2018-2019 Championship Cat Standings: 802-1000

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Thu Dec 6 11:20:22 2018.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 802-1000
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
802T754Luxurykissa Bugatti Veyron ENSFL799
802T8710Noel de la Symphoriane ESSG799
8046929Elamante Acura SCAB798
805T10412Worldstar German of Christie AERB797
805T884Korstar Gorgeous ESBO797
805T5898Deabaete Ivi SAMC797
808T5557Silverbrook Wonder Girl NWBS788
808T5411Rexkwizits Van Wrinkles NECR788
81010529Hummingcat Tamyu of Newslabel AENF787
811T5858K-LA Freckles of Pearadise SEBS784
811T7489Bluegrasrags Lisa of Elvira AWRD784
813T446Estera Viki House of FurrystockypawsEWBL782
813T765Rainsy Rembrandt ENSFL782
815T8959Windy Kates Akis*LT ESBS780
815T5666NW Bengalcats Rio De La Soul NWBG780
8177590Spiritdolls Huamanlou AWRD779
818T3991Keepurrs Lillie GLRD778
818T9099Friendlykot Ferrari ESMC778
8202992Rockcreek Tea of Fairytaleragdol SWRD776
821T1137Seventhson Bella INSX774
821T9111RO*Mireille Tyffany ESSG774
823106100Jullyginger Ryuhou AEMC771
82492101Broceliande N.Zeus ESMC769
825T457Kimcatz Darceys Dream of Bradbritz EWBL767
825T1236Ilovecat's Harley of Purriver INES767
825T59102Broadsway Millinocket SEMC767
8287093Bluerags Leopolds Blue Sonata SCRD766
8295567Bengallys Ino NEBG765
830T9368Meiko de LAF 119455 ESBG764
830T10760Singlike Rise AEBS764
8327637Madeline's Shuilingling AWES763
833T10830Ticktack Julia of Rain AENF761
833T77103Kuniza Windstorm ENMC761
83510969Realcat Lizzy of Cha Cha AEBG759
83611061Sir Elandrea AEBS757
8377794USAPurrs Hades of Rabbitdoll AWRD756
8381362Diamond-Pri Yippie/WC INBS754
839597Kazuki Anikachi*Es SAPD752
8406095Mitzi Garnet SARD751
8414063Christian Plush Golden Kitty GLBS748
8429438Ma Petite Robe Noire du Royaume FeliESES747
843T11125Bellshire Solaris of Pixie Wings AEDR746
843T7870Afrikatte Halo/ID AWBG746
84557104Bigrivercoon Beau of Cozycoons NWMC744
846T1413Zootopia Legend INRB741
846T331Metastar Daizy MABGL741
8485625Amourichat Anukis NEOS740
8495828Wintermist Geordie of ForestStar NWSB739
85079105Page AWMC736
8518096Yumiescat Cangyue AWRD732
8525926Chipmunk Ramblin NWOS731
853714Bluebonnet S Sweet Magnolia SCMNT730
854T30106Mainesuspect Rocky Racoon SWMC727
854T815Spirittail Sylvanas Windrenner AWMKL727
856954Od Zabeliz ESDSK722
85757107Coonificent Pink Lloyd NEMC721
85878108Salexcoon Esteban ENMC720
859T7964Zahar Gold Bomond ENBS718
859T11216Amour Imoco Ono of Marsparadise AEAS718
8617239Dclass Macedonio SCES717
8627342Garnicats Lucius Malfoy SCPS715
863T5827Hu*Shagio-Chen Lizander NEOS712
863T82109Qingtian Huaji AWMC712
8658065Adorable Amber Diamond Regnum ENBS710
866T96T12Flicflac Firlefanz ESSG709
866T96T97Ruby Chantall Kendrick ESRD709
8686198Kachkaniraqmi Nao SARD707
869627Chez Tillous Quitterie SABI706
8701135Joy My Soul Prince AESRL703
8717499Familytimerags Purralong Cassidy SCRD702
8728326Bel Wonderland's*BY U-Princess AWDR700
8736066Cheshirelady Hobbit NWBS698
8741531Topazcat Dream Time INNF697
875618Angel Eyes Mighty Valhalla NWBI696
876T606Tortiesrus Polaris SEJB695
876T114T14Teruminblue Blue Eve AERB695
876T9867TChester Tillen's Pride ESBS695
876T114T67TMountteine Tsukimichan AEBS695
8806271Breeze Bengals Kitana NWBG686
8818417Manson AWAS683
88263100Rainborragdolls Jackleen NWRD681
883856Qiuer AWMK678
884T116T69Delicious's Pokky AEBS676
884T116T32Azureblue Luna Eclipse AENF676
884T865Qipretty Bvlgari AWACL676
88781110MaisonMagique Hercule Poirot ENMC675
88811840Nenneko Kintaro AEES674
889T11972Kanesei Miki AEBG672
889T8229Nika Danvel ENSB672
891T8712Tangguomaowu Ake AWCR670
891T8373TAl Jannas Lava ENBG670
891T9973TSilverstorm Hercules ESBG670
894T59111Z-Coon Baltasar NEMC669
894T8838Ke La AWSX669
896646Marryfold Jessica Jay NWSFL668
8977575Aspengold Moon Shadow SCBG666
898T61T3Tortiesrus Casalini SEJBL664
898T61T101Lottarags Camille of Oakside/CF SERD664
