2016-2017 Kitten Standings: 1601-1800

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Tue Mar 28 11:51:38 2017.

RankKitten Standings: 1601-1800
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
160197209Marsise Coon Chicoca Leyla SAMC525
160215747Anubis Somarineko ENAB524
1603T1584Bennevis All Magic ENSCL523
1603T178T12Two INMK523
1603T178T98Shina Star's Hera of Tianlong/CF INPS523
160614524Tesoro Bello Tribu SESF522
16079749Sayadaws Effie Trinket EWSB521
160818141Siblings Pop Top To Go SCOS519
1609T18293TGolden Crystal Medium/ID SCBS518
1609T18093TBlue Andy of Xiaolong INBS518
1609T6211Toygerwelt Virtuoshow of Eeyaa SWTG518
1612T181195Dreamtw Bertie INRD517
1612T109151Savoirfaire Jasper GLBG517
1612T1598Russpixi Monarch ENPB517
1612T9299Pearly Pond's Great Red Bear Anicka NEPS517
16166318Beautyburm's Valentin of Bon Marche SWBU515
1617T160210Forest Beauty Volga ENMC514
1617T11314Made In Romania Soul Man ESSRL514
1619T161196Hovicastle Kyla ENRD513
1619T14615Highlandkatz I Love Lucy SESRL513
1619T11042Chicago Snow Mystique GLOS513
162264211Mainelyours Heartbreaker SWMC512
1623T183197TCatlana Texas Primrose of Bluerags SCRD511
1623T51T197TUsapurrs Loverboy of 5starrags MPRD511
1623T51T34Da Bruddahs Jacaranda of McInkat/CF MPSI511
1623T114100Seventh Heaven Violet ESPS511
1627T1622Egyptsila Cetx ENBM510
1627T18216Tess INSRL510
1627T147199Dolsragdolls Finneas Lad 4 Cailini SERD510
1630T16348Miss Dior Silver de Lord Chester ENAB509
1630T18463Lunarami Chanel SCSX509
1632T148152Boutiquecats Riversong of Rubyclaw SEBG505
1632T1857Celestial Spots Milky Way SCEM505
1632T98101SugarCats Calinda SAPS505
16359865Zendique Raspberry Beret EWES504
1636T164T49Danakil Happiness ENAB503
1636T164T153MiaTuk Norton ENBG503
1638T99T154Vom Kranichsberg Barista EWBG502
1638T186212TSpirithill Halfpipe SCMC502
1638T99T212TMarelax Pride Jason Hunter EWMC502
1641T18764Chiselled Mistery Tanita/WC SCSX501
1641T11125Marifolds Princess Fiona GLSF501
164314720Vert Pico Piyoco AARB500
1644T11218Ginchika Say Goodbye To Hollywood GLJB498
1644T149214Carolinameows Mister Prancer SEMC498
1644T1835Meiko INMNT498
1647T11866Sunspirit Velvet Sneakers NWES497
1647T11595Amelie Amourfelide ESBS497
1649T10196Starryeyed Diamonds R Furrever EWBS496
1649T99T9Targareyenthai Lyanna SATH496
1649T99T102Moronis Anuel SAPS496
165265215Coons'kin Shayna Maydella SWMC494
16535365Dawn Of The Sphynx Ruby Faith MPSX493
1654T166216TAlpha Cephei Olimpian*RU ENMC491
1654T184216TXiaohei INMC491
1654T216TDeescoons Belle of Lincoln --MC491
1657T18597Blue Generals Jelly INBS490
1657T6635Velpaws Kitty Katzan SWSI490
1657T16711Luckykot*NL Enigma Temple In Love ENPD490
166093103Anouchka Eye of the Tiger NEPS489
1661T16850Nevaslegend Napoleon ENSB488
1661T188219Mojo Maines Trillian Astra SCMC488
1661T113155Medoz Pearl Jam of Highcaliber GLBG488
1661T1194Kapercats Misty May NWPBL488
1665T150T200Dolsragdolls Padraig Lad 4 Cailini SERD487
1665T150T220Mysticoon King Creole SEMC487
1665T11698Magicmoments Queeny ESBS487
166861221Katcoons Durham MAMC486
1669T11410Alicats Another Hawkeye GLTH484
1669T1866TheHobbit Huawuque INMNT484
1669T11719Mia De L'Asaliah ESHI484
167218752Wilderforest Toffees INNF483
1673T148T53Queen Panther's Jona AANF482
1673T148T201Neon AARD482
1675T189104Garnicats Luccida SCPS481
1675T11543Nerikha Monet of Chicago Snow GLOS481
167710150Aconcagua Jack Daniels SAAB480
1678T1209ShortfootFalls Baileys and Cream NWMNL479
1678T102105Dafne EWPS479
1680T12151Wintermist Holly Berry NWSB478
1680T62156Tailspin Romeo of Giannisbengal MABG478
1680T118222Oliver Malten Bohemia ESMC478
1683122157Traipse Forged In Fire NWBG477
168410267Folierouge Chimuelo SAES476
1685152223Hopecats Axl Rose SEMC475
1686123224Woodpile Sharpshooter NWMC474
1687T188T225Good Girl INMC473
1687T188T202Blooming Ms. Future INRD473
1687T169T4Salexcoon Colombina PP ENMCP473
1687T169T106PL*Jantar Miss Gaga ENPS473
1691116203Bluegrasrags Sealy Dan GLRD472
1692190158Jumpertw Wendy INBG471
1693T119204Siempreamar Ruby ESRD470
1693T15054Evilmagic Mocham AANF470
1693T19199Chacha INBS470
1693T103T38The Kitten House Elena SADR470
1693T103T9Salomonkingdom Liam SASCS470
