
1663T218T67TNanneko Hime AEES120
1663T150126Freya Francine von Heeros*FI ENBS120
1663T487Finnland Fiona MATA120
1663T218T8Brindleway Arion of Rockfield AETG120
1663T9567TZendique Bolt From The Blu EWES120
1663T73168Spotsnglitz Gemini of Starkittie GLBG120
1669T236T82Notre Joli Coeur du Bois Du Duc ESPS119
1669T22074Fantarja Nausicaa AENF119
1669T147127Baby-YY Jianjian AWBS119
1669T236T19U-Flor Aristopoints ESHI119
1669T107190Rhetoricalrags Abbigail NWRD119
1674T151T193TNelly Du Domaine De Shanga ENMC118
1674T148T9Million AWMKL118
1674T96193TCoonflakes Tintagel EWMC118
1674T148T128Qianchong Seven AWBS118
1674T7443Sahja's Sakeri GLOS118
1674T151T11Regina Orobie Diva's ENBA118
1680T53T191TDreamTW Alexander INRD117
1680T115191TBetunes Lotus SARD117
1680T22156Minamifuji Ca.sophie AESB117
1680T53T169TJoan Bengal Hunter INBG117
1680T238195Amazing Tiger Wild Pearl, CZ ESMC117
1680T9320Purr-Star Earth Angel SEHI117
1680T108169TLux Devika The Morrigan NWBG117
1687T150193Meow Moonshadow AWRD116
1687T55196CK4 Lovely King INMC116
1687T222129Snow Valley Ca. Happy AEBS116
1690T239194Erijadolls Quanita ESRD115
1690T568Wa Wa of Weiya INMNT115
169249171Jungletime Coeur DeLion of Anjou MABG114
1693240172Rozzicats Matisse of Manekineko ESBG113
169424144Brule Gintarine Sirdis of Ragzcats ESOS112
16957593Gold Olimp Chiara/WC GLSX111
169622314Sangureisu Luke AESCS110
1697T15345Magnifikowen Kenji ENOS109
1697T102197Le Beau Minu Bliss NEMC109
1699148198MTNest Texas Ranger of Magnacats SCMC108
1700T242195TCassius Richenza ESRD106
1700T5748Superbee Nepal INAB106
1700T116T195TOlympodolls Calinda SARD106
1700T116T83Sheron Cats Leza SAPS106
1704T94173Wildlegacy On A Wing and A Prayer SEBG105
1704T24314Vox Felis Nuance ESBL105
1704T58197Ragalon Dazzle's Daze INRD105
1707T45T69Ivy Cat Soul On Fire of Pawkavenue SWES104
1707T958Curlzz Beatrix SESRL104
1707T45T8Amethyst Thumbelina SWMK104
1710244174Berioska Gold Prince ESBG103
171110326F-Elsa NESF100
1712972Whitestar BC Masik Aurumrus EWLPS99
1713T224198Holybabe Jessica of Angeliqdoll AERD98
1713T104199TSuncoon Chances R of Le Beau Minu NEMC98
1713T149199TDawntreader Bailey of Myluckystars SCMC98
1716T225201Chatile Monet AEMC97
1716T15021Singville Neko of Pura Pride SCSG97
1718T22675Fearyring Victoria of Marsparadise AENF96
1718T105130Pudra Kates Akis*LT of Pepandlotte NEBS96
1720T59131Kiecatz Blue Virgin Mojito INBS95
1720T227202TCandy May Borushia AEMC95
1720T118202TBajacoon Nix SAMC95
1723T119T175Golden Crown Luxor SABG93
1723T119T25AR* Chez Tillous Mishka SABI93
1723T15411Whitefield's Nuriyah ENMCP93
1726245176Manekineko's Nala ESBG91
172722870Candy May Yuito AEES88
1728T106199TKiro Kaszmirowydotyk NERD87
1728T229199TReddoor Stacy of Petitchaton AERD87
1730T2468Octave De La Mer De Marmara ESTA86
1730T10915Markissa Omari NWSCS86
1732T76T11Moonspire Gojira of Theehouse GLSV85
1732T76T21Permanent Waves Miss Guinness GLCR85
17345094Nocoatkitty Gisele MASX84
1735T155T20Meltmyheart Nastasja ENSI83
1735T155T177Magic Pearl of Silver Moon Bengals ENBG83
173715712A1Savannah's Auriel ENSV82
173824776Panky Bosques Del Zar*ES ESNF81
17397813Phatkatz Canon of Closduchat GLSV78
17402306Candy May Tappon AEBO77
1741T107T201HappyKatRags Riley NERD76
1741T107T57Pavlushka Peysli Makuna Matata NESB76
1743T248T202Nethi Aux Joyaux Bleus ESRD75
1743T248T84Nepal de La Deesse D'Artemis ESPS75
1745T12171Pantufa's Sol of Mycat SAES71
1745T25021Slavuta's Rosy Sophie ESHI71
174779204Ascent Gavriil of Nebraskcoons GLMC64