900T84T8Catsheavens Miss Nenah ENPB663
900T84T41Ayser's You Against You ENES663
9027630Ul'Yan Maris Stella of Winterbrook SCSB661
903T65112Bigrivercoon Cascara NWMC660
903T2376Akerrs Marauder of Fractal MPBG660
905T663Mightyfine Cricket of Surreal NWSV659
905T12043Nozomi Kuroyamakun of Worldstar AEPS659
907T316Eeyaa Fortunes Puzzle SWTG658
907T1677Saphirs De Lune Night Attack INBG658
909T17113Cybercoon Atticus Finch INMC657
909T774Calitonk Brea SCTO657
9116370Abbi Boto The One of Britsh Brasil SABS656
912T100T44Echo de Narcisse Nirvana ESPS655
912T100T3Russpixi Beauty ESPBL655
914T12111Delicious Nozomi AESF654
914T8678Silvertrace Uraya ENBG654
91663114Mtnest JR of Mainevu SEMC653
91710230Abystyle's Nao ESAB651
918122115Chatile Prince Noah AEMC649
919T10339*MT Bare-Naked Dita Von Tesse ESSX648
919T8971Sha Te AWBS648
9216472Soft Tigers Fellini of Soft Paws SABS647
922786Brutalina Family Stars of Colorado MSCMCP646
92310445Blackfire Maki Sushy ESPS644
924463Shalnavazz Nousha EWLY642
9251057Urfo Golden Rain ESSFL641
926677Kenipurr's Sign-of-the-Times NWJB640
92712333Dorrymama Oscar AENF637
928T3440TXavier le Monti Rey of Zensphynx/FI MASX635
928T9040TWasteland's Gai AWSX635
930T9173Suke AWBS634
930T24116Koontyme Madeleine MPMC634
930T7942Acirrekatz You Only Live Once SCSX634
9336446Elviskitkats Sweet Emotions SEPS633
9341063Ivana des Bleus De Jade ESCX632
9353579Jungletrax Effortless Attraction MABG631
936T8027Txelfkatz Simply Sinfur SCDR629
936T6843Sphynxcraft Mephistopheles NWSX629
93812480Purme Haoul AEBG627
939T65T81TLovelyrita Hedwig SABG626
939T65T81TKindle Veneno SABG626
9414183Wildwonderful Dark Chocolate GLBG625
942T87102Dollicius Just A Kiss ENRD624
942T4784Newerabengals Cleopatra EWBG624
944T8812Iskander Merrty's*EE ENSF622
944T6985Caesar Crimean Gold NWBG622
944T8131Asmur Diodemma SCSB622
9479215Chperson Cyclone AWSI621
948T658Tortiesrus Aprilia SEJB620
948T8986Myart Ode to Joy ENBG620
950T93103Frost CD'Backyard Woman AWRD619
950T907DK Heart & Soul's Venus LoveFromC ENBU619
95260117KingCooncats Ragnar of Shacoon NEMC618
953T3644Empress Pink Lotus MASX615
953T8232Charodey Eliska of Kotofeyka SCSB615
9556113Rex Graceful Violet of Reikirex NECR614
956T1071Yunamari Abrek ESKB613
956T12533Minamifuji Mignon Denny AESB613
95867104Blumenkatzen Kiss SARD612
959916Highlandkatz Twisted Love ENSRL611
960T7016Stegra Sybil NWSI609
960T4828Flutterby White Dragoness EWOS609
962T9229Lancarrow Oberon ENOS608
962T629Kaito Keiko NEJB608
96410842Zape Montericmei ESES605
96583105Rockcreek Beautiful Rose of Blossom SCRD604
9669445Xiaobai AWSX602
967T7143Velvetdamour Cptain of Starlore NWES601
967T1091Nimbati's Kimani ESNB601
967T9546Amy AWSX601
970T42106Keepurrs Jasmine GLRD599
970T12613Gold Atom's Erica AESG599
972T93118Starsquality Dandy ENMC598
972T634Motowncats Thalia of Savvypaws NESV598
974T966Brother AWACL596
974T6687Angelicbengals Valent of Willowblue SEBG596
976328Britishempire Bentley SWBL593
977948Catherine Deneuve Debozhe ENSFL591
978110107Methodius Charles Xray Tumbev ESRD590
979T9774TMolovecats Zeus AWBS589
979T11174TMaki Diamond Perfection ESBS589
98112734Blue Veil Joffrey of Silphyde AESB588
9822576Starbeam The Big Money MPBS586
98311228Phu Quoc's Sweet Lucy ESDR585
984T6813Von & Von Greco SAHI584
984T372Magicbobs Double Vision MAABT584
98684119Nebraskcoons Katiya Sky SCMC583
987T95T120Velsbechmann Audi Q7 of Bearcloud ENMC582
987T95T6DK Aikyou Cleopatra Selene ENBA582
9894947Asteria Galaxy Monkeys*PL EWSX581
990435Trailhawk Khajiit GLOL579
991T12888Bengalfamily Allen AEBG578
991T8548Acirrekatz Opal Sky SCSX578
99364121GGLegacy Angeljuno NEMC577
9945077Ter Heide's Zino/ID EWBS575
995T6947Star Olympus Malika SAPS573
995T6789Rubyclaw Clover Belle SEBG573
9976531Serenacat Indiana Jane NEAB571
998T9813Starsunny Monika AWSF570
998T11344One-O-One Ness The Roy ESES570
1000T18122Asiamazing Vibrant of Amysbowzi INMC569
1000T11449Nostalgie Peter ESSX569