2014-2015 Championship Cat Standings: 1604-1803

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 20 14:03:22 2015.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1604-1803
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
1604150Adorabledolls Colton Levi RD525
1605T178Akerrs Regal Splendor of Medusa BG523
1605T62Scantilyclad One Last Kiss SX523
1607179Kanesei's Loze BG522
1608T63Couleesphynx Hot Stuff SX521
1608T26Vert Pipri RB521
1610T180TKoppiekatz Epic of Thundercatbngl BG519
1610T105TZevs Sky Rainbow*by PS519
1610T105TBeaubell'S Angelina Of Remu-Martin PS519
1610T180TBigmarshal Basilius BG519
1614T62Krainyasgardu Fringe NF518
1614T11Alistsavannahs Jas Lightning Storm SV518
1616T170StarArk Arseniy MC517
1616T63Ouijakatz Tinsel NF517
1616T182Bengalivo Silver Imprints BG517
1619T36Sensual Tictyerock SI516
1619T107Al Karia Wombat PS516
1621108Warm Silver Puffin PS515
1622171Alexia Lyncis Minoris MC514
16239Yukiusagi Chiyo JB513
1624151Bloomdolls Kizuna of Farandoll RD512
1625T26Cedarwood Prince Dekkar SO511
1625T183TYoohyun Benny BG511
1625T183TBbbengals Buffalo Ridge of AspengoldBG511
1628T17Baccara Von Nafys Zarafa OL509
1628T29Ifrane Des Moulins de Busset/LO BI509
1630185Minamifuji Erebia C.freijia BG508
1631T99El Salvador of Noblesse Oblige BS507
1631T186Simias Aquiles BG507
1633187Shaghera Phoebe of Katzmania BG505
1634T27Lanacats Jackvorobey SO504
1634T64Spynxantiquus Taboo Not For Me SX504
1636188Spotsandstripes Olympia BG503
1637T109TSweet Love DEden Lover PS502
1637T109TIvy Cat Baby I'm Amazed/CF PS502
1637T172Ice-Coffe De LAF 95193 MC502
164010Ginchika Sophia Loren of Yukiusagi JB501
1641111Ma-Griff Irresistible PS498
164265Naked Soul Bara Jamboji SX497
1643T40Klazeekats Starbuck of Rugosarose OS496
1643T189Absolutely Sublime of Maracaja BG496
1645T152Echoglen Angelica of Finerpointrags RD495
1645T7Ancientmau Dalsherbet EM495
1647T112Ivans Des Sopranos PS494
1647T55Idefix Des Chabelles ES494
1647T54Zevs Blossom Pink AB494
165056Sull ES493
16515LegendTales El Skippito PBL492
1652T190Lagallerie Triple Ripple BG490
1652T173Valmont Sky Beyrouth MC490
1654T174TLionheartcoon Maximo of Cascademtn MC489
1654T174TClabacoon's Wolf of Deep South/ID MC489
1656T191Amantra Leader Of Jaipursangels BG488
1656T33Seimics Ghost'n The Machine DR488
1658T153Hugaragdoll Tiana of Holmestead RD487
1658T21Holyfold Parris SFL487
1660T154Ragmagic Leonidas RD486
1660T28Howlingcoyote Koda of Bayoufoxes SO486
1660T100Barac Obama de Fonarick BS486
1663113Pink Sugar Hotaka PS485
1664T192TGlitterglam Runee BG484
1664T192TGuru Venice BG484
1666T155TCajunragdolls Xavier Couture RD483
1666T155TWillowtreerags Sylbr8 of Magnadolz RD483
1666T114Zeus PS483
1666T30Annbirwaves Beguiling Lewanna BI483
1670T18Synergy Cetus OL482
1670T101Neila Bonibrit of Regaliscats BS482
1670T194Kamrita Luna Lovegood BG482
1673T195TGuanjingbengal Lucy BG479
1673T195TSimplyblessed Moon Runner BG479
1673T32Zurich Magic Star CR479
167634Devon Joi's Spot The Daisey DR478
167764Santamary You Are My Sunshine NF477
1678197Simplyblessed Ladies Man BG475
1679102Luna Morena Huilén BS474
1680T13White Star Toreador ACL473
1680T198Traipse Morning Glory of Acrocatz BG473
1680T39Aquilegia Blue Veil SB473
1680T39Sartoris Alijami AS473
1684T40Candy May Beart AS472
1684T115Golddynasty Sorty Bubbles of AasgardPS472
1684T176Ohedo Kirin MC472
1684T11Buster Only My PD472
168822Cutetins Apollo SR469
1689T37FI*Cat´s-JM Suma-Na SI468
1689T103Hamamatsu House Mizukin's Clark BS468
1691T157TKoc-Pol Cat Mell Gibson RD467
1691T157TAriokkierags Romina Ready4 Confetti RD467
1691T199Traipse Solar Flair BG467
1691T16Einstein Inverness SF467
169531Skyvalley Super Starr BI466
1696T41Nekomori Emma AS465
1696T104Your Majesty Mr Universe BS465
169866Sphynxplanet Bestin SX464
1699T200Folly BG463
1699T177Coonificent Lucy Liu MC463
170167Isida Sheldon SX461
1702T116Mikkat Julius Casear PS460
