2016-2017 Kitten Standings: 2006-2205

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Tue Mar 28 11:51:38 2017.

RankKitten Standings: 2006-2205
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
2006T118205Ashamberlily Huon EWBG317
2006T102247Babyblueeyes Locklyn NERD317
2006T11981Dclass Liv Tyler SAES317
2006T1556Max Brown de Saint Evroult ESHB317
20108213Natella Grisel of Mureshka SWPD316
20112055Island Tale Medusa of Caitria ENCY315
2012156248Mirumkitty Sweet Dream ESRD314
2013T236249Eria Pro Bailey's of Royalkitty/ID INRD313
2013T103274Dracoonfly Winter's Hope NEMC313
201520939Clowntown's Tadashi of Dianysus SCSI312
2016T8313Blackthai Mango Tango SWTH311
2016T2107Deepsouth Donnchad SCMCP311
2016T104275Merrimac Mariposa NEMC311
2016T751Magicbobs Gum Drop MAABS311
2016T136206Leopardstrail Morpheus of Poetic BenGLBG311
2021T120124Dclass Dream Me SAPS310
2021T186250Riterags Peaches And Cream SERD310
2021T21147KLM On The Darkside of Tersanctus SCOS310
2024T21220Angelbear Jesse James SCJB309
2024T187T28Barmont Jazzman of Lahoni SECR309
2024T105276Dracoonfly The Kate NEMC309
2024T7664Dachakoshka Nina MASB309
2024T15760Moon de La Rive ESAB309
2024T187T3Katsmists Bobby Toni SEAUM309
2030T1899Hylanderclan Graylene of Grayskies SETA308
2030T158118Evening-Star Evita ESBS308
2030T13731Carocats Confetti of Richson GLAS308
2030T206277LeatherandLace Paradise City ENMC308
2030T8465Kendercat Lady Sherade SWSB308
2035T137125Hollowhills Rain Dance Maggic NWPS307
2035T192T63Catroses Musubi AANF307
2035T20716Almamater Sashka of Pairyberendey ENTG307
2035T237207Ailun INBG307
2035T192T17Unchaton Arodo AASO307
2040T19074TBaldfantasea Born to be Wild Thang SESX306
2040T121126TBetunes Snow Bel SAPS306
2040T238T126TShiny Stars Poseidon INPS306
2040T238T16Ludi INMK306
2040T5974TLilliana Vivat Burbon Baffi MPSX306
2045T159278Wistariantale Kiki ESMC305
2045T85128Toxicate Peppermint Patty SWPS305
2045T20829Lukor-Fold I Am General Ermolov ENSFL305
2048T122279Bajacoon Le Lis SAMC304
2048T21332Bayoash Swoozie SCAS304
2050T20933Harmony Victorijas Laime ENSF303
2050T21440Radiance Cashmere of Ranchcats SCSI303
2050T123119Pedro de Valdivia SABS303
2053T19143Blupaw Travis Tritt SEDR302
2053T7776Destynys Stop Stutter and Buffer MASX302
2053T19482Nenneko Airi AAES302
2053T13812McDoogles Misty Waters GLMNL302
205716044Devonheaven Jucifer ESDR301
2058T215T45Great Elf Gandor of Tex-Lonestar SCDR300
2058T240T120TDuang INBS300
2058T6041Tinji's Almond Joy MPSI300
2058T240T120TTeddy Cat Miracle INBS300
2058T215T251Reina Navinoel SCRD300
2063T138208Gulfbeach Cosmic Dream of TikkaSky NWBG299
2063T242122Blue Abbott of Xiaolong INBS299
2063T217T26Shiekspurr Gnocchi SCHI299
2063T13926Samovar Ceremoney GLRB299
2063T217T42Leafdance Chamomile of Sukhotai SCSI299
2068T119280Allywood Merida of Noracoon EWMC298
