2018-2019 Championship Cat Standings: 2818-3010

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Mon Apr 22 16:01:43 2019.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 2818-3010
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
2818T5098TGanswed Abi-King Muezza of Superbee INAB141
2818T15898TKhamsin Dexter Dextrous NEAB141
2818T160T247TX-Ray of Kotoffski EWBS141
2818T373316TBluecheese AWRD141
2818T314316TAngeliqdoll Maria AERD141
2818T160T247TAlimur's Fergus EWBS141
2818T92269Panachebengals Once Reminiscence MABG141
2825T315102Fantarja Sharon AENF140
2825T33815Jay-Jay ENPB140
2825T167T305Asterix Bastetto *UA SEMC140
2825T419T249Wishing Well Aria ESBS140
2825T419T137Rebelyany King of Dreams ESPS140
2825T167T137Lunarrami Kylo SESX140
2831T160318THighlanddolls LaRose NWRD139
2831T42115Cuddle And Kiss's Leonard Nimoy ESBO139
2831T374T125Taizi AWES139
2831T316270TMinamifuji Cezanne Hop AEBG139
2831T51T318TUSAPurrs American Prince INRD139
2831T374T318TBrownbear MM AWRD139
2831T51T103Russmania Thankful of Gazelle INNF139
2831T64270TCoolspots Sorbet SWBG139
2839T13129Lacomarca Athos SAHI138
2839T216T306Honey El Felina Mondo of Colorado MaSCMC138
2839T216T272TGlitznspotz Simba of Bengalsofccr SCBG138
2839T317T250TGaladriel Fairy Forest La Canela IieAEBS138
2839T161138Elysium Jafar NWSX138
2839T159272TKhaleesybengal Atlas of Bengallys NEBG138
2839T317T104Dorrymama Panini AENF138
2839T9320Wicca Princess Alice of Sandypoints MATH138
2839T317T50Amyparadise Vratt AEAS138
2839T60321Beehive Basil of Wasatchragdolls MPRD138
2839T422T29Shwayamore King Orangutan/ID ESBU138
2839T339272TOnly You Mambo des Griffes de Feu ENBG138
2839T422T31Only One de L'Ile De Brac ESBI138
2839T16220Olympia Seren Arian EWSCL138
2839T422T250TMagicMoments Ronja ESBS138
2854T320T105TDorrymama Teawawa of Evilmagic AENF137
2854T376T139TX Cat Cattery Duoduo AWSX137
2854T376T51Summer AWAS137
2854T160275Rubicon VineyardBird of WindyRidge NEBG137
2854T320T105TRainbowcatjapan Egg of Catsroses AENF137
2854T53322Ragdolce Beryl of Perfume Doll INRD137
2854T320T21Puppy-Toys Ion AESCL137
2854T376T69Polina Furry Joy AWDR137
2854T218139TColorcountry Camille Reagan SCSX137
2863T323T307Emeraldstar's Blue Rose of RosefactoAEMC136
2863T425T14Aborigenes Aelita ESKBL136
2863T323T31Miyahouse Kiki of Stardogs Cat AESG136
2863T379T70Lixiang's Xiao Hei of Indigodolls AWDR136
2863T16126Kami Bell Arden NEBL136
2863T425T22Vizerion Holiday ESSCL136
2863T13230Monberai Badra SAHI136
2863T379T323TTianxin AWRD136
2863T323T323TRosepearl Radiant Nino AERD136
2863T340276PurrGold Independent Iris ENBG136
2863T425T2Opale des Sobricoon ESNB136
2874T21998Edel Vistula SCSB135
2874T341T308TFinFayola Yessie ENMC135
2874T381T325Dream DeavenRD Lolita AWRD135
2874T326T22Chocolat Petit's Axell AEMNL135
2874T381T277Zai Zai AWBG135
2874T428126Wasaby Mechta*RU ESES135
2874T133138Bellavita Cora SAPS135
