2016-2017 Championship Cat Standings: 2837-3010

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sat Apr 29 08:31:25 2017.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 2837-3010
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
2837T149295TBengallys Kingston NEBG118
2837T187T289TBeautiful to Live Lavinia of Legato SAMC118
2837T187T42Von & Von Atila SAHI118
2837T197T65Ulmo Ainu Holiday East of Azorez NWOS118
2837T288T48Jasmintea Smile Cherry of Lupinus AASF118
2837T162T295TDazzelbengalz Shine Like A Diamond EWBG118
2837T288T138Cattery Kitty House's Gaia AASX118
2837T211289TCarolinameows Senoras Spirit SEMC118
2837T197T289TPureyell Chikaratoro NWMC118
2837T80289TNitrocoons Octavia MAMC118
2837T162T8Migatobonito Famous Pfurrgus EWMCP118
2848T290T19TBeautypet's Nice of Medusa AASO117
2848T189167TViestmaden Roy Roy SAPS117
2848T290T21Tyheracles Tsubaki AACX117
2848T358T293Royalrubydolls Beatrice INMC117
2848T290T94Littlemew Lapis Lazuli AANF117
2848T244105Jaklin Blue Veil of Winterbrook SCSB117
2848T358T50Ingmar of Luckyboy INDR117
2848T290T19THemitage Lynn of Medusa AASO117
2848T330203Charlotte Fantasy Flore ESBS117
2848T290T167TMi-Ko Family Orion AAPS117
2848T358T138Amysbowzi Hana INES117
2859T164308TAvocado Blue Ivy EWRD116
2859T295T308TSweetpixi Neon AARD116
2859T1997Legendtales Rapunzel NWPBL116
2859T331294Las Vegas de Nikko Coons ESMC116
2859T295T204I Believe's Uelly of Tinytiny AABS116
2859T295T24Catcat's Minimum AASG116
2859T361308TRiterags Charles INRD116
2859T295T297Medusa Silver Lining Muse AABG116
2867T299T25Wan Dream's Fast AASG115
2867T150298TSofysticats Kaori of Saphira NEBG115
2867T190T298TSimm Logan SABG115
2867T332T205MagicMoments Ronja ESBS115
2867T36264Luckykitty Badun INAS115
2867T30821Kharn-Ka Tsula of Fryga/FI ENSO115
2867T190T139I Chiyo Les Sphynx Du Devin SASX115
2867T200311Heavenlyrags Dandy Lion NWRD115
2867T245T106Dusha Moya Verooka of Charodey SCSB115
2867T245T295Dawntreader Zephyr SCMC115
2867T299T35Cattery Kitty House's Blanka AAMK115
2867T190T139Orozul Moises SAES115
2867T16595Norskwood Sweetpea EWNF115
2867T332T9Adelheids Hiro Hito PP ESMCP115
2881T20110ShortFootFalls She's a Duncan Girl NWMKL113
2881T151300Saphira Kyoto NEBG113
2883T30165Suzucat's Victor AAAS112
2883T166140Shalnavazz Zebedee EWSX112
2883T30915Ladystrick Her Secret ENDSK112
2883T33438Graciously Yours du Royaume Des M ESBI112
2887T15226Singville Aphrodite NESG111
2887T335107Cirkumpolare Galiina of Raszputyin ESSB111
2887T310312Adollrags Doflamingo ENRD111
2890T311T26Irida BritFavorite ENBL110
2890T311T296Golden Boy Angel Savage ENMC110
2890T33651Rio Insula Cat ESDR110
2890T16518Pawcity's Vegas Lights GLMNL110
2890T30243Music Cattery Angel Heart AAHI110
2895T36311Tiffnay INMKL109
2895T337108Larki of Obninzk Best ESSB109
2895T303140Peru Cat's Tikuwa AAES109
2898T20236Splendid Felix NWSFL108
2898T338T206TLeia Khan D'Ellan Vannin ESBS108
2898T338T141Imperial Demonia N'Tox Luxury ESSX108
2898T338T206THighland Legend's Maestro ESBS108
2898T304297Catreine Red Iris of Popokilani AAMC108
2898T212313Rags2dazzle Jasmins Last Bebe Sage SERD108
2904T31379Danae Tiger Fun ENAB107
2904T364298Panawulala Maincoon INMC107
2906T247T5Sazikatz Nutmeg SCBM106
2906T30566Sangureisu Bon Bon AAAS106
2906T16736Rossikhan Deadlynightshade EWBU106
2906T247T109Kawakatz Oliver Twist SCSB106
2906T15319Myska Savannah Kiara NESV106
2906T21336Munchkinlane S Ephalba SEMK106
2912T31480Tijah Stealth Two of Eldeboro ENAB105
2912T154T301Speakeasy Cowgirls Dont Cry NEBG105
2912T214T169Loylaines Lucy Lu SEPS105
2912T214T208K-La Karma SEBS105
2912T249T141Dali of Garcia Gasniere SCES105
2912T249T52Curlydolls Meara Mi Cara Dulce SCDR105
2912T154T299Coonificent Scoutangel of GGLegacy NEMC105
2912T203314Ragalong Mr Fancy Free NWRD105
