2017-2018 Household Pet Kitten Standings

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Tue Dec 12 08:54:13 2017.

RankHousehold Pet Kitten Standings
Int'l Regn Name Rgn Score
11Rambo MP6124
21Ember SE5946
32Fauxturkey SE5917
41Magic Mike SW5462
51Blue2 GL5291
63Awwnyx in Love SE5185
71Wicket of Aloracats SC5163
82Wyndham MP5051
94Marilyns Beauty Mark SE4924
105Expecto Patronum of Blueyonder SE4910
112Lubbock of Strayinc SC4758
121Zippy MA4730
132Timmy of Starkittie GL4632
146Rappa Tapp SE4584
153Lucy Firefly Chai of Howlingcoyote SC4528
167Cognac SE4487
178Pistol Packn Moma of Carolinameows SE4485
189Bob Our Dreamweaver of Tntdolls SE4457
1910Sergei of Wavemakers SE4444
204Kali of Strayinc SC4366
215Bartholomew of Aloracats SC4364
2211Blue Skye Over the Rainbow SE4304
23T12Ragnar Shaggy-Breeches SE4169
23T3Dexter GL4169
256Smudge of Strayinc SC4027
2613Amaretto SE4019
271Kingsley EW4014
28Mua of Celestialspots --3993
292Call Me A Lovebug SW3794
303Ron I'm Half A Wegie SW3674
313Fluffer Buddy MP3657
322Scout PCasso of Kinzelkatz MA3498
331Gusya of Silverreef NW3465
3414Finn SE3452
351Haleo AA3344
367Frappe of Celestialspots SC3309
372Jewelspride Uno NW3173
383Sparkle MA3170
393Patty NW3089
402Thar Sands EW3070
414Dimka of Rostovalmaz NW2999
42Miss Bajaree --2884
434Frostie MP2880
445Iceberg MP2876
456Tuxie MP2869
465White Out NW2748
474Lil Miss Boogie Bug of Blacktie SW2730
48Pumpkin --2718
493Ramsey EW2659
507Romeo MP2515
516Katya NW2496
521Piper Uppervalley NE2488
534Mini-Mi of Boucles EW2483
548Little Diamond True Tail SC2461
551Katoplis Niebla SA2456
562Iris NE2443
574Francis Kitty GL2347
588Kiss Of Chocolate MP2339
599Indigo of Carchet MP2317
607Patches NW2292
615Lumpy EW2205
6210Cowboy MP2196
639Mimosa Parfait of Sazikatz SC2195
646Flash Harry EW2160
6515Paparazzi In Lights SE2139
6611Mogley MP2133
672Lady Arya SA2105
685Synergy Callisto GL2056
6916Creme Brulee of Carolinameows SE2010
7010Princess Luna-Belle SC1988
718Maron NW1976
723Lady Saphira NE1955
7312Lilacpearl MP1943
744Dani MA1934
755Trouble MA1890
766Cinnabar MA1824
7711Fiji SC1789
786Georgia GL1782
7917Lovey of Curlzz SE1780
807Scout P'Casso MA1769
819Chi Chi NW1756
8218Bubbles SE1753
8310Hugo of Pipkin NW1748
8411Orphan Annie NW1745
8512Philo NW1734
867Stella GL1727
8719Creme Brulee SE1696
888Willie MA1692
8920Ziggy SE1684
9013Blanca NW1682
917Secret Sands EW1681
9221Pistol Packn Moma SE1663
9322Flipz Dominoe SE1660
941Luffa IN1639
959Thadas MA1637
9623Gremlin SE1630
978Davey GL1617
988Jezebel Electra EW1615
992Half Summer IN1595
10014Hani NW1550
10110Maya MA1544
10215Gabby NW1528
10324Logan SE1522
1041Narnia De La Grace ES1518
1053Morning IN1506
10625Gypsy SE1503
10716Nyota NW1495
108T4Xiao Ba Sir IN1461
108T13Cinderella MP1461
11017She is Beautiful NW1455
11112Hobeaux of Strayinc SC1444
112T9Henry Tudor VIII GL1439
112T26Ambrosia SE1439
1145Xiangxiang IN1429
1152Nimba ES1386
1169Boucles Monsieur Malin EW1351
1173Pedro SA1341
11813Rey SC1335
1196Heyhey IN1330
12014Scruffy's Got Talent of Bluebonnet SC1324
1217Happy IN1319
12215Casiopea SC1297
12314Pixie MP1291
12410Electra EW1285
12527Tigrrrrr SE1280
12618Ink Blot NW1275
127Total Eclipse of Dreamfinder --1272
12816Burbuja SC1264
12915Duck MP1249
13028Tiberius SE1247
13129Boomerang SE1246
1324Boris SA1242
1335Andre SW1237
1348White White IN1230
1354Maybelline NE1225
136T11Kathy EW1220
136T17Ewok of Aloracats SC1220
138T18Mostacho SC1209
138T5Lucas SA1209
14030Patriot Katz Voodoo Princess SE1199
14119She Purrs Alot NW1198
14210Javahut Freya GL1181
14311Lumen GL1177
144T5Tommy NE1170
144T1Secret Bob Nikolaev's Pride*RU EN1170
1466Wyatt SW1165
1479Sissi IN1153
1487Gusteau SW1149
14912Vindouro Slate Expectations GL1148
15019Brian SC1143
1518Marcell SW1138
152T6Quincy NE1120
152T10Qiqi IN1120
15416Mulan MP1118
1559Idgie Threadgoode SW1115
1562Rumi Okubo AA1108
15717Roman MP1102
158T20TRue SC1093
158T20TEmory of Aloracats SC1093
16022Kevin SC1088
161T7Monroe NE1087
161T11Million IN1087
16318Spark MP1072
16431Ghost SE1071
165T3Shiori Mikami AA1064
165T12Secret Stirlin EW1064
167T12TMenglu IN1043
167T12TKingkong IN1043
16932Jamisson SE1022
1702Boholdt Hulk EN1010
17119Violet MP1003
17220Luster MP999
17323Usain Bolt SC986
1744Kurosuke AA955
17521Olivia MP951
17633Alani SE924
17734P Paprika SE923
178T22TIvar MP905
178T22TGoose MP905
18035Graylee SE885
18114Shaoye IN830
18215Doradai Rourou IN824
183T20Brody NW808
183T16Balvenie IN808
1856Almendra SA802
18636Rhinestone Cowboy of Carolinameows SE799
18717Budweiser IN797
18824Lundo MP791
18918Singleton IN775
19021Lil Bit O Love of Endelosglede NW770
19137Joe SE747
1925Caramel AA730
193T38Pearl SE714
193T24TGoldie SC714
193T24TGabe SC714
196T19Yui IN709
196T8Leonardo Desphynxy NE709
19813Toybob Griff GL693
19914Lillie GL692
20026Misty SC681
2013Leonprime Belle Epoque ES660
202T27Prince Pudge 'Five Fingers of Pain' SC648
202T20Liang Dao IN648
20439Winter SE642
2057Rodolfo Valentino SA616
20628Peter SC604
207T25Teepo MP598
207T29Newt SC598
20930Salem SC577
21010Sally SW566
2118Orange SA560
21222StellaArtois NW544
2136Roku AA510
21440Mighty Whitey Mufasa SE473
21511Ely MA450
21641Brittany SE346
2179Marvel Nach SA340
21842Brandy SE155
21923Herus Moon Raider NW121
22021Huahua IN110