2068T161T21Mayween De Kerdalyan ESBI298
2068T161T209Magenta Fusia Des Griffes De Feu ESBG298
2071T14029Cattail's Fancy Don't Let Me Down GLCR297
2071T2194Sazikatz Nutmeg SCBM297
2073T243123TGrand Morrin INBS296
2073T616Faeiretail Joplin MPMX296
2073T21034Vinsent ENSF296
2073T163123TTscha's Oh Mandy ESBS296
2077T86252TEchoglen Time To Shine SWRD295
2077T244T252T365Acebaby Gingerale INRD295
2077T244T11Maji INMNT295
2080T195254TAmethyst Woody AARD294
2080T192210Boydsbengals Heartbreakers Romeo SEBG294
2080T164129Abraxas Evita ESPS294
2080T14183Vannies Paws Spell Bound GLES294
2080T106254TCubra's Fairytale NERD294
2085T13943Stegra Kumara NWSI293
2085T62211Tatsu Rocky Mountain Breeze MPBG293
2087140256Ragalong Chipmunkcharlie NWRD292
2088T22033Bayouash Paloma Pequena SCAS291
2088T19335Tanais Diamond Milly Pearl SESF291
2088T16522Modany Qurly Divine ESSR291
2091T16610Sirin Eros Ramazzotti ESTA290
2091T142212A-Kerr's Flying Phoenix GLBG290
2091T211257TAdollrags Fruitje ENRD290
2091T124130SugarCats Filó SAPS290
2091T1204Sonnenblume Nephthys EWCU290
2091T221257TRTT Violets Super Stella SCRD290
2097T16784Black Pearls Kimmidoll ESES289
2097T107213Panachebengals Cufflink NEBG289
2099T141125Alengosh Afina NWBS288
2099T24613Tian Xin INSCS288
2099T8716Curl Essence Help In Time Of Need SWACL288
2102T19423Moonlake BamBam SESR287
2102T247T259Miss Miao Akuma INRD287
2102T108281Le Beau Minu Brina of A'Doracoon NEMC287
2102T247T214KTLC Keto Jupao INBG287
2106121282Ishcus Xahlia EWMC286
2107T196T260Dolcemadre Hishou AARD285
2107T196T215TMedusa Ray of Light In The Darkness AABG285
2107T249215TKing INBG285
2110125217Golden Crown Bengal Simba SABG284
211116864Moka De La Legende Du Gral ESNF283
2112T2221Skiboots Didgeridoo SCSN282
2112T12246Stanrex Black Minnaloushe EWDR282
2114T14285Hollowhills Jonahs Journey NWES281
2114T223218Bengaluvrs Lady Zia of Bengalmanor SCBG281
2114T16927Jefimija Royal Mystic ESRB281
2117T224261Cajunragdolls Blue Denim And Lace SCRD280
2117T78219Zeus MABG280
2117T19530Lahoni Gin Fizz of Barmont SECR280
2120196262Sunnyshores Starlight Ghost SERD279
2121T212283Cuzzoe Umbra of Mainemarie ENMC278
2121T19811Marimaki Tsubaki AATO278
2123T250126Duke INBS277
2123T14348Chipmunk Arctic Dreams NWOS277
2125T225220Bengaluvrs Skittles SCBG276
2125T197284Caesarheadcoon Finn SEMC276
2125T14386TVannies Paws Eye Kandy GLES276
2125T19986TPetit Rinrin's Datan AAES276
2129T200263Holybabe Anber of Gentletime AARD275
2129T213131Grashoppers Myhra ENPS275
2129T14488Carriekatz Tiramisu GLES275
2132T79221Anjou Hot Flash MABG274
2132T17024Modany Qurly Deep Purple ESSR274
2134T226T132Hot Stuff Keep Calm - Chill Out SCPS273
2134T226T34Bayouash Butterscotch SCAS273
2134T25136Xiaolong's Alan INSF273
2134T20165Proud Musashi AANF273
2134T21466Lincoln Vivalacita*RU ENSB273