2874T341T21Thaiblueangels Gloria ENTH135
2874T381T9Silvertaro AWMNT135
2874T326T22Sansen's Inheritor AEMK135
2874T341T32Rais-Kis Liinu ENBI135
2874T326T308TMcHolic Lia AEMC135
2886T42999TKataklo'Mare ESSB134
2886T32999TUstina Crown of Siberia AESB134
2886T220310Starsupenova Dream Dandy SCMC134
2886T126107Sakeena's China Girl of SwanskovkatsGLNF134
2890T384T252Galaxymeow's Golden Arlo AWBS133
2890T384T23TMobear'shome Keeper AWMK133
2890T384T23TLucania AWMK133
2890T221311Kelvin Palmiracoon of Colorado MaineSCMC133
2890T384T326Benito Ameleony*PL AWRD133
2890T330127Angelhouse Midnight Moon AEES133
2890T43033Mutyne des Lutins D'Iris ESBI133
2897T331T253TMinamifuji Leia Mush AEBS132
2897T431T278TLeo Land Faberge ESBG132
2897T344T71Jaspis von Ko Phai ENDR132
2897T163253TYour Majesty Selestina EWBS132
2897T61278TVixey MPBG132
2897T431T20Aegaeis Heidi ESACL132
2897T331T20Sansen Santiago AESO132
2897T331T253TPetithouse Hygeia AEBS132
2897T331T253TPamela Patricia Fantasy Fiesta AEBS132
2897T344T141Milkita*LT Angela ENSX132
2907T127T43Javahut Onyx GLSF131
2907T16252Ironforge Storm Cloud NWAS131
2907T335T280TCatcrest's Rona AEBG131
2907T222128A'tien Hubba Bubba of Whozz SCES131
2907T335T12Montesole Blue Light AETO131
2907T433T257BG*F Pistolero Plus Ultra ESBS131
2907T433T280TSherekhanTiger Bacardy Junior ESBG131
2907T127T280TPouncingpaws Finnale of Dreamhaven GLBG131
2915T337T32TKoneko Honpo Rong AESFL130
2915T435T327TGelsey Raganddoll ESRD130
2915T337T108S*zygot's Hodge-Podge of Miagola AENF130
2915T435T32TRumfold Basilica of Tsarine Du Nord ESSFL130
2915T169327TUSApurrs Twinkle Twinkle Lil Star SERD130
2915T346T283TAmbersands Davos Seaworth ENBG130
2915T388T142Tiger AWSX130
2915T164139Teddy Diona*BY EWPS130
2915T163283TSnopride Jazzys Shooting Star NWBG130
2915T337T32Petit-House's Dela AESG130
2915T346T100Nebuankhet Nae Laird! ENAB130
2915T388T327TMelodydolls Doudou Chen AWRD130
2927T134101TMilo De Escorpio Nevskiy Sapfir SASB129
2927T1707Katsmists Bobby Roni SEAUM129
2927T390T330TJennydolls Oubao AWRD129
2927T340T109TDorrymama Tykhe AENF129
2927T340T109TDorrymama Diva of Abyssal AENF129
2927T390T258Deffer Goldenbri AWBS129
2927T34813Show Girl Bastet Ural'S ENOL129
2927T65101TNadia Kubaland SWSB129
2927T340T330TLynfield Alexis Rose AERD129
2936T392332Catyang Donnie Queen AWRD128
2936T437111Morgana De Las Meigas ESNF128
2936T349T103Bobby Moore Arkaim ENSB128
2936T135285Bengamur Thor Makto SABG128
2936T223312TAnd Quercus Alba From Lukoskino of CSCMC128
2936T349T259Bellissima Bella Rossi Junior ENBS128
2936T343312TMcHolic Abel AEMC128
2943T164143Icei Van Da Man NWSX127
2943T54140Hurayra Noerlela of Dewarangga INPS127
2943T165314Ishcus Franklin EWMC127
2943T66333TDreamfinder Camellia of Creekcats SWRD127
2943T351T30Burmaleus Floki ENBU127
2943T62333TAdorabledolls Sir Winston Tyler MPRD127
2943T351T13ToygerEurope Zeus of Macrory ENTG127
2943T438286TToby Exotic Leopard ESBG127