2912T154T110Neva Glamour Vicont NESB105
2921T157315TBWBabydolls Scarlett NERD104
2921T306T300TShonancats Lionheart AAMC104
2921T306T315TLonerock Apple of Appledolls AARD104
2921T81300TKatcoons Durham MAMC104
2921T34137Copperfield of Indian Spirit Cats ESBU104
2921T216315TRags2dazzle Rayne of Ragsbdazzled SERD104
2927T8221Wildfx Seekin Stardom MATG103
2927T308302Little Hunter Dainchi of Kanset AABG103
2927T166T3Leotie Khohn GLKM103
2927T166T8Purwaky Legend Maker of Pawcitys GLMNT103
2931T204318Wanderduene Drow of Puffydolls NWRD102
2931T31522Dushara Laughing In The Rain ENSO102
2933309209Candy May Potaru AABS101
2934T36566Betty INOS100
2934T31616Wrinkleface Anastacia ENDSK100
2934T168303Dazzelbengalz Thunder 'n' LighteningEWBG100
2937T342142Grand Oray Abelia of Secret Shade ESSX99
2937T317302Caramel's Fan-Fan ENMC99
2937T310210Oz Cat's Paisley AABS99
2940T36627Seal INBL98
2940T31137Sansen's Inheritor AAMK98
2942T217304Sunmoonbengals Saturn SEBG97
2942T367303Grand-Pride-Lincoln INMC97
2944T251T319Cajunragdolls Deja Vu SCRD96
2944T251T111Sestra Rusty Chukonat of Munchranch SCSB96
2944T343142Andrea's Ghandi ESES96
2947T344320Schneebergland Carlotta ESRD95
2947T205T27Katzalano Amazing Zoe NWSG95
2947T205T143Hoaloha Blue Danube Dreamin NWES95
2947T253112Cica Rusalka Ariel of Berstuk SCSB95
295116827TimEZ Spice GLTH94
2952T368T113Baronessa Ms Kissin of Entroika/FI INSB93
2952T831Magicbobs Yukon Red of Deercreek MAABS93
2952T16913Dizigner Lacuna Coil of Gatodouro EWBA93
2952T368T211Diana Vom Wurzburgerstern INBS93
2952T312321Reddoor Jessika of Fluorite AARD93
2957T318212TFerrari Edelweiss ENBS92
2957T254212TAnahata Zephyr SCBS92
2959T158T20Love4spots Hope of Savvypaws NESV91
2959T158T304Coonificent Fergus NEMC91
2961T319170Isjonas Lucky Leonardo ENPS90
2961T370214Money Much INBS90
2963T371T9TinTin INMNT89
2963T193322TGavigat Lucca SARD89
2963T371T143Draven INSX89
2963T345T305Douce Etoile Alabamas ESMC89
2963T345T322TOlympodolls Freya Venezia Skydoll ESRD89
2963T371T14Miowoo Seti INEM89
2963T345T49Angel In's Matrioshka ESSF89
2970374171Miluku House Mianhuatnag INPS87
2971T207305TLakeleopardz Chumani NWBG86
2971T160T306Katzapurrin Buster of Atlascats NEMC86
2971T375305THarley INBG86
2971T160T81Gloria of Serenacat NEAB86
2971T34810Marvik Coon A Flash PP ESMCP86
2976T25511Ankara Kirov Yatziri SCTA85
2976T376307Sandi INBG85
2976T32050Rumfold Rufus ENSF85
2976T218324TCeltic Ragdolls Molly of Rags2dazzleSERD85
2976T170324TAngel Doll Keisha EWRD85
2981349215Teddy Brits Austin ESBS83
2982T8428Sandypoints Mingos Blu Singer MATH82
2982T16921Lakeshore Tess of Summerwood GLSV82
2982T313144Cerisier's A-Crux AASX82
2985T25629Stonearch Anna SCTH81
2985T31439Candy May Kirara AARB81
2987T208T308Traipse Sips Merlot NWBG80
2987T16238Korrigan Morgane Detoi NEMK80
2987T208T172Hollowhills Rain Dance Maggie NWPS80
2987T85144Diehl's Let It Shine of McJax MAES80
2987T35019Monidgi Barbariska Of Leonprime ESMNL80
2992T32167Eirecogteils Blenders Pride ENOS79
2992T377145Dai Dai INES79
2992T315216Candy May Muscat AABS79
2995T32230Tekila Sanchitos ENTH78
2995T171309Sundara Shady of Cositoes EWBG78
2995T17022Manjaro Odin of Sunnysavannahs GLSV78
2995T19423Foirella SASO78
2995T351326Mirumkitty Blue Moon ESRD78
3000323307Arlecoons&Stallers Gentleman ENMC77
3001T25722Brandi SCTG76
3001T171114Basilic Blessing Soli Deo Gloria GLSB76
3001T31618Delicious's Donguri AASCS76
3004T317T327Angeliqdoll Erika AARD75
3004T219T310TWildfireshine Noragami Yato SEBG75
3004T219T310TSunmoonbengals Elektra SEBG75
3004T317T308Shonancats Jessica of Popokilani AAMC75
3004T210146Hoaloha Afternoon Delight NWES75
3004T378310TMaya INBG75
3010T352217TBritishsoul Thor ESBS71
3010T379T217TBlue Generals Wukong INBS71
3010T379T217TZet Golden Florenc Mysterious INBS71
3010T172115Celeste Phantom Cats*CZ EWSB71