2016-2017 Household Pet Standings: 401-629

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Tue Mar 28 11:51:38 2017.

RankHousehold Pet Standings: 401-629
Int'l Regn Name Rgn Score
40130Caramelo Devincenzi SA917
40266Mi Cielito SE916
40367Smokie SE915
40411Beanie IN912
40568Zoey SE910
40669Adelisa SE909
40766John Wayne The Duke SC906
40817Nudli ES902
40918Kovou ES900
41067Twizzler SC896
41112Feidie* IN890
41249Lacey Marie GL875
41350Bambi GL872
41470Smokey Blue Indigo SE868
41519Izisz ES863
41613Mengmeng IN861
41729Mr Nemo SW858
418T30Marilyn Meowroe SW855
418T71Buttascotch SE855
420T24TFalcon EW852
420T14Diamond IN852
420T24TDeenlay Truly Scrumptious EW852
42320Miss Kiki du Royaume Des Coons ES850
424T51Cora GL846
424T31Calixto SA846
42623Til Im Blue MA844
427T32TZeta SA841
427T32TLion SA841
427T26Jezzabelle of Bedazzlecats EW841
427T21Drogi ES841
43127Amari Sagan NW840
43225Dobby NE837
433T68Jersey SC835
433T72Freddy Mercury SE835
435T34Roma SA830
435T22Mazsola ES830
43773Falcor SE820
43827Willomar EW819
43914Porro EN818
44019Frontstreet Rincompoop MP816
44120Herbie The Lovebug MP815
44215Mickey Su Wo Wo IN808
44315Aku EN807
44474Tulip SE797
44523Inci Finci ES792
44669Miss Moonpie SC781
44724Bob MA778
44812Priscillla of Angelsmile AA774
44975Chardonnay SE766
45076Tensley SE765
45116Sisu EN763
45228Puff's Flash EW762
45329Mr Tigga EW758
45470Annabeth SC754
45552Callie GL743
45635Zaira Rosa SA742
45777Larry SE738
45878Edith SE737
45924Winnie ES736
46013Muffin AA735
461T21TSmoke N Mirrors MP734
461T21TOozy MP734
46328Snow Tiger NW731
46423Kormir MP723
46571Rlar Beatrice SC722
46630Bella Rosa EW718
46731Louise EW709
468T29Pixies Miloh NW708
468T14Koshimizu AA708
470T36Peluche SA704
470T16Caramel IN704
47253Royal Markum Mayhem Trouble Seeker GL703
473T31Sarabi of Kalanikats SW702
473T15Azalee AA702
47517Potter IN698
476T32Piglit EW690
476T32Nemo SW690
47854Wonderfold Castor GL689
479T72Jooleyah of Conexa SC686
479T55Kiana GL686
48125Djura ES681
482T17TLenni EN680
482T17TInkku EN680
484T79Blackie SE670
484T73Belladonna SC670
48674Bentley SC669
48733Penelope SW667
48830Ortego NW666
48924Beanie Baby MP659
49080Coco Fluff Fluff SE656
49137Thiago SA654
49256Junie GL653
49381Bbald Icarus SE645
49438Geppeto SA643
49526Cashe NE636
49682Master Maximum Chunk of Coal SE621
49739Rudy SA620
49825Cher MP616
499T26TPurrfectgeneses Master Shifu MP609
499T26TLiara Tsoni of Honningkatt MP609
50126Alley The Crumble ES593
50257Kat GL581
50383Tibbs SE571
50458Missy Little Emily GL566
50575Marie of Odesseycatz SC563
506T16Peru AA560
506T27TJamie ES560
506T27TDivine ES560
506T40Alfonso SA560
51076Gato SC555
51118Mizi IN554
51228Mixie MP547
51359Pew GL540
51419Lan Shan IN538
51525Jamison MA537
51629Lisi ES533
51720Nini IN532
51884Brooklynn SE526
51960Lakeleopardz Pele GL519
52077Susana Ariadne SC517
52134Mistress Cinder SW516
52235Busters Buddy, SW SW514
523T31Pepper NW505
523T26Bruitis MA505
52578Bella Catarina McCrea SC501
52630Filou ES500
52729Angel Kitty MP485
52885Serenity SE484
52927Kodiak Baloo NE477
53086Bonnibelle SE472
53179Tootsie SC457
53217Lilla Rio Roux AA451
53387Ivy SE449
53419Kipina EN440
53521Hu Niu IN439
53620Arsenal EN429
53722Jin Mao IN428
53888Dusty Blue SE427
53923Yin Mao IN417
54089Reba SE415
54141Polaco SA396
54290Misty SE395
543T30Little Boy MP390
543T28I Knew You Were Trouble NE390
54591Sarah SE389
54680Devon SC384
54727Cloud MA377
54836Travis SW375
54942Blancaflor SA371
550T92Perogie SE367
550T37Dot SW367
55231Willowmena MP354
55361April GL340
55432Lizzie MP338
55532Mr Yankee Doodle Dandy Cat NW331
55693Talitha SE329
55729Blue Saphire NE328
55838Tango SW322
55981Augustus SC319
56094Chelsea Butcher of Jasperhall SE315
561T82Shes A Foxy Lady of Sazikatz SC300
561T62Mister Macy GL300
563T39Phantom Sassy Too SW299
563T63Ollie GL299
565T64Yvette GL298
565T33Eye Spy MP298
56765Valentine GL294
56895Enola SE293
56996Charissa SE291
57066Moriah GL290
57167Paisley GL281
57224Hans of Zhenyang* IN263
57383Rlar Kitty SC257
57425Lanxin IN252
57540Alvin SW249
57634Primrose Everdeen MP245
577T26TSeagulls Lucas IN236
577T35Marco MP236
577T26TGuava IN236
580T41Thumbs SW235
580T36Hoarr Odin MP235
58228Thunderrr Cloud MA233
58397Annie SE231
58433Prince Blackbery Velvet Bicknell NW229
58528Tianxin IN225
586T42Pistachio SW220
586T31Colombina ES220
58829Tots MA209
58968Bablin GL200
59098Princess Emily SE194
59143Master Jackson SW193
59229Watermelon IN192
59369Electra GL181
59444Sir Duke SW175
59570Ellen GL171
596T32Lisa ES170
596T30Kylin IN170
598T34Donald NW165
598T71Archy GL165
60072Bam GL153
60143Mico SA143
60235Pashka America NW142
60333Sherlock EW137
604T73Kirby The Love Bug of RR GL136
604T34George[SW] EW136
60699Giovanna Kaprysowo SE135
607T100Opidiah SE132
607T44Donatelo SA132
609T84Presto Aloysius SC125
609T101Foxy SE125
611T85TVivienne SC122
611T85TSpanky SC122
613T36TInk Blot NW121
613T102Imelda SE121
613T36THarley NW121
613T45Francesca SA121
61787Bianca SC120
618103Karn of Blueyonder SE113
619T46Sophia Loren SA110
619T38Lil' Bitsy NW110
62174Purrlawnrouge Lil Bug GL83
622T75Sequoia GL82
622T37Rusty MP82
622T31Bin Jiang River IN82
625T45Mole SW71
625T76Lera of Wonderfold GL71
627104Sparkles SE69
62846Jeffer SW62
629T39Tara NW60
629T38Scomber MP60
629T88Maui SC60
629T77Jasmine GL60
629T30Her Majesty Queen Sheba MA60
629T47Augie SW60