2139T14477Fantcfur 3 Spots Flashing NWSX272
2139T14567Asher GLSB272
2139T8817Catherder's Chile Con Queso SWMK272
2139T109264Kasseldolls Blue Seduction NERD272
2143T252T127TBlue Algernon of Xiaolong INBS271
2143T2155Valena Pride Jasmine ENSCL271
2143T198265TSunnyshores Aurora Borealis SERD271
2143T252T18Solo INMK271
2143T252T127TRainbow INBS271
2143T252T265TNeiyoucats Buddy INRD271
2149256267Melodydolls Goddess INRD270
2150T257129Alpha's Finn INBS269
2150T14589Sunspirit Meeko NWES269
2152T21630Urfo Imagination ENSFL268
2152T8925Makinwaves Ultra Violet SWSR268
2152T258T268TLuke of the Smurfs INRD268
2152T258T268TLovelystory Elsa of Queeniedoll INRD268
215619927Tranquility Zigzag SEHI267
2157T14649Stegra Tapestry NWOS266
2157T20010Bodhicats Siddhartha SESV266
2157T217T222Manfred Loriwal ENBG266
2157T217T11Ladakedi Fantastiqe ENTA266
2161T20237Delicious's Riri AASF265
2161T126223Katanga Channel SABG265
2163T123224Bundlebengals Kye EWBG264
2163T203130Minamifuji Marie Orange AABS264
2165T204270Farandoll Anna of Cats Idol AARD263
2165T22817Brandi SCTG263
2165T2196Rumfold Muscat ENSCL263
2165T171285TMystic de Mourre-Frais ESMC263
2165T9014Marveloo Archenland Digory SWTH263
2165T127285TMarsise Coon Kely SAMC263
2171T229271TCajunragdolls Chickasaw SCRD261
2171T260271TRagalong Leona of Bodhirags INRD261
2173T91287TChemicoons Habanero of Purrgarden SWMC260
2173T12410Shadycombe Tali David EWTV260
2173T110287TLe Beau Minu Bliss NEMC260
2176201225Mossyrock Veronica of Willowblue SEBG259
2177T807Iconickatz Iggy Azalea MABO258
2177T11119Korrigan Melusine NEMK258
2177T9226Kitti Kat Rose Quartz SWSR258
2180T125289Silverfern's Rainbow Kiss EWMC255
2180T14768Sella Siberuss NWSB255
2182T205290TSnowneige Amanemu of Amangroup AAMC254
2182T146226Exotiquebengals Imari GLBG254
2182T14820Sacredspirit X-Boxer NWBU254
2182T172T290TMainelynx Yagenka ESMC254
2182T172T13Lankhyara Milady ESCX254
2187T261273Wenflyfly Bluesy INRD253
2187T20614Laladoll RSB George AACX253
2189T230227Sumatra Quiet Riot of Lileopard SCBG252
2189T207T274Dolcemadre E.tiara AARD252
2189T128292Marsise Coon Linmimei SAMC252
2189T207T21Marchhare Fuki AABU252
2189T2201Ladystrick Her Secret ENDSK252
2194T262228Emma INBG251
2194T231293Spirithill Red Hope SCMC251
2196T263275365acebaby Captain Sully INRD250
2196T20966Proud Hony Bloom AANF250
2198264131Meow&Purr Ivan INBS249
219914950Stegra Karma Chameleon NWOS248
2200T265T90Shuiseng INES246
2200T221T294Finchamberlain Artic Love ENMC246
2200T8178Yoruba Cattery Justin MASX246
2200T221T133Dazzling Dido Monichiwa*PL ENPS246
2200T265T27Jingang INSR246
2205T21079TCerisier's Nadia AASX244
2205T6379TUniquecelebrity Clove MPSX244
2205T223295TStarArk Nemo ENMC244
2205T267T276Rainbowragdolls Kathy of Sweatheart INRD244
2205T267T79TPuff Lol INSX244
2205T202295TMtnest Metallica of Mainevu SEMC244