2943T344286TMarvelouscats Blizzard of Kirarakan AEBG127
2952T393T25Hong Dou AWMK126
2952T16513Felinecurly Clementine NWSR126
2952T393T6Millions Love Little Black AWAC126
2952T345T112Dorrymama Mugwort of Prugna AENF126
2952T393T29Chang AWSCS126
2952T345T288Catcrest Gri AEBG126
2952T345T335TAppledolls Singularity AERD126
2952T393T34Xiongxiong AWSFL126
2952T55315Montecarlo Waylon INMC126
2952T393T260TBrud AWBS126
2952T393T260TAlex AWBS126
2952T35374Adam ENOS126
2952T129335TPleasantdolls Victoria GLRD126
2965T94T289TLawntonStMews Going Witda Flow MABG125
2965T439289TLula ESBG125
2965T348T337TKakehashi Cattery Hana AERD125
2965T136141Deitybastet Margarida of Bellavita SAPS125
2965T94T22Cheshirepoint Liara Tsoni MATH125
2965T348T113Tout Ecrin Aqua AENF125
2965T399337TSpiritdolls Tianxin AWRD125
2965T348T21Petlife-Hiro's Echo of Unchaton AESO125
2973T354114Electron de Tsavo*ES ENNF124
2973T35130Delicious Yuzu AESCS124
2973T440T34Neoweyn Des Moulins de Busset ESBI124
2973T440T72Ashley Mariposa of Calvado ESDR124
2973T166291Brockenmoor Avalox of Devinespirits EWBG124
2973T440T31Tess Evicathimalayan ESHI124
2979T443T339TGepetto De La Buena Estrella ESRD123
2979T167T32TCushka Lord Claude/GC EWHI123
2979T137339TMitzi Aurora Australis of Shworld SARD123
2979T443T33Mireille Tiffany ESSG123
2979T35232TMinamifuji Maron Jirou AEHI123
2979T167T142TInnamorare Buba EWPS123
2979T443T142TVak-Bottyan Mano ESPS123
2979T443T23Mythaidiamond Loverboy ESTH123
2987T16915Boucles Madame Farceuse EWSRL122
2987T166129TBelcherpurrs Diesel of Hollowhills NWES122
2987T67129TRoyal Class Enrique of Pams PersiansSWES122
2990T35331Kiddyland Chopard AESCS121
2990T6353Ironforge Brown Sugar MPAS121
2990T40034D'Incanto's Coffee AWHI121
2990T138T35Wanelen Del Alendérgole Es. SABI121
2990T138T316Viana Lorini Of Blin Bengals SAMC121
2990T167262Purrceptibly Ben-Buckley NWBS121
2996T355263Freya Francine von Heeros*FI ENBS120
2996T170131TZendique Bolt From The Blu EWES120
2996T354T14Brindleway Arion of Rockfield AETG120
2996T354T131TNanneko Hime AEES120
3000T356T317TLarikistaff Gillian ENMC119
3000T96292Garifuna Grail of Jungletrax MABG119
3000T356T115Fantarja Nausicaa AENF119
3000T356T317TChatile Aphrodite Sari AEMC119
3000T401264TBaby-YY Jianjian AWBS119
3000T447T35U-Flor Aristopoints ESHI119
3000T356T264TMondolino du Mont bleu des Lilas ENBS119
3000T168341Rhetoricalrags Abbigail NWRD119
3000T447T144Notre Joli Coeur du Bois Du Duc ESPS119
3000T447T15Mystery Savannah Calypso of ExotikcaESSV119
3010T450342HU*Aquamarinedolls Rachel Green ESRD118
3010T358T116Fantarja Beethoven AENF118
3010T402T12Million AWMKL118
3010T358T104Kakehashi Cattery Mari AESB118
3010T358T144Amadeus Star Galileo ENSX118
3010T13075Sahja's Sakeri GLOS118
3010T402T266Qianchong Seven AWBS118
3010T358T293Ofelia of Amberyard ENBG118
3010T358T319TNelly Du Domaine De Shanga ENMC118
3010T171319TCoonflakes Tintagel EWMC118