1698T171T226TForest Beauty I.Sunrise ENMC469
1698T120226TCascademtn Trixy of Coopercoons ESMC469
1698T171T159Legion Nayada of AmberYard ENBG469
1701153107Sandkaztle Surfin Safari SEPS468
1702T173T228TStarquality Jade ENMC467
1702T15121Vert Pico Pico AARB467
1702T173T52Verbena Siberian Samotsvet ENSB467
1702T192205Datou of Meow INRD467
1702T154228TSciroos Kenzo SEMC467
170763100RoyalPlushBrits Hera MABS466
1708121108Marengo du Lys De Cristal ESPS465
1709T175109Hiladoras Aysha ENPS464
1709T64230Atlastcats Fianola of Merrimac MAMC464
1709T10319Pantherajedi Ripple EWBU464
171219320Tulamor INSR463
1713T152160Catcrest's Kei AABG461
1713T15510Dreamsong Thunderbird SEOC461
1713T190110Katzen Bubba SCPS461
1716T104231TSilverfern's Royal Ascot EWMC460
1716T67231TCascademtn Cremedecacao SWMC460
1716T153161Sansen's Panther AABG460
17191765NFusion Black Hero vom Sonnenhang ENBO459
1720T122T68TMayline du Cercle Des Fees ESES458
1720T122T68TM'As-Tu Vu Neves Du Lagon Bleu ESES458
1722T194206TAnnie INRD456
1722T124233Wistariantale Tchalla ESMC456
1722T156206TTNTDolls Alexa Blessing in Disguise SERD456
1722T19111Pikespeak Marcel SCOC456
1722T10553Musrafy Siberski EWSB456
1727T154T11Doudou Belle Mer Blue AABL455
1727T154T55Miagola Te Surleil AANF455
1727T195208Lando INRD455
1730124209Adorabledolls Nocona of Rawhiderags NWRD453
1731T15651Ammycrystal Lala AAAB452
1731T94T54Dachakoshka Lesnoy Dukh NESB452
1731T94T234Americoons Mary Mary Quite Contrary NEMC452
1734T683Fujicats Apollo of Pattnchat SWBM451
1734T6510Wan-Lea Jeep MATO451
1736T157101Ya Ya of Royal Sapphire SEBS449
1736T6912Chisholmtrail Ice Dancer SWOC449
1738T1179Halima Izzet Mavi of Tatvan GLTV448
1738T157210Kiwimagic The Magic In Me AARD448
1740T10610Austen EWSCS447
1740T19226Muse Puppet SCSFL447
1742T66235MTNest Millenium MAMC446
1742T125111Kranewitter's Sun Of Jamaica ESPS446
1744T19644Fred Black Eggs INOS445
1744T15856Dorrymama Acontite AANF445
1746T17722Ruslandija Azalel ENRB444
1746T12627Mira-Belle de La Via Domicia ESSFL444
1746T159211Laladoll MRG Ozma AARD444
1749T16052TAbyqueen Zoe AAAB442
1749T10752TDes Entrechats Mister BB Bramwell EWAB442
175116111Delicious's Minmin AASCS441
175216211Tyheracles Cherry Blossom AACX439
1753193212Ankara Kirov Thorin SCRD438
1754T11857TWaterfjords Julian/Tristan GLNF437
1754T54236Ttcats Goliath MPMC437
1754T163T102Petit-House's Dina AABS437
1754T163T57TLaboon's Shanks AANF437
1754T197T13KML Thalia INMK437
1754T197T26John Depp INSF437
1760T105162TAlmafelina Nutella SABG436
1760T158162TProwler Sky Writer of Tailwinds SEBG436
1760T1657Menuett AAMKL436
1763T19970Afu INES435
1763T178103Cotillions Fiorina ENBS435
1765127237Winerau Magnus ESMC434
1766T194213Romancenrags Azure of Cajunragdolls SCRD433
1766T12820Montblanc au Coeur D'Tamaris ESHI433
176816654Aby Aran Orchis AAAB432
1769T200214Blooming Truffles INRD431
1769T129238Wildbeautycoon's X'Missia ESMC431
1771T130164TSinfonia Lohengrin ESBG430
1771T195164TGranbengal Plutonium SCBG430
1771T10671Terracats Brittany of Lynx SAES430
1774107112Dclass Gizmo SAPS429
1775T179239Deescoons Belle ENMC428
1775T2017Olenji INMNT428
1777T9612WildFx Blaze O Thunder NETG427
1777T159215Usapurrs Yankee Doodle Dippin Dots SERD427
1777T16723Supersmile Mayo AARB427
1777T202104Ruby INBS427
1777T108113Kiara Emma SAPS427
178220327HuiHui INSF424
1783T11926Filagrewaves Solo GLCR423
1783T16828Amour Iyohime AAAS423
1783T125T55Abydale High Flyer NWAB423
1783T125T55Cieloch Equinox NWSB423
1783T180216Paramountcy Dolls Butterfly ENRD423
1788T127T240TBigrivercoon Exquisite Emma NWMC422
1788T127T39Devonjoi Oprah Win Free NWDR422
1788T108240TIshcus Astara EWMC422
179112066Bemisu Kassandra GLSX420
1792109105Lunamorena Aladin SABS419
1793196166Mukulaal Chisholm of Ohmy SCBG418
1794T7013A Tale O Heads SWTG417
1794T181242Velsbechmann Audi Q7 of Bearcloud ENMC417
179611072Fellinegold Sharif Asad of Gacitua SAES415
1797T160167Callista Tritan of Sunmoonbengals SEBG414
1797T182106Louise Leia Silver Renata's ENBS414
179967168Babbling Sugared And Spiced Bingger MABG413
1800T1839Aurorasavannahs Bea ENSV411
1800T11120Aiko Folimena SABI411
1800T20473Tiger INES411