1702T68Hooligansphynx Batman SX460
1702T159Dollhouse Georgie Girl RD460
1705T35Iskra´s Zhar - Ptitsa DR459
1705T11Yukiusagi Tsukiyo JB459
1707T22Rumfold & Bennevis Iriska SFL458
1707T105Emeraldy Ferdinands Silver Knight BS458
1707T41Oyate Wishes For Lola OS458
1710T117Karissimakat Believe In Miracles PS457
1710T106Catbalu Olympic Gold BS457
1710T32Snowwitch Atakad Ashadow BI457
1710T40Formula Uspekha Zevs SB457
1714T19Juciful Vonji Two De La Symphoriane SG456
1714T33Namaskar Danny Boy of Aiko BI456
1714T160Macablessing Felice Chihiro RD456
1717T118Bigpurrs Triniti PS455
1717T161Mimicats Arthur RD455
1717T12Tyheracles Noel CX455
1717T55Nightmist Gryffindor of Charmedabys AB455
1721T178TBulgari Bubu-Coons MC454
1721T201Abrim Brant of Royalabrim BG454
1721T178TCoonificent Shabazz MC454
1724T162Laladoll MCF Chie RD453
1724T202TSouthlynn Clouded Vision BG453
1724T202TJazzle Jump For Joy of Fractal BG453
1724T202TFoxcreekbengals Flicker BG453
1724T17Lukor-Fold Nina Of Chasheba SF453
1729T205Medusa Waga Kokoro Wa Ishi Ni Arazu BG452
1729T38Jason Des Motards En Delire SI452
1731206Crown Jewel of Elegant Bengals BG451
1732T24Fran-C-Lo Summer of Strayinc BU450
1732T207Corona Austrina of Starkittie BG450
1734T208Ramatut's Dare Devil BG449
1734T39Noblu I III Catherine SI449
1736T163Rouletii Majestic Innocense RD448
1736T107WCBlues Sir Charles of BeautyTrack BS448
173840Nahfoura Foxy Cleo of Pursnickity/CFHI447
17391Char's Brimstone And Fire AW446
174020Milchobi's Nobu SG445
1741T108Nikkole Van Ter Heide BS444
1741T69Nudelook Verus Deus SX444
1743T164Wattuwarpaan Wihtryf Kaaleppi RD443
1743T57Munchland's Autumns Breeze ES443
1745T12Sweetangel Fame of Hunnybears BL442
1745T4Rumfold Diamond Head Bennevis SCL442
1747T41Southernsibs Alioscha SB441
1747T56Rulissa Osla Tonilomas of BriarvalleAB441
1749109Brifold Gustav The First BS440
1750T110Ulysses Bonicat BS439
1750T209Aspengold Topaz BG439
1750T119Glamoor Holly Hop PS439
1750T58Pams Persians Blythe ES439
1750T180Blue Fantasy Platinum MC439
1755T70Tess SX438
1755T165Koc-Pol Cat Chevrolet/FI RD438
1757T7Xier MK437
1757T8Klariscats Beckett Kate SCS437
175971Vip Persona of Sunsuelle/WC SX436
176072Smart Beauty Angeleye SX435
1761166Angeliqdoll Cristal Manu RD434
1762T181Bravelover Ozzy Of Heart Stealer MC433
1762T167Dollnouveau Cinnamon Sebastian RD433
1764T42Jubatus Hermosa Chica OS432
1764T168Palacedolls Tristan of Heavenlyrags RD432
1764T59Whozz Luna See of A'tien ES432
1764T10Livinglegend Purrlock Holmes PB432
1768182Ailurofil Samuel White MC431
1769T169TNaorahdolls Spanish Bull RD430
1769T169TSunnyshores Andies Candies RD430
1769T42Yuki-Fram Fialka of Orlenda SB430
1769T111Hunnybears Supreme Cream BS430
1773T73Nezumikozo's Cream SX429
1773T13Happy Bears Ophelia Silver Lady/ID BL429
17752Magicbobs Delilah ABT428
1776T23Skyota Ozzy Oddy Oddy SR427
1776T34Namascar Capadocia BI427
17785Caaleigh Jerry Cotton CY426
1779T43Lucia Snow Magic SB425
1779T9Designerstripes Pyrrhos TG425
1779T36Vicrock Pink Panther of Facehuggers DR425
1779T5Absolu Rio SCL425
1779T12Cloudcity Katsumoto of Timez TH425
178437Julia Roberts Venetian Mask*UA DR423
1785T210Owlsdene Dorothea BG422
1785T23Feliks of Fancy Anabel SFL422
1785T112Lenny De Rey Of Per-lu-So BS422
1788T65Azureblue Lailah NF421
1788T171Reddoor Fauna RD421
1788T120Desertdov Fly N High of Vincenzi PS421
1788T74Bemisu Bellini Cosima SX421
1788T183Honey Sir Braeburn MC421
17939Xiomara from felinero of macrory SCS420
1794113Tschas Isabell BS418
179540Noahsarche Yanosch Yoda SI417
179644Siberianheaven Deja-Vu SB416
1797T66Yukiusagi Spica NF415
1797T184Winerau Amy MC415
1797T172Suger Princes's Emmanuel RD415
1800T29Heartstrings de La Rivaleraie/LO SO414
1800T173Gentletime Moon of Aquarose RD414
1800T185Oceanic Odyssey From LuKoshkino MC414
1803T75Vandvis Icaro of Catax SX412
1803T186Williamina Kiroa of Pontahouse MC412